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What are your top Backup Software predictions for 2022?

Hi community,

What top trends do you predict about Backup software/solutions for 2022?

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reviewer1766661 - PeerSpot reviewer
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- Airgap protections.

-It's Important that cyber and ransomware protection is built into the product.

A backup must be protected in a way so that the backup version can't be destroyed.

Agentless protection, open and easy to use product, flexibility to adopt new techniques and protecting new solutions

Climate-smart, which reduces the resource need both during backup, and also during restore, and how and where you store the data.

We found spictera as an interesting company, where they have a way to mount the backup server storage pool data directly as a mount point on the server as a backup or archive disk with airgap, ransomware protections that are fully managed from the IBM Spectrum Protect backup server.

This helps clients to reduce data loss, by using nearly continuous data protection.

They also have another interesting technique where they can take application-consistent snapshots of the applications using any hardware, storing them on the IBM Spectrum Protect backup server using progressive block-level incremental forever (Always incremental backups)

The restore is reanimated internally on the OS as a snapshot disk, to a new or same location on the same or another server. Reverting to the previous snapshots is done in the background while the system can be used.

This makes the restore time faster, and also saves energy as one does not have to wait for all data to be restored to restore partial data.

So I think that climate-smart solutions are also something of a big need to save the planet.

Ahmet Keçeciler - PeerSpot reviewer
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I think the top topic about backups for 2022 and later will be the Ransomware Protection and immutable options of a product. 

Also, both scalability and restore performance are important too. The biggest problem in my opinion is to restore ability and performance in any backup product. 

So, which company restores fast and reliable way that product will be a good solution for customers. I am interested in  Rubrik solutions which contain custom HCI infra. It is a full feature backup and secure data product with "Radar" and " Sonar" tools. 

reviewer1191597 - PeerSpot reviewer
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IMO, Backup will get one of the cornerstones of cyber resiliency. 

So only those solutions will be successful that are able to protect against malicious access AND are able to quickly recover for a significant portion of systems. I.e., when you rely on file servers, a solution focusing on VMs perhaps won't be perfect, and vice versa.

MikeLavery1969 - PeerSpot reviewer

A lot will be based around the cyber and ransomware presence which is growing dramatically all the time. 

All main vendors need to provide well-integrated hybrid options based on on-premise and cloud immutability with good capabilities to analyse backups for potential malware presence.

Evgeny Belenky - PeerSpot reviewer
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Hi @Maan Othman, @MahdiBahmani, @Daniel Aramayo ​and @Chris Childerhose,

Can you please share your expert insights on the topic with our community?

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