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As of June 2024, in the Backup and Recovery category, the mindshare of Rubrik is 8.4%, up from 7.0% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of Veritas NetBackup is 5.1%, down from 5.4% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
Backup and Recovery
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Cloud Backup
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Featured Reviews

CarlosCastells - PeerSpot reviewer
May 20, 2024
Easy to do backup, easy to deploy and scalable
We are working now on proof of concept to do backups to virtual environments. So, we deployed the solution to three customers in Spain and one or two in Mexico We wish to increase the automation to improve the data management tasks with Rubrik. We see the possibility to improve with AI and other…
Oct 24, 2023
Easy to recover deleted files, can mount snapshots without an installer, and provides high-performance
I would rate Veritas NetBackup ten out of ten. We are a team of three people who handle all the backups for our organization using Veritas NetBackup. We have two sites, the main one being NDR. We are backing up all critical systems, and uncritical systems are also rotated into the backup schedule. As a critical telecom company, we back up all billing and charging systems, as well as switches. We do file-based backups, but there are some systems that cannot integrate with any backup solution, such as Ericsson. For these systems, we dump the backup file and then take it to Veritas where we back up using a secret application to the appliance and NFS. For an enterprise company, two professionals are enough for the maintenance of Veritas NetBackup. I recommend Veritas NetBackup for enterprise companies. I have vast experience with backup solutions and Veritas NetBackup is the best solution out there.

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"Rubrik is a faster unit from a hardware perspective. Things, like Live Mount, mean we can bring services back straightaway, then have them transition back into the live storage in the background. Because we can use Live Mount to do instant restores, a restore is now a five-minute job. Then, the rest of it is done in the background, rather than doing something for an hour before you actually get the restore back."
"The most valuable feature has been the Live Mount feature."
"Rubrik is highly scalable and is easy to do."
"The main benefit is that we are secured in terms of workloads. We know that if we need to restore any VMs, or even any files inside a VM, that we will succeed 100 percent. This means that we don't need to spend much time administering the backup environment because we know it is self-healing and efficient. So, we are spending that time on something else, which is always a plus."
"Intelligent agent technology."
"Time dedicated to backup was drastically reduced."
"Its reporting is most valuable. I like how it reports that everything is successfully backed up. It provides a summarized report that I can give to auditors and management."
"The web-based approach is the most valuable feature."
"The features are good."
"The most valuable features are the VMware VADP backups and the support for data domains."
"It is essential. We can't do without it."
"The solution is stable."
"Includes snapshots and multiple database agents."
"It saves time for the backup needs of our organization."
"Could be used for both of Physical and Virtual Environments."
"The feature that is most useful for us is that it backs up every application that we own."


"Looking at how the data is broken down, we can see the total story, but sometimes it's difficult to see how big a particular snapshot is. Across 90 days of snapshots, which one is a particularly large one? Looking at the data holistically could be a lot easier."
"Pricing is something that needs to be considered for improvement."
"Rubrik's disaster recovery capabilities could be improved."
"I would like to have a built-in index searching ability of files/system files within the Rubrik interface to determine if a file or item exists, rather than just recovering it, and then doing a search for the file afterwards."
"If there was something that we could get Rubrik to fix, it would be when our DBS takes snapshots of a server or the database, the replication doesn't kick off fast enough. They can't remote it to the peer site and manipulate it back up in order to move it over, take a copy of production, slap it over, and test it out. As I understand, they are working on it. Replication works. We also get spoiled by how good things are now. We get to a point where it is so easy but when something isn't instant gratification, it seems that everything else is so amazing, why isn't this right?"
"In terms of what could be improved with Rubrik, we need to improve the backup for remote sites. The competitors are stronger in terms of their remote office back up. Rubrik needs to improve to be stronger for backup. This is the main thing."
"Better integration for complex NAS structures having to mount at root adds time and workload to the process of NDMP."
"If I could take a snapshot from a physical and be able to stand it up as a virtual immediately without the need to rebuild an entire system and restoring files, that would be HUGE."
"There may be a learning curve."
"It was very complicated, and it required a lot of work in terms of management. We have moved to Rubrik. One of the reasons for getting rid of Veritas NetBackup was the fact that at one point, we had the support staff with 12 to 15 people to manage Veritas NetBackup, whereas, with Rubrik, I'm the only one managing Rubrik. There is one more person who works with me mostly due to the fact that in case I'm not around, someone else knows what to do, but I'm the only one who is a full-time manager of Rubrik. The complexity of Veritas required a large staff to manage it. We had daily issues that had to be looked into and resolved. A lot of these issues revolved around Veritas' handling of VMware, which is why first we moved VMware off Veritas. After we did that, we were also able to reduce our staff count. Their licensing is a disaster. It is extremely complicated. In most cases, Veritas themselves can't understand their own licensing."
"The pricing is a bit of a concern. If could be lower."
"I also think they could improve the reporting. They use a web-based software application OpsCenter for the reporting and I see that they haven't made any changes in years."
"Updates were not always consistent."
"The HTML interface is a web application that does not offer all the features."
"The cost is expensive."
"It's a little bit complex to manage."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"There is just one cost, and it includes software and hardware. So, everything is included. It is better than other solutions in terms of cost. We also have Dell EMC Avamar in our environment, and we have to pay for the hardware and data domain. We also have to pay for the software license for the data protection suite. So, based on my calculations, I find Rubrik cheaper, and we are also getting good performance."
"It is an expensive product."
"Rubrik is not the cheapest solution, but we've been happy with the time savings that we have seen. At least from what we have spent so far, we have been happy with the return on investment."
"When we compared the overall costs, Rubrik was cheaper because the engineering and operational side required FAR LESS dedication. So, all in all, they actually were cheaper than the competition."
"Rubrik is an all inclusive price. No additional implementation costs or licencing."
"The cost was less than our previous provider, and this is a much better product."
"Rubrik's competitive pricing and strong return on investment make it a compelling choice, especially compared to alternatives like Data Domain and Avamar. Commvault was considered but deemed too expensive."
"The initial setup cost includes support and maintenance costs, followed by a monthly fee."
"It is very expensive. The licensing cost for this solution is on a yearly basis. It is approximately 50k. We will continue using it at least for the next year, but we are currently doing an analysis to switch to some other solution."
"The software and license are very expensive."
"Smaller virtualized environments will want to stick to a traditional licensing model if possible. It will likely be cheaper, but it is a pain to manage all the individual licenses for each client."
"It is an expensive solution."
"Our primary complaint about this product is that it is too expensive."
"Veritas NetBackup is quite expensive and licensing costs are fixed."
"The price of NetBackup is okay. I think it's a little bit expensive but manageable. It has a lot of features, and the backup is better than most applications, so I think the price is competitive."
"Pricing is pretty costly as compared to the other products but worth investing for the long term and high ROI."
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