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We performed a comparison between Everbridge IT Alerting and OpenText Operations Bridge based on real PeerSpot user reviews.

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Quotes From Members
We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use.
Here are some excerpts of what they said:
"The most valuable feature is the support calendars.""With SaaS, we can implement in other regions without having to physically go to there.""The most important feature, from our perspective, is the integration with our ticketing system. That eliminates wasted motion and time in drafting and sending and finding the right distribution list.""The most valuable feature is automated escalation, as it eliminates a manual process which is prone to errors.""It helps to pull the right people in very quickly, through a collection of utilities where you can say, "I want to notify more than one person at a time. I want to escalate at my discretion and via rules within the system."""It's very customizable. For instance, if you're going on vacation this week, you go to your calendar and say, "I'm off this week, make the secondary the primary." And that's done on-the-fly. It's very responsive. It's very user-friendly.""It's a lot easier to create and manage schedules, especially in comparison to the on-call scheduling creation in ServiceNow. That has always been something of a bear to operate. We've found it's a lot simpler in Everbridge.""Valuable features include incident management and ease of integrations."

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"The event correlation is the most valuable aspect of the solution.""Flexible dashboard with the availability of widgets.""We haven't faced any stability issues. There hasn't been any crashes or glitches.""The initial setup is pretty straightforward. It's not complex at all.""It has greatly reduced the number and duration of outages as support teams are notified immediately when something goes wrong or even before something breaks.""It allows us to build dashboards for individual parts of the business. Our team members appreciate that they can just get a view of their part of the world without having to worry about anyone else's.""OpsBridge has good event correlation facilities and root-cause identification algorithms.""Purely, its flexibility is the most valuable aspect. It is hugely configurable."

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"I would like to have a little bit more flexibility in the member portal.""The ability for members to change their schedules, and change the person their swapping with, could use improvement. The GUI is a little tough to navigate. It's not very straightforward when someone is trying to change schedules.""The feature that xMatters has that Everbridge doesn't have, or has in a limited way, is a method of funneling some alerts, as an FYI, to other stakeholders who are not necessarily prime actors in an incident.""The company would like to have super detailed analytics, as we integrate this with our security software.""An incident management feature would be nice because, as it stands now, you select different items when you're filling out a form to launch a notification. If those were more conditional it would help. Right now it just puts out whatever you put into the form, whereas, if you could specify a "yes" or "no" and it would input a different verbiage, that would be nice to have, instead of having to spell out all the verbiage.""It could use more enhancement type integrations, but no improvements to functionality are needed.""The ability to not have to worry about the IT alerting and calendar resources. I would like it to be simpler in the sense of a different cost structure.""Their integration capabilities are still progressing, but not quite where we'd like to see them yet. They're moving there with that orchestration capability where they're seeing the potential of an API-first mentality. So instead of trying to build custom connections into everything, you open up APIs to allow other systems to talk to IT Alerting and allow IT Alerting to talk to other systems. There is room for improvement, but they get it."

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"The pricing could be improved.""Our issues are largely support related due to where we are and the knowledge base that we have here. This issue relates both HPE in general and to the technical products.""It is a very complicated product. It's difficult to manage. Nowadays, products are very easy to manage, deploy, and integrate, but Operations Bridge is very complicated to manage.""Remove the dependency of Java technology. This is a feature used for admin purposes to update the modeling.""What needs improvement in Micro Focus Operations Bridge is its resource heaviness because you need many resources to deploy and support it. It's a good solution for larger organizations, but for small businesses, not so much.""pology-based event correlation does not work well with NNM events.""Implementation could be improved.""I'm not aware of areas that need improvement."

