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How to backup Dell EMC PowerScale (Isilon) with Veeam or an alternative tool?

Giovanni Golinelli - PeerSpot reviewer
Presales Manager, Hybrid IT Architect at Netmind


I'm looking for a piece of advice. Does anyone have experience on how to "backup" Isilon (Dell EMC PowerScale (Isilon)) content with Veeam Backup & Replication or an alternative tool?


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JohnBowling - PeerSpot reviewer
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Assuming you want to keep the data within the datacenter, there are a few options:

For Small deployments (~20-100TB's), you could mount share(s) on any backup (media) server and backup the data up over the network using a file-system agent - Veeam could easily support this.

For Medium deployments (~100TB - 1PB), you could use any backup system that supports NDMP. Not sure if Veeam supports NDMP for Isilon, but there are a lot of other vendors that do.

For Large deployments (~1PB+), you may want to consider snap-replicate-snap - Kind of like the NetApp approach to data protection. Take Snapshots of the local Isilon, replicate to a remote (DR) Isilon, and take a snapshot of the DR Isilon. Some may argue that this is not a true backup methodology, but it scales well and you can set up many SyncIQ jobs with different RPO settings to support complex scenarios. 

SimonClark - PeerSpot reviewer
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There are a number of alternative cloud solutions available e.g. Druva. 

However, if the price is a key factor then you may benefit from by using an Managed Service Provider (MSP). MSP's white label large, credible & established platforms. They provide the same level of speed, uptime, resilience and security as a key brand name but can be as much as half the price. The management of the backup will be optionally yours or fully outsourced to the MSP. 

Another benefit of the MSP model is that they will have other skills to complement your own internal resources potentially adding further layers of security and backend IT people to support your operation.

CvanderH - PeerSpot reviewer
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I have no experience with Dell EMC PowerScale though I do know that it is supported by Veeam. 

A Veeam Scale Out Backup Repository can distribute the load across the PowerScale cluster via multiple Backup Repository Extents each defined to use a different cluster node DNS A record and path. When backups exceed the maximum file size limitation even with Veeam deduplication and compression, other considerations should be made.  

Note:  Disable the write coalescer on the share directory and all sub-directories used by Veeam. PowerScale is a complex system and therefore I would advise you to contact Veeam experts on how to deploy Veeam in accordance with PowerScale. But a Scale Out Back Repository is an option, also XFS with reflink supports any Dell EMC PowerScale (Isilon) configuration.  MSP's are fine too if you are comfortable with having data outside your datacenter.  


    Tomas-Dalebjörk - PeerSpot reviewer
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    It is possible to do it with most types of backup solutions, such as IBM Spectrum Protect.

    But it requires a full scan to detect changed files.

    The changed files will be the only part that will be sent to the IBM Spectrum Protect storage, using its progressive incremental forever (Always incremental backups).

    It is also possible to use NDMP to protect Isilon storage, but that requires periodical full copies, and as Isilon can scale to multiple PB in size. It might not be efficient.



    Ioan Donea - PeerSpot reviewer
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    I did not have the opportunity to backup Isilon servers but, according to Veeam documentation, it is possible to backup NDMP servers data to tape. There are some limitations though:

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