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For advanced data integration flows that ingest time series and similar type of measurement data that comes of a physical process (anything IoT), you stand to benefit from a characterization and resampling flow. Most ETL tools are database oriented instead of model…

About me

I am the president and CEO of Stillwater Supercomputing, Inc., a differentiated System Integrator for high-performance deep learning and intelligent systems. I work closely with hardware OEMs, processor vendors, and FPGA manufacturers, to create unique solutions to high-value problems by augmenting commodity systems with specialized hardware and software to create sustainable differentiated business value, in particular for complex operations in finance, transportation, pharma, and healthcare.

I am a leading expert on the use of advanced analytics to create intelligent systems. I am also the inventor of the Domain Flow programming model, and the distributed data flow execution engine for scalable, high-performance, parallel computation. I have designed and constructed many industry firsts, from autonomous learning design systems to diagnostic processors in high volume consumer products, to the first trillion triple semantic database.

To give back to the community and help under-served communities, I am also the Executive Director of the Data Lake, an OpenData/OpenGov effort to help State and Municipal governments deliver valuable public service analytics to its citizens.