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We performed a comparison between Everbridge IT Alerting and Opsgenie based on real PeerSpot user reviews.

Find out in this report how the two IT Alerting and Incident Management solutions compare in terms of features, pricing, service and support, easy of deployment, and ROI.
To learn more, read our detailed Everbridge IT Alerting vs. Opsgenie Report (Updated: November 2022).
657,849 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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Quotes From Members
We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use.
Here are some excerpts of what they said:
"I manage the platform, and I don't really use it. The scheduling aspect of it is valuable where you create your groups and then either manually or via API call, you can initiate an alert. It'll look at the schedule and only contact those people who are on-call. So, it takes the guesswork out.""I personally love VCC because I just think there needs to be more data to support it so we can be more proactive and easily assess the impact. So, I appreciate the visual aspect, but it has to have the data to support it. It has proved very useful, particularly because we have a GSOC that's not technically 24/7. We do have an 800 number that people call 24/7. If something happens, they can easily send Everbridge a notification to activate the team off hours. It is useful in that respect too. We use it in conjunction with teams, but off-hours and for additional people outside of the core team, we use Everbridge, which is useful.""A robust solution with multiple modules that can be leveraged.""The post mortem reports are descriptive, indicating who joined the call and when."

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"One of the features my team found valuable in Opsgenie is the alert. There's also the option to install an app on your phone, so even if you don't have any mobile reception, but you're still connected to WiFi, you still get the alerts via the app, not just via phone call or SMS. The combination of both options was very useful because sometimes you have data and you don't have coverage by mobile, or vice versa. To have both options in terms of receiving alerts was very useful. Another valuable feature of Opsgenie is the on-call rotation with alerts. I belonged to a small team of three, then the team expanded into four members where everyone was on a weekly on-call basis, with each team member having a week of being on-call. At first, it was a bi-weekly on-call rotation, then it became once every three weeks, and after that, it was once every four weeks, so the on-call rotation with an alert feature was useful. My previous company had two separate environments, on the cloud and on-premises. My team was in charge of the on-premise environment, so there was a queue for my team with everything in Opsgenie, then the DevOps team had its queue on a group of infrastructure related to the cloud. Each team had its own devices organized in a group that was only managed per team. The on-call rotation was also separated between groups. Opsgenie is a very convenient solution for both teams in my previous company.""The rotation and scheduling are beneficial.""We can rely on the product to organize our schedules. We don't have to think about who will be next on-call. The system already gives us the answer. We don't have to waste time organizing how people are going to be covering each of their rotations. There's also an override option. So, it's easy to reschedule or reorganize our schedules when someone goes on vacation or when someone is on sick leave.""Opsgenie is easy to configure and use.""Opsgenie integrates with Atlassian and other web monitoring and incident management tools.""The most valuable feature is the ability to automatically create a ticket for the support team when there is an alert.""I am a Jira admin. The best feature for me is that I do not need to write different code when I integrate with multiple applications. OpsGenie made it easier for me. All I need to do is create a field and give a value. I need to set the parameters and give a value. I can write only one script so that it directly interacts with my Jira and feeds all the data."

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"You have to create schedules in Everbridge. It would be better if it could tie into an existing solution, such as Microsoft Exchange or Google Calendar, so that you don't have to create it in both places. That's one thing it lacks right now. You can't just say, "Hey, look at this Microsoft calendar. That's what we want to use." You have to create it in Everbridge.""Lacks ability to customize messages.""The incident templates can get complex and hard to troubleshoot, so it helps to focus on keeping it simple.""I've worked closely with Everbridge teams in my previous positions too, and the one thing I would like to see is the distance. You have to measure it, and it's not really accurate. If we could have a general distance within the alert itself to tell us where the closest asset is, it would be useful. That's one thing I'd like to see."

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"The solution has room for improvement by providing bundle pricing with other products that are frequently used together from Atlassian.""I would like to see reports that can provide us with integration with Jira or with another management solution, which I'm not sure Opsgenie provides. The integration is possible, however as Opsgenie reports is an area that needs to be addressed. An alert is received, and Opsgenie will immediately generate a ticket or card for that issue, track it, and provide a follow-up. Opsgenie will also track an issue's whole life cycle. This is something that I would like to see in Opsgenie.""I would like to see a little bit more work in API key management in the Opsgenie UI. It's a bit difficult to manage sometimes. For example, in terms of management, you can either see all the keys or none of the keys. This is something for which I would like to have better granularity so that I could give some people access to some of the keys. It's something that I don't have today if I'm not mistaken.""We are using the cloud version of Atlassian products now, but I think the Data Center version we used earlier was much more user-friendly. There are lots of limitations in the cloud version The add-on or features that work with the Data Center versions are not compatible with the cloud version.""They could introduce many more features.""The handshake with the monitoring tools can also be improved. When there were a bunch of alerts or the number of alerts was more than a thousand in a minute, OpsGenie wasn't able to handle everything properly. The handshake issues were there.""The user interface could be improved.""When I needed to add the fourth guy to the on-call rotation, I had trouble finding the option in Opsgenie where I can add the new user. It took me some time to figure out because it it was very small. You have a pencil icon that you need to click, but it was so small and in a place that wasn't so obvious, so this is an area for improvement in the solution. I couldn't find the icon myself and my manager had to show me where it is. Opsgenie needs to be more user-friendly, particularly when it comes to finding the "Add New Users" option in the on-call rotation feature. Other than that, the solution was very easy to use, and you can see both the open and closed alerts."

