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Major Differences Between These 4 Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions?

I'm looking for a breakdown of the major differences between these Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions:

1. Arcserve UDP

2. Acronis Backup

3. Veeam Backup 

4. VMware vDPA

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it_user465618 - PeerSpot reviewer

I can send you comparision documents if you would like but as Kevin mentioned, first it is good to know the exact needs and specification you or your company expects from Backup solution.

Kind regards

it_user85836 - PeerSpot reviewer

I can only vouch for Veeam which we use in a 100% virtualised environment. for us it's perfect, we run backup locally and replication to a remote datacentre. we can recover individual files or whole VM's. we can spin up recovered VM's in a sandbox environment. we've just started to play with restore to Azure as well. licencing in on a per host basis, we use it for both VMware and Hyper-V vm's. I hope this is of some help to you?

it_user130935 - PeerSpot reviewer

I second Kevin's remark. It is almost impossible to compare various backup solutions without knowing your environment. Are you backing up exclusively Windows, Windows and Linux, do you have Novell, minicomputer and the list goes on. Why type of backup hardware are you using, WORM, Tape Drive, Tape Autochanger..... And I have not even touched the functions you want the backup to do.

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The field about Backup is very big , I am a partner from Acronis , and Acronis has many advantage ,over others tecnology , but in specifics skills , another Marks have theirs improvement skills too , you must specific about what ? Virtualization,storage,management,recovery virtual to physical ? is a lot information to say ..

SusanJ Bolden - PeerSpot reviewer

Update games

it_user571875 - PeerSpot reviewer

Thank you so much Everyone for your Suggestions..

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