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Top 8 Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS)

PenteraAttackIQVerodinPicus SecurityCymulateGuardicore Infection MonkeySafeBreachXM Cyber
  1. The vulnerability scanner, exploit achievements, and remediation actions are all great.
  2. Overall, I've had a good experience with the product. It's worked well for me.
  3. The solution is constantly updating. Their data and security validation are cutting-edge.
  4. It's very useful software because the customer mostly configures their IPS and manages their firewalls, WAF, and the DBS according to the latest update, latest news, or according to the situation.
  5. Application Ring-Fencing and Deception Server, which is basically like a honeypot, are pretty useful features.
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  7. The most valuable feature is the huge library of hack attacks and breach methods.
  8. What I personally like very much, from my experience, is that it is very reliable.