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Application Performance Monitoring (APM) and Observability (2nd), Mobile APM (1st), Container Monitoring (1st), AIOps (2nd)
IBM SevOne Network Performa...
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Network Monitoring Software (41st), Server Monitoring (16th), IT Infrastructure Monitoring (37th), Cloud Monitoring Software (28th)

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As of July 2024, in the Log Management category, the mindshare of Dynatrace is 4.7%, down from 9.1% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of IBM SevOne Network Performance Management (NPM) is 0.3%, down from 0.6% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
Log Management
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Application Performance Monitoring (APM) and Observability
Mobile APM
Network Monitoring Software
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Featured Reviews

Manish Ved - PeerSpot reviewer
Mar 20, 2023
Solution has a useful AI engine, but the reports could be a bit better
We are typically about a version or two behind. We are on the managed solution. Our model of deployment is on-premises. I would say there are a couple of thousand users of this solution in our company. We are also planning on increasing the usage as our apps migrate to the cloud. I would advise other people looking into solutions, to do their homework beforehand and not assume that by deploying all the tools everything will automatically work, so there's still a lot of configuration involved. I would rate this solution as a whole an eight, on a scale from one to 10, with one being the worst and 10 being the best.
Grzegorz Nowak - PeerSpot reviewer
Apr 29, 2024
Improves infrastructure planning by helping us analyze network traffic
We use SevOne to collect and report on network flows SevOne improves infrastructure planning by helping us analyze network traffic. We can look at bandwidth for specific endpoints on the customer's network and analyze traffic to identify issues. For example, maybe some connectors are unavailable.…

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"When collecting data with Dynatrace, we saw every single transaction that happened in real-time."
"​Data analytics help us to find us issues in the short-term or long-term."
"Logs files for JVM transactions help to debug most of the failures."
"​We have drastically reduced the delay taken by the diagnostic phase. As we identify the root cause very rapidly, we can now focus on the solution and communication."
"Interrelating the logs and infrastructure issues, application issues, DC RUM, everything in one dashboard, saves us time in troubleshooting."
"Dynatrace has the most features compared to other products we looked at."
"Our company gets quick response times and qualified responses from technical support, so that is good."
"In my experience, Dynatrace is scalable."
"The comprehensiveness of this solution's collection of network performance and flow data is one of the basics in the field for what it does. It meets all of our needs. So for all those areas, for the most straightforward collection capabilities, right up to NetFlow and even telemetry, it meets all those demands. Not only just basic or fundamental SNMP collection capability, but the product also supports what we need for the future with telemetry streaming. So it's very comprehensive."
"The modules and the performance management reports that come with data insights are two of the most valuable features. I also find the reports for Wi-Fi, Netflow, LAN, and WAN for monitoring to be very good."
"We have benefited mainly from the use of the dashboard interface. It makes the network visually interesting for other people who are not in the network. A lot of people are not network techies who understand streams in the network. Based on location, we have streams coming in and out. They can see visually when there is some problem. They don't need to understand all the network technology behind it to be able to understand if everything is working well or if there is a problem."
"The out of the box reports and workflows are pretty good and they meet our requirements well."
"The most valuable feature is the NMS because that's the core of the system. Without the NMS, the other tools aren't that usable."
"I like SevOne's network flow reporting."
"The network data collection has been very flexible for us. It's been thorough in areas that were lacking. They have a team that I've worked with to add other pieces to it. So if it's missing something out of the box, they work with me to add it. I was able to collect that data. It's not perfect, but it's pretty thorough."
"It's a great solution for highlighting and discovering useful information regarding our network's elements."