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Pricing and Cost Advice
  • "Licensing cost is driven largely by the number of users in the platform including admins, group managers, and message senders, so you want to consider your needs there."
  • "I do not know about the licensing costs, but I know they're in groups, and there are permission caps. For example, you can have five admin accounts, and anyone can receive a notification. There's a mobile component too, which I find particularly useful, but it has to be a part of the contract."
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  • "We have opted for a yearly subscription. The initial quote given was about $29, but I don't know the actual price. There might be some negotiations during renewal."
  • "I'm not the person who dealt with Opsgenie in terms of pricing, and I don't know how the solution compares to other solutions in the market, price-wise. I won't be able to say if it gives you the best value for money or not, but if Opsgenie gives good value for money, then I don't see a reason why you shouldn't use it."
  • "I rate Opsgenie eight out of 10 for affordability. Opsgenie is on the cheaper side, and it fits our budget. I estimate the license costs around $400 to 500 annually for 15 users. The price is available on the internet. It's a standard, straightforward price."
  • "In the company I'm working for, currently, we are using the standard edition of Opsgenie. We're paying around $3,000 a month. It's a bit expensive compared to the other tools we use for different purposes. We find it a bit expensive because although Opsgenie is a complete tool for monitoring, it does not provide us with everything."
  • "Integration with other solutions is one of the most valuable features of Opsgenie."
  • "The cost of the solution depends on the package you select and is per user."
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    657,849 professionals have used our research since 2012.
    Questions from the Community
    Top Answer:The post mortem reports are descriptive, indicating who joined the call and when.
    Top Answer:Licensing cost is driven largely by the number of users in the platform including admins, group managers, and message senders, so you want to consider your needs there. Everbridge did a good job on… more »
    Top Answer:Parts of the mobile app are a bit difficult to navigate (to see published calendars, for example) and there can be some confusion if you also license Everbridge Mass Notification at your company. The… more »
    Top Answer:The integration feature is the most valuable. It provides a lot of customizations for the integrations we use.
    Top Answer:From the pricing perspective, they are on the higher side as compared to other competitors.
    Top Answer:OpsGenie needs to keep up with its competitors in terms of new features and pricing.
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    Everbridge IT Alerting is a closed-loop cyber security and incident response automation solution that helps organizations respond to IT Incidents faster and improve teams’ response performance by automating communication, collaboration, and orchestration processes for ServiceOps, IT Security Ops, DevOps, and Disaster Recovery Ops. As a FedRamp-certified solution, IT Alerting capabilities include in-depth scheduling/calendars, interactive & analytical reporting, on-call scheduling, automated escalation, response workflow automation, recording, and much more. The solution is offered as a cloud service based on the secure, highly available, resilient, and globally scalable Everbridge CEM platform.

    Learn why 5,400+ enterprise customers trust Everbridge (NASDAQ (EVBG)) with their IT Response Automation Management and IT Alerting solutions; visit ITAlerting.com to learn more or request a demo.

    Need Integration with your ITOM, ITSM, SIEM tools?

    Plug Everbridge IT Alerting directly into your ITOM, ITSM, SIEM, IT Monitoring tools including ServiceNow or BMC Remedy with our certified, two-way integrations and automatically contact the on-call IT team members, launch conference bridges and automatically escalate to the senior personnel in case of major IT incidents.

    Users are empowered to manage their contact details and notification preferences in a single location, hence the administrators don't have to maintain this information at each application. OpsGenie is a cloud based service with reliable, distributed architecture that is replicated in multiple data centers, and monitored around the clock. The lifecycle for each alert, notifications, actions taken by users, are recorded and reported to enable admins to easily analyze what happened. No more wasting time, digging up log files. No more finger pointing.

    Most enterprises employ multitude of tools for IT management: for monitoring, ticketing, configuration and change management, etc. Although each of these tools may be individually capable of sending notifications via email or SMS, it is a burden for administrators to maintain the same information in each of these multiple, disparate systems. 

    OpsGenie enables organizations to consolidate notification management into a single management system. OpsGenie enables users to maintain their own contact details and preferences in one place, eliminating duplication of data, reducing administrative overhead.

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    Buyer's Guide
    Everbridge IT Alerting vs. Opsgenie
    November 2022
    Find out what your peers are saying about Everbridge IT Alerting vs. Opsgenie and other solutions. Updated: November 2022.
    657,849 professionals have used our research since 2012.

    Everbridge IT Alerting is ranked 5th in IT Alerting and Incident Management with 4 reviews while Opsgenie is ranked 4th in IT Alerting and Incident Management with 8 reviews. Everbridge IT Alerting is rated 8.6, while Opsgenie is rated 8.0. The top reviewer of Everbridge IT Alerting writes "Helps in identifying potential impact and allows us to see where our assets are in relation to a risk event". On the other hand, the top reviewer of Opsgenie writes "Routes our alerts, organizes our schedules, and is reliable for knowing who is on-call". Everbridge IT Alerting is most compared with PagerDuty, ServiceNow, xMatters IT Management, VictorOps and Splunk, whereas Opsgenie is most compared with PagerDuty, VictorOps, xMatters IT Management and BigPanda. See our Everbridge IT Alerting vs. Opsgenie report.

    See our list of best IT Alerting and Incident Management vendors.

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