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We performed a comparison between Salesforce Einstein Analytics and SAP Analytics Cloud based on real PeerSpot user reviews.

Find out in this report how the two BI (Business Intelligence) Tools solutions compare in terms of features, pricing, service and support, easy of deployment, and ROI.
To learn more, read our detailed SAP Analytics Cloud vs. Salesforce Einstein Analytics Report (Updated: November 2023).
744,865 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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Quotes From Members
We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use.
Here are some excerpts of what they said:
"Salesforce Einstein Analytics is a simplified CRM. It's integration is good.""Einstein Analytics provides insights into what we are doing and how we are doing it. It tells us what benchmarks we need to hit consistently to achieve our goals. In sales, there is sometimes a disconnect between actions and objectives. We aren't necessarily going to close a deal because we call X number of people. There are some underlying skills that add nuance to these metrics.""The solution scales extremely well.""The most valuable features of Salesforce Einstein Analytics are the flexibility around the deployment, overall capabilities, user-friendliness, and interactiveness with the tools that came built with it.""It's scalable.""The fact that the solution is visually appealing because of its lightning interfaces can be considered one of its most valuable features""It is a comprehensive solution. It has everything in it. I can easily find what I need.""he most valuable feature of the solution is its ease of use."

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"The most useful feature of SAP Analytics Cloud is planning because it helps users with making predictions and forecasts. Clients can forecast, make data allocations, and other actions. The solution is useful for planning.""The most valuable feature of the tool is machine learning.""The solution is stable.""Data integration is very good.""The reporting, dashboards, KPIs, and visualization are the most valuable.""SAP Analytics Cloud is a very good tool. The feature that's most useful for me is the reporting as it can be done via Google Chrome. The solution is also very nice, user-friendly, and easy to build. It's very easy to use the features of SAP Analytics Cloud.""The SKU, the story build all are user- friendly. For the story build one just has to drag and drop it. And for the table, you just need some sort of selections and everything there.""SAP Analytics Cloud is very easy to use, and you don't require much technology. It has a very good library and analytics. It is easy to configure and offers good visualization."

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"The price of Salesforce Einstein Analytics is quite a bit expensive for the region of Mexico. I think the price of the product could be better.""Einstein Analytics could incorporate something like SFIA 8 to help users understand the underlying skill sets.""If I could improve Tableau CRM I would make it as powerful as Tableau. Tableau CRM is more integrated and it's on the web, but it has less functionality. It is lacking functionality at this time.""When it comes to generating reports, it appears that many users rely on experts to handle technical aspects. For instance, if you require a weekly report displaying accounts transitioning in and out of your modules, it seems challenging to accomplish without consulting experts for assistance. Such tasks should be user-friendly and easily achievable without external assistance.""There are some offerings like Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud that have very useful online learning options. There need to be more avenues for self-learning with this particular solution. That would be useful.""The product is natively integrated into the Salesforce ecosystem. You also need a CRM license. It should be more flexible with other platforms.""I would advise others not to customize because they rolled out the newer versions, which are every six months. There had to be some significant testing and verification that happened. It is important to have a strong third-party provider that is very experienced. We used Deloitte, but we evaluated Accenture, KPMG, and IBM, but we decided on Deloitte and that was a good decision for us. Having a partner who has a center of excellence or experts that could give you a lot of the tips that they've learned could jumpstart your deployment and stick to the standards.""Improvement-wise, I feel the solution must be more robust since it is not exactly ready to handle large data."

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"The price, integration, and modeling capabilities could be better. I have to use an integration engine to integrate our products and databases. SAP Analytics Cloud is made specifically for KPIs and business intelligence. The modeling capabilities are kind of poor. You always have to model the data and then present it visually in SAP Analytics Cloud. In the next release, I would like to have a lite version for planning to create scenarios quickly. For me personally, planning is the most complicated feature of SAP Analytics Cloud.""The scope is limited to a few accounts.""SAP Analytics Cloud should improve the dashboard.""Its integration or connectivity with non-SAP systems, big data, and social media, such as YouTube, LinkedIn, et cetera, can be improved. This is where SAP has limited features as compared to other solutions.""In the live connection model, we can't create calculated dimensions, however, in the import model we can create them.""Technical support could be more helpful and responsive.""The business intelligence features should be improved because there is a lack of functionality regarding that part.""Could have more tabular reporting capabilities."

