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What are the best practices to prevent a Brute Force attack via remote access?

Which modern tools would you recommend using to prevent this type of attack?

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SES is what I use as a prescriptive security measure to discourage brute force attacks on Windows and Mac devices. 

P2P control:

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The best way to prevent these attacks is to activate a secure virtual private (VPN) network. The VPN permits remote access using the same software as if accessed locally.  

There can be security issues with VPNs during the 1 connection phase. Specifically, during activation, a private key is exchanged.  This is a point of vulnerability because once the VPN is connected keys are sent over the network to initiate private data exchanges.  

ClemTech LLC offers a proprietary network solution with a VPN that retains the private key local at the device.  Our matchmaker establishes the VPN connection. There are no key exchanges across the private network during any phase and none during bidirectional data exchanges. See IOT - ClemTech LLC

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SEP/SES and its firewall have a feature to stop this:

1. Use location-aware FW rules and policy with allowed access lists to only jump servers.

2.  Enable SEP/SES P2P enforcement - Peer-to-Peer Authentication Settings (broadcom.com).

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@Gregory Anderson This is a good FW rule and the P2P enforcement is good also.  My only issue is for enterprise operational technology networks and IT networks that use lots of VPN connections, this can be cumbersome to manage.  I like solutions that use plug and play and AI to set security and network parameters for connected users.

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@Clement Johnson No sir, HIPS and HFW are not cumbersome to manage, and PnP solutions are most common way you get Compromised, PNP then gives you have an excuse to blame someone else secret sauces for felling you and your business, exposing your business to extortion, and fraud. Do it right , and manage the access list. I have a team of 5, we do this for 150k endpoints and servers, at it for 7 years. No crypto events in that period.  The key to this, is the "how". We can setup a zoom chat and i can give you a brief example. 

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