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2 months ago
Shibu: Go to for answers.                      Jack
9 months ago
I would recommend evaluating HelpSystems' RPA product AutoMate! 
9 months ago
Tasks that are repetitive are the ones to focus on.
11 months ago
RPA is a breakthrough technology that improves a company's efficiency and productivity while reducing operating expenses. But to do that effectively we would contend your company needs to evaluate how it currently does business.  Vendors of RPA are more interested in…
11 months ago
Scaling with most RPA sellers depends on the number of robots you initially purchase and then how many you may want to add for your growing business. Questions? Contact Jack Frano at
12 months ago
Hi Jose, Most RPA software robots run in attended and unattended mode at no additional cost.  If you're interested in a price based on users, DM me.
About 1 year ago
Reducing cost: Automating tasks will achieve cost savings of nearly 30%. Growing your business: Without the associated costs of adding new employees. A software robot cost is substantially less than a full-time employee and can work 7X24. Lowering operational cost: RPA…
About 1 year ago
Although I've worked with UiPath (not Automation Anywhere), my experience is now solely with AutoMate from Help Systems.  I would recommend aligning IBM's digital business automation with Robotic Process Automation and how it works. It seems to be a very different tool from…
About 1 year ago
HelpSystems', who AGI is a reseller, has done implementations in for construction companies. Go to their website AGI has done many implementations of estimating and job cost systems. If you want to discuss contact me at  and…
Over 1 year ago
RPA does all of these things, impact revenue, compliance, experience enhancement for employees and/or customers. And if approached properly it can reduce a company's total operating expenses and drastically improve its efficiency. RPA cost reductions are now irrefutable…
Over 1 year ago
Josh: The desk top version of HelpSystems' Automate will do what your asking in a Windows like environment.
Almost 2 years ago

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