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Avigail Sugarman - PeerSpot reviewer
Community Manager at PeerSpot (formerly IT Central Station)
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Any users have experience with Veeam Backup Solutions?

Recently Veeam announced the release of their new Veeam Availability Suite -- the bundling of of their Backup and Replication product with their One virtualization management product. Any users have experience with Veeam Backup Solutions? Have you had positive experiences with them? What about other similar solutions?

PeerSpot user
4 Answers
PeerSpot user
Vice President at a manufacturing company with 5,001-10,000 employees
02 July 14

Veeam is a good solution IF you have a Complete Virtual environment....they lack support on physical machines and most environments that have both physical & VM's to manage.

The user should also make sure that their BU or replication solution has deduplication for efficiency and Veeam's solution is weak in this area...



30 June 14

I'm not experienced with Veeam rather the backup solution I could recommend is backup exec, that’s the one I have experience with.

PeerSpot user
Consultant at a insurance company with 501-1,000 employees
24 June 14

Yes I have has a chance to do a POC for the Veeam backup and replication product. And to be honest I had a good experience of trying the product and the capabilities with VMware along with this product are somethings that I was impressed with. Other products can also do almost all the similar things but they in addition to cater to the Virtual environment and are also efficient in handling the physical environments.. But Veeam is purposely built only for virtualized infrastructure.

PeerSpot user
Engineer at a tech services company
24 June 14


I have the Veeam BR suite installed and it works perfectly. No issue noticed up
to now.

Regards, Gradimir.