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Pricing and Cost Advice
  • "Salesforce has a subscription-based licensing structure, where it's between $20 to $75 per month, per user."
  • "The biggest challenge we had was the cost and the licensing. We ended up getting an enterprise licensing agreement(ELA). That took a lot of negotiations and a lot of pressure. We were able to receive a good price for the community licensing they bundled Salesforce Einstein Analytics. They bundled a lot of capabilities with us with the ELA."
  • "Although it was deemed slightly expensive and failed the cost analysis we conducted in our company, we proceeded with the purchase because we desired to have a leading CRM system in the industry."
  • "Price-wise, Salesforce Einstein Analytics is an expensive tool."
  • "I rate the solution's pricing a seven out of ten."
  • "The solution is expensive."
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  • "Its price is slightly on the higher side."
  • "The pricing of this product is reasonable."
  • "This solution is pricey."
  • "The price is competitive. There is a power user license and normal user license, but the normal user license is reasonable."
  • "SAP Analytics Cloud is expensive. The price is a big issue if you compare it with other solutions from different vendors."
  • "The premium option is very expensive at five thousand dollars. I use the nine hundred and ninety-nine dollar option."
  • "I don't have the exact price for SAP Analytics Cloud, but it could be improved and made cheaper, especially when compared to Power BI."
  • "This solution offers value for money and you get what you pay for."
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    744,865 professionals have used our research since 2012.
    Questions from the Community
    Top Answer:The out-of-the-box features are good for companies that want to try analytics and data science interventions.
    Top Answer:There's no transparency in how the models are created. If I give input, the data goes inside the Einstein platform, and it produces the results. I do not know the models the product uses. I do not… more »
    Top Answer:We use Service Cloud. We use it to classify the cases and get the escalation scores correctly. We also use it for knowledge management. We have multiple use cases.
    Top Answer:Tableau is easy to set up and maintain. In about a day it is possible for the entire platform to be deployed for use. This relatively short amount of time can make all the difference for companies… more »
    Top Answer:SAP Analytics Cloud is very easy to use, and you don't require much technology. It has a very good library and analytics. It is easy to configure and offers good visualization.
    Top Answer:The tool's pricing is medium, and licensing costs are yearly.
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    Also Known As
    Einstein Analytics, Salesforce Wave Analytics
    SAP BusinessObjects Cloud
    Learn More

    Salesforce Einstein Analytics is a customer and business analytics platform that’s optimized for mobile use and brings flexible customer analytics to everyone in the company. It works with many types of data, from many data sources, and it can change the way your company answers critical questions. Einstein Analytics allows you to:

    • Connect directly to your CRM data and execute on insights directly in Chatter.
    • Automatically analyze millions of rows of data and get predictive analytics with Einstein Discovery.
    • Explore data quickly and automate actions with prebuilt apps.
    • Use mobile to act, whether you're on Android or iOS.

    SAP Analytics Cloud is an all-in-one Software-as-a-Service business intelligence tool that provides the key functionalities of an analytics tool to SAP business users. This tool is built on HANA Business Intelligence (BI) platform, providing analytics from data collected from multiple sources, such as ERP, Microsoft SQL, and Salesforce, among other solutions.

    You can use SAP Analytics Cloud to compile data and perform ad-hoc reporting and analysis for predictive planning. SAP Analytics Cloud collects and analyzes the raw data from transactional systems into intelligent insights that allow you to make better decisions.

    SAP Analytics Cloud uses machine learning to clean up data, identify errors, and issues, and suggest optimization or filtering options. You can use the modeling feature in Analytics Cloud to create hierarchies and get deeper data insights.

    The three core functions of SAP Analytics Cloud consist of Planning, Predictive Analysis, and Business Intelligence as a holistic SaaS solution that offers real-time analysis to business leaders.

    SAP Analytics Cloud Capabilities

    • Data discovery
    • Machine learning
    • Integrated financial and business planning
    • Predictive analysis
    • Automated data cleansing
    • Custom widgets
    • Mobile extension
    • Role-based customization
    • Data exploration and visualization

    SAP Analytics Cloud Key Features

    • Augmented analytics: SAP Analytics Cloud allows organizations to make the most of AI (Artificial Intelligence)-powered analytics through augmented analytics. It includes a Search to Insight feature that enables users not skilled or experienced in data science to access and use the platform.

