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Application Performance Monitoring (APM) and Observability (84th), Data Integration (94th), Cloud Data Integration (41st), Data Preparation Tools (11th)
Ranking in Log Management
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As of July 2024, in the Log Management category, the mindshare of Cribl is 1.1%, up from 0.0% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of Mezmo is 0.1%, down from 0.2% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
Log Management
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Application Performance Monitoring (APM) and Observability
Data Integration
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Mar 24, 2020
Has vastly increased our ability to reach SLA targets consistently
Scalability could be improved. We are using it through the IBM cloud deployment and on some of the data centers that are very heavily used, there is a significant lag in the event stream, sometimes 10, 15 minutes behind, which makes the RCA impossible. If an event hits but you don't have the information to look at it, then it's tricky. This is probably not an issue of the product itself, but more a deployment issue. There is something on the IBM side that needs some readjustment to make certain these lags don't happen too often. We now use other tools for back-up in that area. But if you really want to do SIEM type work, then that is an aspect that needs some improvement. It's hard to tell if it's the product or the IBM deployment of it. The user interface is really very productive interactively but for an additional feature, it would be nice if we somehow could encapsulate a query or a filter, and communicate or share that among the team so that specific types of actions can be carried out quickly. In particular, when we deal with a customer issue, it may pertain to a particular transaction through the system and each transaction has a unique ID. It would be great if we could query that ID and request all transactions that pertain to a specific ID. For now, we need to find the events, then extract the ID. Once we have that, we can go through the UI to set up the query and filter it to give us a transaction. But it would be really nice if we could simply say, "Here's the ID. Give me all the transactions."

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