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Miriam Tover - PeerSpot reviewer
Service Delivery Manager at PeerSpot (formerly IT Central Station)
Aug 02, 2022
Hi, We all know it's really hard to get good pricing and cost information. Please share what you can so you can help your peers.
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Leticia Espinosa - PeerSpot reviewer
Systems Recovery Specialist at a legal firm with 1,001-5,000 employees
03 September 20
We got the Veeam Enterprise Suite, which comes with Veeam ONE and Enterprise Manager. I'm not exactly sure what the pricing is.
OmarSamir - PeerSpot reviewer
Senior Solutions Architect at Elsewedy Technology
08 September 20
The pricing is pretty fair. It's quite competitive. It's certainly not the most expensive option.
it_user7077 - PeerSpot reviewer
BI Expert at a tech services company with 501-1,000 employees
Mar 17, 2016
If you've implemented or evaluated these solutions, why did you chose one over the other?
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PeerSpot user
Director of Business Development at a tech vendor with 201-500 employees
09 April 14
Hi Russell: We are an EMC vendor/MSP for backup and storage solutions. The following is some information that might assist you taken from Gartner's Magic Quadrant: HP The Autonomy name, which was used in the previous iteration of this Magic Quadrant, is replaced with HP in this update, as HP has integrated Autonomy into its organization. This Magic Quadrant evaluates HP Data Protector, HP Autonomy LiveVault cloud server backup and HP Autonomy Connected Backup endpoint backup, although the emphasis is primarily on server backup. HP StoreOnce appliances are not evaluated for this Magic Quadrant; however, they are considered in the breadth of HP's data protection portfolio, and the StoreOnce deduplication technology is factored into the overall product-related ratings. Data Protector is available globally from HP direct sales and a wide variety of HP partners and is often aggressively priced relative to other enterprise solutions. HP has been focusing on integrating Data Protector with StoreOnce deduplication technologies and appliances, as well as with its current flagship array 3PAR. It offers solid traditional backup and recovery functionality, such as synthetic full and virtual full backups. In the June 2013 release, HP revamped the Data Protector server architecture to make it much more scalable (able to handle 1 trillion filenames). HP was early in delivering snapshot integration and automation via its Zero Downtime Backup and Instant Recovery capabilities, which support HP, EMC and NetApp storage array snapshot and replication. HP's internally developed deduplication technology -- StoreOnce -- is offered as part of Data Protector 7 and above for client- and server-side deduplication, as well as for what the company calls "Catalyst-based replication," an API that enables Data Protector to control movement of deduplicated data across the enterprise without the need for rehydration. Data Protector can move data from StoreOnce appliances to tape and manage appliance replication. Data Protector provides agent-based granular restore for Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint in physical and virtual environments. HP has also started integration work between Data Protector and the Autonomy Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL), a common information management platform for structured and unstructured information that provides conceptual understanding of information. With Data Protector 7's initial integration, IDOL can place a legal hold on a backup copy, index the backup dataset and provide search capabilities. Although IDOL can elevate backup datasets from inactive status to active use cases, HP will be challenged to translate value and benefit statements to traditional backup and recovery buyers. HP inherited cloud backup solutions from Iron Mountain (whose digital assets were acquired by Autonomy), and LiveVault provides midsize organizations and ROBOs with WAN-optimized, deduplicated backup to the LiveVault cloud, as well as WAN-efficient delta restore. Its Connected services offer customers a cloud-based and on-premises endpoint backup solution with proven large scalability. Both LiveVault and Connected are integrated with IDOL for legal hold and contextual search. However, LiveVault needs to improve its scalability to meet larger customers' desire to leverage the cloud, and Connected also needs technology enhancements, such as near-CDP support and more granular block-level source-side deduplication (beyond its current file-based single-instance capability) to be more competitive in the market. Strengths - HP customers can use the same StoreOnce code for source-side, server-side and target-side deduplication, without data hydration when performing data replication. Customers commented favorably on the deduplication ratio this technology offers. - Customers generally enjoy the simpler and less expensive pricing model for Data Protector compared with offerings from some competitors. - HP has extensive experience providing cloud backup services with LiveVault and Connected and offers many secure cloud data centers across multiple geographies. Cautions - Although Data Protector can manage StoreOnce appliances' replication and node failover, some customers cite their need for an integrated GUI with the same level of granular reporting. - LiveVault targets mostly small backup environments and is mostly adopted for the Windows environment. - For customers who are looking for an integration solution for both on-premises and cloud backup, Data Protector's integration with LiveVault cloud backup is still a work in progress and has limited capabilities. Symantec Symantec has two main backup product lines: NetBackup and Backup Exec. NetBackup and Backup Exec are market-share-leading solutions in the enterprise and midsize enterprise segments, respectively. NetBackup is the single largest revenue-producing product in Symantec's portfolio and in the overall backup software market. Symantec offers solid deduplication software, as well as a successful line of integrated backup and deduplication appliances (note that appliances are not the focus of this research). The Symantec OpenStorage (OST) interface allows integration with other backup hardware solutions to be managed under one console and to minimize data transfer. These product lines are largely different code bases targeted at two different audiences: NetBackup at the enterprise and Backup Exec at SMB and ROBO markets; however, in the last four years, there has been code sharing around deduplication, virtualization, OST APIs and Microsoft Windows, Exchange, SharePoint and SQL Server support. Symantec launched major upgrades in 2012 to Backup Exec (version 2012) and NetBackup (version 7.5) on the same day around the world. Backup Exec 2012 has received very mixed reviews, with many customers complaining about the removed features and incompatibility with previously defined backup jobs. Customer support for both products has taken a significant hit as well in the recent past, and Gartner clients and reference checks for this research were very vocal about this issue. Symantec's new CEO addressed these concerns in his first quarterly earnings call, explaining that overall product quality will be improved through enhanced testing, that Backup Exec will get corrected, but that this will take time. He also recognized that support needs to be improved. The CEO and executive team reorganization from the 3Q12 appear to be making positive changes, but while references point to the April 2013 beta of the delayed NetBackup version 7.6 as being the most solid release to date, Backup Exec customers are approaching a year for delayed support of the latest Windows OS and applications. Symantec is having success with its capacity-based licensing schemes to address historical concerns over pricing and maintenance, which have received positive feedback from Gartner clients and references. The late 2011 and strong 2012 marketing and awareness efforts by Symantec regarding its backup portfolio, which have continued in 2013, have been successful, with Symantec not only defending its installed base better, but also winning an increasing amount of new deals for NetBackup. With NetBackup version 7.5 released in 2012, product functionality is catching up to the marketing, and the new features are resonating in the marketplace, while also providing customers and prospects with confidence regarding the future road map. NetBackup improvements to its OpsCenter have been highlighted by customers as being very positive. Features such as NetBackup Accelerator for very fast backups, optimized synthetic backup for creating instant full backups, very solid VM support with robust granular item restore support, and Automated Image Replication for backup catalog and images across NetBackup instances and deduplication have been well-received by the NetBackup installed base. To address recovery time concerns in virtual environments, Symantec will also introduce an Instant Recovery feature in version 7.6, allowing VMs to be powered on from within the backup system, cutting restore times down to minutes. Gartner does continue to hear customer concerns about the amount of time required for deduplicated data to be rehydrated to physical tape and the continued delays in version 7.6 (originally targeted for 4Q12). Strengths - Symantec is a market share leader that offers end-to-end recovery capabilities from single machine to the largest enterprise, to cloud services via software or preconfigured backup appliances, and/or the ability to better-manage third-party backup appliances. - V-Ray technology for enhanced server virtualization support for VMware and Hyper-V offers very robust VM support, with a number of industry-exclusive features and capabilities. V-Ray integration with Replication Director in version 7.6 further enhances this. - The NetBackup Accelerator feature, first delivered in version 7.5 in 2012, reduces backup windows and will be further extended in the upcoming version 7.6 to provide for very fast, space-efficient backups that do not require any postprocessing roll-up of incremental backup to constitute a new full backup. Cautions - Customers and references have been very critical over Backup Exec code quality and especially customer support for both Backup Exec and NetBackup. - NetBackup Replication Director, launched in 2012 in version 7.5 and extended in version 7.6, still has comparatively limited storage array support and is slowly rounding out virtual and application capabilities. - NetBackup's SharePoint agent continues to receive mixed feedback; however, version 7.6 may have addressed this.
PeerSpot user
Product Manager at a tech services company with 501-1,000 employees
14 April 14
I have not tried HP Data Protector personally. However, Symantec Backup Exec seems to be a good product. It also seems that Acronis or Commvault are upcoming trends in replacing these traditional products.
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