      These smart insight tools allow organizations to visualize business data without manual intervention. By combining multiple machine learning algorithms, SAP Analytics Cloud automates predictive analysis so that organizations can have significant insight into secured data.
    • Enterprise planning: As SAP Analytics Cloud is an all-in-one financial planning and analysis solution, organizations can use it to align strategies across all departments. It allows end-to-end, data-driven planning decisions via financial modeling, allocations, smart insights, and automated reporting.

      The Zero-based budgeting feature allows for an effective resources allocation with built-in collaboration tools. The finance team can collaborate easily, create budget templates and make accurate decisions.

    SAP Analytics Cloud Benefits

    • Real-time cloud insights: SAP Analytics Cloud makes it easy for users at every level to generate instant insights and improve data-driven decision-making. With SAP Analytics Cloud, you can have immediate and central access to all figures, diagrams, insights, and evaluations for every employee on every device and updated in real time.

    • Customizable dashboard: You can customize your dashboard according to your requirements. This customization means you can easily access all the relevant data on a single pane of vision tailored to your business.

    • Collaborative planning: As an all-in-one platform, SAP Analytics Cloud integrates the multiple aspects of a business into a single solution, including finance, HR, sales, and supply chain management.

    • Data on any device: You can integrate SAP Analytics Cloud with SAP S/4 HANA and deploy insights to Android and iOS devices. The SAP S/4 HANA integration also enables the rolling out of changes to multiple files and devices from a central location, so you can carry your business operations on the go over a secured cloud network.

    • In-memory technology: Since it is based on SAP HANA in-memory technology, SAP Analytics Cloud can process massive amounts of data in a short time.

    Reviews from Real Users

    Segun O., SAP HANA Developer at SOA PEOPLE, says that "The most valuable features are on the application side, where you can design applications into your analytics on the platform."

    The Head of Finance Enterprise Application at a computer software company adds that "The visualization feature is the most valuable. SAP Analytics Cloud is also very easy to use."

    "Its many features make it the best in the market," sums up a Consultor SAP Business Object, Sap Analytics Cloud at a tech services company.

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    Learn more about SAP Analytics Cloud
    Sample Customers
    ADS Securities, Alstom Grid, American Express, Barclays Bank, Coca-Cola, CoderDojo, Dubai Multi Commodities Centre, Financial Conduct Authority
    Live Oak Bank
    Top Industries
    Computer Software Company33%
    Financial Services Firm22%
    Healthcare Company22%
    Computer Software Company19%
    Financial Services Firm12%
    Manufacturing Company7%
    Insurance Company5%
    Computer Software Company27%
    Financial Services Firm9%
    Manufacturing Company9%
    Educational Organization19%
    Manufacturing Company11%
    Computer Software Company11%
    Financial Services Firm7%
    Company Size
    Small Business26%
    Midsize Enterprise21%
    Large Enterprise53%
    Small Business24%
    Midsize Enterprise11%
    Large Enterprise66%
    Small Business27%
    Midsize Enterprise24%
    Large Enterprise49%
    Small Business16%
    Midsize Enterprise26%
    Large Enterprise58%
    Buyer's Guide
    SAP Analytics Cloud vs. Salesforce Einstein Analytics
    November 2023
    Find out what your peers are saying about SAP Analytics Cloud vs. Salesforce Einstein Analytics and other solutions. Updated: November 2023.
    744,865 professionals have used our research since 2012.

    Salesforce Einstein Analytics is ranked 10th in BI (Business Intelligence) Tools with 12 reviews while SAP Analytics Cloud is ranked 5th in BI (Business Intelligence) Tools with 28 reviews. Salesforce Einstein Analytics is rated 8.6, while SAP Analytics Cloud is rated 7.8. The top reviewer of Salesforce Einstein Analytics writes "Effective interactions, flexible, and easy to use". On the other hand, the top reviewer of SAP Analytics Cloud writes "Great scalability, and stability, but does not integrate easily with non-SAP tools". Salesforce Einstein Analytics is most compared with Microsoft BI, Tableau, Databricks, IBM Watson Explorer and Qlik Sense, whereas SAP Analytics Cloud is most compared with SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform, Tableau, IBM Planning Analytics, Microsoft BI and Board. See our SAP Analytics Cloud vs. Salesforce Einstein Analytics report.

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