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Business Performance Management (11th), Reporting (20th)
SAP Analytics Cloud
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Predictive Analytics (2nd)

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As of July 2024, in the BI (Business Intelligence) Tools category, the mindshare of Board is 0.9%, up from 0.6% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of SAP Analytics Cloud is 5.0%, down from 6.9% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
BI (Business Intelligence) Tools
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Business Performance Management
Predictive Analytics

Featured Reviews

Feb 28, 2024
Prepares reports automatically, helps review financial statements, and enables decision-making
Board is quite a good solution. All the reports are prepared automatically. The data is uploaded from Business Central automatically. Sales analysis is a valuable feature. We can do a detailed analysis of the crops and their varieties. We can also do a sales forecast. The solution also has budget-related features. We can analyze the actual expenditure versus our budget. The financial statements have had the most significant impact on our decision-making process. We can analyze it and write comments. It's good that Board has the functions that enable us to drill down. If we have a total amount, we can drill down to the transactions and how they influenced our results.
AnilKumar43 - PeerSpot reviewer
Jun 4, 2024
Offers analytics, planning, and predictive capabilities in a single, cloud-based solution but requires more specialized skills for integration and setup
I'm an SAP consultant. It's primarily used for analytics on top of SAP data sources. It provides live reporting on SAP S/4HANA, the ERP platform. It has real-time connectivity with S/4HANA SAP Analytics Cloud excels in predictive analytics, particularly when dealing with SAP data sources.  For…

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"The drill down is good for people who have that high level view, because they can do some analysis based on it."
"The dynamic selections on the screen and details by function are also valuable for inside the data view."
"Instead of taking two people a week each month to perform our internal KPI reporting, the same two people can have it done in a day."
"The flexibility and the user-experience are the most valuable features of the solution."
"BOARD technical support is knowledgeable and helpful."
"The ease of being able to get the data into BOARD is what makes it nice for people with a semi-IT background."
"The benefits are getting the data in one spot, the ability to report dynamically, and version control."
"I liked the way that I felt as a user and administrator of it. There were a lot of clicks, drops, drags, etc. versus writing code."
"The ease of use of the solution is its most valuable feature. We haven't tried all of the features yet. The graphing and the ease of using the analytics tools have been great. It's all drag and drop; you don't need to code anything."
"The reporting, dashboards, KPIs, and visualization are the most valuable."
"I like the product's capabilities. The clarity and scenarios are the main features that allow us to forecast using machine learning algorithms and make decisions."
"Provides rich features for developing automated reports and dashboards."
"The new Application Design option offers lots of customization options by being able to script in Typescript (similar to Javascript)."
"Easy to use."
"If 85-90% of your data comes from SAP, then it's the best solution."
"The stories have really been helpful in looking at specific scenarios and analyzing trends over periods of time."


"The product can be improved by making it possible to know where cubes are used."
"The initial setup was very complex for us."
"It's very powerful, but there is also a big learning curve. ​It should be a little more intuitive."
"It would be huge in the future if BOARD offered a lot more graphs and presentations, and it was a lot easier to use."
"It needs more export to Excel functionality. Right now, we're having to build within the cloud-based platform, as well as build within the Excel add-in, because the export to Excel is somewhat ugly."
"Some of our users are still using an MS Office add-in for Excel for certain calculations, and when they export from Board, some of the values, some of the totals and column names, are not coming through into Excel."
"It would be nice to be able to host your site and actually have BOARD be the driver of your site. So you could have anybody in your organization go to, for example, and then go through what you allow them to go through. So rather than having to go through the application, to be able to go to actually host it to a website."
"Building similar models entirely from scratch could be made quicker with transfer abilities between databases and capsules."
"We are currently working on connectivity with S/4HANA, but we would like to have better connectivity with our legacy systems."
"Live Data Models are very slow and the setup can be improved, with tools such as Cloud Connector being inbuilt into SAP Analytics Cloud. Likewise, we need to write application code from scratch, rather than tweaking existing code, as we might with Excel macros. Moreover, when using responsive pages, the widgets get adjusted according to the mobile screen. As a result, when I place two or three KPI tiles, they can only be viewed tile-by-tile. We want to see the full dashboard on the mobile screen and zoom in to click on a particular section of the dashboard and go further into that. But displaying tile-by-tile makes it very annoying and the upper management using this dashboard might not be aware there are any more tiles to view."
"It's lacking a bit in maturity and we find we can't run our business off it until it's improved."
"Figuring out how to navigate all of the products around Data Warehouse Cloud and SAP Analytics Cloud and BW for HANA is quite difficult."
"Statistical analysis should be a bit more profound than it is."
"It still lacks a lot of functionalities as compared to other tools such as Power BI or Tableau. Sorting is not working as well as it works in Tableau. A lot of other things are also not at the same level. Their technical support is not perfect and could be better. It takes a lot of time to have lacking functionalities implemented. Its integration with the BW backend should be better. Both solutions are from the same vendor. They position SAP Analytics Cloud as a reporting tool on top of the BW environment, but the integration between both is not yet 100%. For example, user management is still not synchronized."
"AI doesn't work as well with SAP live connections."
"One area for improvement in SAP Analytics Cloud is incorporating Python into the coding. That functionality is available, but it's not as efficient, and it's a bit difficult sometimes to do it, so that could be improved."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"Find a partner who will take responsibility for the implementation, and be available for support."
"It is not the cheapest product on earth, but you get so much. It provides good value for money."
"The solution is quite expensive, if it is made cheaper then we can have more clients. I rate it four out of ten."
"​In terms of the pricing, it was reasonable. BOARD is not the lowest in the market, but it was reasonable for us."
"The pricing of this product is reasonable."
"SAP Analytics Cloud is expensive. The price is a big issue if you compare it with other solutions from different vendors."
"This solution is pricey."
"It Wasn't directly involved in the pricing discussions, but when I joined the organization, they had already purchased the SAP Analytics Cloud solution. The organization faced challenges due to its perceived expense, leading to restrictions on granting access to many users."
"I don't have the exact price for SAP Analytics Cloud, but it could be improved and made cheaper, especially when compared to Power BI."
"The premium option is very expensive at five thousand dollars. I use the nine hundred and ninety-nine dollar option."
"The price is competitive. There is a power user license and normal user license, but the normal user license is reasonable."
"Its price is slightly on the higher side."
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Questions from the Community

Is Board better than Anaplan as a Business Intelligence (BI) solution?
We've had several FP&A departments include Anaplan in their analytics discussions, and while BI information IS generated, the focus is generally on compiling input from various sources and simu...
What do you like most about Board?
All the reports are prepared automatically.
What needs improvement with Board?
Sometimes, the data disappears from the product. We have had a few such cases. When I added my comments to the data, it disappeared. A technical specialist tried to restore it. It was not convenien...
Which would you choose - Tableau or SAP Analytics Cloud?
Tableau is easy to set up and maintain. In about a day it is possible for the entire platform to be deployed for use. This relatively short amount of time can make all the difference for companies ...
What do you like most about SAP Analytics Cloud?
In the data warehouse, you're free to make changes. You can make everything text, meaning it's always a string. Even numbers appear as text, giving you the flexibility to work with all columns.
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for SAP Analytics Cloud?
I'm only familiar with the licensing in India, as models vary in different countries. In India, there's a minimum purchase of 25 users. There are a few different types of licenses: * BI License: Co...

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Live Oak Bank
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792,098 professionals have used our research since 2012.