"I would like better plugin support, because they are constantly asking us to do plugins, saying "Yeah, we can do that. Use this plugin." Then, the moment something goes wrong with that plugin, I have no way of getting help."
"Richer, deeper partner channel: It needs to expand and deepen the business use cases, where their solutions can help."
"​Configuring nodes and agents should be more like plug and play."
"We'd like it to be more user-friendly, which, in our case, might be a big ask as we have a fairly complex environment."
"Needs a greater meta data capture."
"It can be improved in narrowing the exact exception/ERROR in application monitoring."
"​Definitely something to be improved is that OneAgent runs as a route, and not all applications want to run as route. Part of the problem is different technology companies will have various rules, regulations, and policies around what can run as a route."
"Improvements in Synthetic monitoring would be great. Certain features of thick client, if available in the web interface, would also be a great improvement."
"In terms of having a complete view of our network performance, I would rate it a nine out of 10. The reason for not giving it a 10 is that there is no packet capture associated with SevOne, but we do have other tools in place to do that."
"When I started using it, I tried adding one of the BroadWorks application servers into SevOne... it created thousands and thousands of objects from that one application server and we immediately ran out of license... It would help, when new objects are discovered, if there were a way to categorize those objects and to pick the part of the object you need..."
"One area that requires a little bit of improvement is the topology of visualization and being able to map out connections, end-to-end. It's able to do that, but it's not as impressive as we would like it to be. We would like to understand the different interface types and the connection points better, through the visualization. Heatmaps also need further development."
"We previously have had discussions on some reporting enhancements. So, we raised a feature request, which was delivered from SevOne."
"The user management features need to be improved. It would be nice if we had more granular control, or layers of control, out of the box."
"The customizations are very hard. The person doing it has to be very good at analytics and has to be very good in all languages"
"There are a lot of pain points. My main problem is that we don't have a high availability system. There are 20 peers. We're going to lose the end-of-life appliances that are old. If we lose a peer and it doesn't come back, we lose all that data. The reason we don't have high availability is because it's double the charge."
"SevOne could improve its flexibility because it isn't fully customizable and its out-of-the-box configuration doesn't cover all use cases."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"Setup cost is very low considering that it is an almost totally, automatic process."
"The price range is quite high."
"It's more expensive than other solutions, but worth it. We use full APM monitoring on our primary systems, but only resource monitoring on lesser systems. We shift licenses around our environment when a deeper dive into lesser systems is required."
"It's expensive."
"You get a really well-planned out monitoring suite for the money spent."
"Just go with Dynatrace. Just start with Dynatrace. Do not go into AppMon. Start with Dynatrace, because AppMon is going to give you so much extra stuff that 99% of your user base will not need it, including yourself."
"The limitations I see are more to do - and maybe it's because of the nature of the job I have - but they have to do with pricing. It's a little bit pricey. It's a very good tool. It's worth the price, to a certain degree. But it's hard to justify when it's that costly."
"Everything is great, but the licensing could always be cheaper. With the every growing tool set of Ops teams, we find it harder to budget for tooling while ensuring we still have the proper insight into our applications."
"A blocking point is the high upfront cost because it is challenging to get it accepted and the purchase approved."
"For the value that you get from SevOne, it's worth the price. There are a lot of cheaper alternatives on the market, and even free options. But they require more staff, more resources, and engineers with more advanced knowledge of monitoring. That's what makes SevOne worth the price."
"Choose a SevOne partner who can provide SevOne as a service and can deliver professional services and maintenance."
"Have a bank of licenses, because it is about the number of objects (RAM, ports, CPU, etc.)."
"Prices per license are not huge, but they exist."
"The tool is not expensive. We were able to negotiate with SevOne on pricing."
"Although I don't have exact details in terms of cost, my experience has been that SevOne is willing to make a deal with the customer."
"The pricing has been fair."
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Questions from the Community

Any advice about APM solutions?
The key is to have a holistic view over the complete infrastructure, the ones you have listed are great for APM if you need to monitor applications end to end. I have tested them all and have not f...
What cloud monitoring software did you choose and why?
While the environment does matter in the selection of an APM tool, I prefer to use Dynatrace to manage the entire stack. Both production and Dev/Test. I find it to be quite superior to anything els...
Any advice about APM solutions?
There are many factors and we know little about your requirements (size of org, technology stack, management systems, the scope of implementation). Our goal was to consolidate APM and infra monitor...
What do you like most about SevOne Network Data Platform?
I like the tool’s scalability and real-time reports. Earlier, we struggled to give real-time reports to clients. I also like the tool’s deployment model where we can deploy it either on-premises or...
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for SevOne Network Data Platform?
The tool is not expensive. We were able to negotiate with SevOne on pricing.
What needs improvement with SevOne Network Data Platform?
SevOne could improve its flexibility because it isn't fully customizable and its out-of-the-box configuration doesn't cover all use cases.

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