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As of June 2024, in the Disaster Recovery (DR) Software category, the mindshare of Rubrik is 13.7%, up from 11.0% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of Zerto is 9.2%, down from 11.3% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
Disaster Recovery (DR) Software
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Featured Reviews

CarlosCastells - PeerSpot reviewer
May 20, 2024
Easy to do backup, easy to deploy and scalable
We are working now on proof of concept to do backups to virtual environments. So, we deployed the solution to three customers in Spain and one or two in Mexico We wish to increase the automation to improve the data management tasks with Rubrik. We see the possibility to improve with AI and other…
Jun 26, 2023
Continuous replication gives us more checkpoints, improving our RPOs
It's improved our testing frequency, and that has definitely helped. And the effect on our RPOs has been very good because of the continuous replication; you get more checkpoints. Compared to other disaster recovery solutions that we've used, it's much more efficient when it comes to recovery. It's much more resilient and provides a better experience. It's a better product than the traditional backup and recovery methods we were using. Zerto has also helped reduce downtime in some situations. We can recover systems in minutes, versus hours. There has been a significant improvement in our RTOs. It has also definitely helped us to reduce our DR testing on the order of hours and days.

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"The ease of use is the most valuable feature. It is a very simple system compared to just about any other back up technology. It is extremely easy to use and very versatile."
"I think the best feature is its masterless architecture."
"It has a ​single pane of glass interface."
"Rubrik can also serve as a secondary host for emergency recoveries."
"Automation functions, image based backup, and the ability to instantly recover anything from files to databases."
"I don't know if it is the best or the worst but it's very easy to install and very easy to balance. Sometimes that it's a problem because the installer of these data gets extremely scared because it's so easy. The product is easy to install, easy to balance, and easy to work with. Another really good point is the instant recovery."
"Time dedicated to backup was drastically reduced."
"The solution's technical support team is very responsive and proactive."
"Its ability to roll back if the VM or the server that you are recovering does not come up right is also valuable. You have the ability to roll back a few seconds or a few minutes. The rollback feature is great."
"The ability to have a RPO of seconds has enabled us to restore data to just before an incident has occurred, which certainly saves a lot of time and money."
"Zerto has helped reduce our organization's DR testing to seconds to minutes. We have been able to save probably close to 200 hours a year."
"The ability to perform DR testing to ensure data integrity is critical."
"The communication between the VM and the secondary data center is the most valuable feature."
"We now have the ability to replicate critical data to a secure, off-site location that can be brought back in seconds if needed."
"I give Zerto's stability a nine out of ten."
"The most valuable feature is how simple it is to implement and how quickly you can get up and running at the second site. The solution is also extremely easy to use, for example, You just log onto the console and you can do a test failover with a few clicks."


"With multiple Rubrik clusters setup in an environment, it becomes painfully obvious that this product needs a central management console."
"Global management of multiple systems is lacking, as is reporting across multiple installed units."
"They support Hyper-V and it works with our CloudOut, the cloud DR, but they seem to add features for VMware first and Hyper-V gets added second or sometimes several releases after the VMware feature comes out."
"I have a personal want which might not necessarily make sense with Rubrik as a company or Rubrik as a software, but it'd be really nice if they could also handle things like item-level backups and restores of Active Directory objects and DNS and DCP objects."
"The recovery of Oracle databases is too complicated. It is not something that helps the DBA, the Database Administrator, but it should be done by the backup person like many other solutions. Everything is ready for the DBA to recover the database. It is a way of doing things, but I don't think you should give the backup people the ability to do it."
"The interface is still slightly clunky and has room for improvement. They do work with us whenever we mention anything that needs to be done or anything that we want. We find that bringing up the management interface is a little slow and not as intuitive as we would like, but it's been getting better as it evolves."
"User interface could be improved."
"The reporting in the dashboard and reporting for extractions both need improvement. I would suggest making them easier to understand and use, not just out-of-the-box. We should also be able to customize them."
"There are certain things about the user interface that could be a little bit more user-friendly."
"The syncing of the replication needs improvement. My experience has been that, every once in a while, when you go to do a failover, it tells you it's not syncing. Then you have to troubleshoot and figure out why it's not fully synced up."
"The GUI could be streamlined a bit more to enhance the administrative tasks."
"We would like the LTR function to be able to retain the past 12 months."
"The overall management plan could improve. If something happens with the VM on the vSphere side, the error codes are pretty weak. If there was a way to click on something within the UI that takes us to a support page or article, that would be very beneficial."
"Certain areas were designed and work fine for VMware but are under development for Hyper-V. Eventually, all features will work for both platforms."
"We wanted to shut down the dev environment to focus on the prod environment. We couldn't find any option in Zerto to do that."
"There are a lot of features that it has that we don't use since we are on prem."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"We are on an annual license to use Rubrik and it is priced well."
"Originally, we bought the units on perpetual licenses. Now, we have switched to Rubrik Go. I think the Rubrik Go subscription is a better model, where it is based on your onsite environment and you consume what you use."
"Its price tends to go up with time. Its pricing definitely has room for improvement. If you negotiate right with them, you might get a good price. Support is a part of the package, and every three years, when we renew our contract, we get new hardware."
"There is a license requirement for the solution. If you expand or if the maintenance period expires, there's a license renewal as well."
"We pay annually for the license for Rubrik. There are no additional costs. Initially, we needed to set it up, negotiate and finalize the offer."
"Rubrik is a little bit expensive, but it's worth the price."
"The solution is expensive for small businesses."
"The pricing and licensing of Rubrik is better than products that we've had in the past. It was quite a bit cheaper than Commvault and NetBackup."
"I wish it were cheaper, but I would purchase it again at the same price."
"Zerto is affordable."
"Pricing depends on your future growth. Start small and then scale up."
"It's not the cheapest tool, it's expensive. But it's doing a good job."
"It is economical as compared to other brands."
"It is not a bad pricing model."
"Licensing is based on the number of VMs to replicate. The first thing should be to get the number of VMs to replicate based on your business needs."
"All of my customers are happy with how this product works and they like it, but unfortunately, in the market that I represent, Zerto is expensive when compared with the competition."
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Comparison Review

it_user159711 - PeerSpot reviewer
Nov 9, 2014
VMware SRM vs. Veeam vs. Zerto
Disaster recovery planning is something that seems challenging for all businesses. Virtualization in addition to its operational flexibility, and cost reduction benefits, has helped companies improve their DR posture. Virtualization has made it easier to move machines from production to…

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Questions from the Community

Which would you choose - Rubrik or Veeam Backup & Replication?
Veeam Backup & Replication provides an easy-to-set-up solution to the issue of data storage and recovery. Setting it up is a relatively simple affair. For the most part it prompts you from scre...
What do you like most about Rubrik?
It is a stable solution. Stability-wise, I rate the solution a ten out of ten.
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for Rubrik?
In many cases, the customers I speak with want to have a one or three-year license. Because it's for backup, they need the ability to increase or replace the solution as they need. They want to hav...
What advice do you have for others considering Oracle Data Guard?
Ik fluister:VM Host Oracle en DataGuard hebben we per toeval vervangen door Zerto :-) tijdens de Zerto implementatie en VPG werden de Host Data in write-ack Block-Level gerepliceerd. Qua licentie 1...
What do you like most about Zerto?
The most valuable feature of Zerto for us is its DR capability.
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for Zerto?
While Zerto excels in disaster recovery, its backup capabilities fall short. To ensure proper data protection, we require a separate backup solution alongside Zerto for disaster recovery therefore ...



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