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Pricing and Cost Advice
  • "When we did our contract, we did a three year contract with fixed pricing. We locked in the pricing for three years. As we have grown, we locked in pricing for additional units of employees."
  • "Their call structure is based on how many people are IT alert people and who is on the calendar, and the cost will be driven by those numbers versus if you are using it for the non-IT alert. As you look at the competition and other vendors, make sure you truly understand your cost structure with them."
  • "They are one of the top three most expensive products. I also understand if you are going to use them for IT alerting, it is worth it. They are competitively priced, but the IT alerting is the differentiator. The way that they market it and push it out. That is their premier function."
  • "Pricing is reasonable."
  • "For us, the pricing is a good value. I can't say whether or not their list pricing looks favorable to everyone who's checking, but I can say that the process of sourcing and procurement with them was very professional, comfortable, and friendly. The negotiations were done well on both sides, and in the end, I'd say the price was very effective... I think that people will find that Everbridge is a great listener and is willing to meet in the middle."
  • "Their pricing is a good value and very reasonable. They are very upfront about their pricing. There is nothing confusing about it."
  • "We thought the base product was pretty reasonable. It can pricey once you start adding stuff on."
  • "It saves us a lot of time."
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  • "Setup costs can be high depending on the partner, but it is worth it."
  • "It is competitive."
  • "Pricing is very flexible and depends on the modules selected as per the requirement."
  • "The licensing cost for this solution is approximately $1,000 USD."
  • "The cost is very high."
  • "As OpsBridge is a suite of products bundled together, you may find yourself paying for software functionality that you don't actually use, e.g. Real User Monitor (RUM)."
  • "The licensing model for Micro Focus Operations Bridge is unit-based so it can be one device or ten devices depending on your situation or model. Cost-wise, it's much more if you have more devices and features such as infrastructure monitoring, analytic dashboard, and business dashboard in your model."
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    Questions from the Community
    Top Answer:It's mainly for mass notification and pooling of contacts. Pooling of customers is valuable.
    Top Answer:It's a seven out of ten for us in terms of pricing. We've just gone through a process of looking at other solutions.
    Top Answer:I know that we get frustrated at the capacity of SMS messages. It's not very long, and if you want to send a long message, they end up sending you a link to the rest of the message. It's not easy to… more »
    Top Answer:The licensing model for Micro Focus Operations Bridge is unit-based so it can be one device or ten devices depending on your situation or model. Cost-wise, it's much more if you have more devices and… more »
    Top Answer:I'm not aware of areas that need improvement.
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    Everbridge IT Alerting is a closed-loop cyber security and incident response automation solution that helps organizations respond to IT Incidents faster and improve teams’ response performance by automating communication, collaboration, and orchestration processes for ServiceOps, IT Security Ops, DevOps, and Disaster Recovery Ops. As a FedRamp-certified solution, IT Alerting capabilities include in-depth scheduling/calendars, interactive & analytical reporting, on-call scheduling, automated escalation, response workflow automation, recording, and much more. The solution is offered as a cloud service based on the secure, highly available, resilient, and globally scalable Everbridge CEM platform.

    Learn why 5,400+ enterprise customers trust Everbridge (NASDAQ (EVBG)) with their IT Response Automation Management and IT Alerting solutions; visit ITAlerting.com to learn more or request a demo.

    Need Integration with your ITOM, ITSM, SIEM tools?

    Plug Everbridge IT Alerting directly into your ITOM, ITSM, SIEM, IT Monitoring tools including ServiceNow or BMC Remedy with our certified, two-way integrations and automatically contact the on-call IT team members, launch conference bridges and automatically escalate to the senior personnel in case of major IT incidents.

    OpenText Operations Bridge – SaaS is enterprise event and performance management software. With automated discovery, monitoring, and remediation, it fast-tracks your move to full-stack AIOps across multicloud and on- premises environments.
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    Small Business19%
    Midsize Enterprise13%
    Large Enterprise68%
    Small Business16%
    Midsize Enterprise14%
    Large Enterprise70%
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    IT Alerting and Incident Management
    March 2024
    Find out what your peers are saying about PagerDuty, Atlassian, Everbridge and others in IT Alerting and Incident Management. Updated: March 2024.
    768,246 professionals have used our research since 2012.

    Everbridge IT Alerting is ranked 9th in IT Alerting and Incident Management with 22 reviews while OpenText Operations Bridge is ranked 8th in Event Monitoring with 44 reviews. Everbridge IT Alerting is rated 8.8, while OpenText Operations Bridge is rated 7.8. The top reviewer of Everbridge IT Alerting writes "We have seen substantial savings with its usage as it drives down our MTTR". On the other hand, the top reviewer of OpenText Operations Bridge writes "Good event correlation capabilities, promotes a self-service approach to monitoring". Everbridge IT Alerting is most compared with PagerDuty Operations Cloud, ServiceNow, OnSolve Platform for Critical Event Management, xMatters and Opsgenie, whereas OpenText Operations Bridge is most compared with SCOM, OpsRamp, BMC Helix Monitor, Splunk Enterprise Security and IBM Tivoli NetCool OMNIbus.

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