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StarWind Virtual SAN
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Software Defined Storage (SDS) (1st), HCI (4th)
Cisco HyperFlex HX-Series [...
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Backup and Recovery (4th), Cloud Backup (4th), Disaster Recovery (DR) Software (4th)

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As of June 2024, in the HCI category, the mindshare of StarWind Virtual SAN is 2.3%, up from 1.4% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of Cisco HyperFlex HX-Series [EOL] is 3.0%, down from 6.6% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of Rubrik is 0.3%, down from 0.5% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
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Software Defined Storage (SDS)
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Backup and Recovery
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Featured Reviews

May 24, 2024
Feature-rich and versatile with broad support for different hypervisors
The StarWind vSAN solution is versatile and offers broad support for different hypervisors and deployment formats. During our evaluation of our on-premises setup, we did not find any significant flaws. One point for improvement is to increase the performance capabilities of the Windows-based executable as compared to its Linux Controller Virtual Machine (CVM) equivalent. Another point for improvement would be to incorporate a more granular Role-based access control system (RBAC) natively inside the software to allow for more granular administration. Yet another point would be to achieve tighter integration and automation with cloud-based platforms, such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS).
Apr 13, 2023
Works faster and is flexible to use
We use the solution to combine and migrate regular servers to a hyper-converged infrastructure The solution works faster and is easy to use than any regular system. Also, its fabric interconnect provides flexibility for the system to scale up. The solution's most valuable feature is the high…
May 14, 2024
Automates the backup and recovery process, reducing manual human errors and global search allows for granular recoveries
There is room for improvement in the cost. Make it cheaper. Everyone knows what you're getting with Rubrik. It's expensive for a reason, but it is one of the better ones. Sometimes, when we talk to customers, we explain the amazing features, cost savings, and efficiencies. But when we give them the price, the people in procurement who don't understand the technology just look at the price and want it lower. I try to explain that it's saving them money and paying for itself. If something happens and the company can't work for a week, they'll lose millions. Then, they're complaining about a few hundred thousand pounds. This avoids brand reputation damage too. If you get caught in the news saying you've had ransomware, it could affect your company. In future releases, Rubril could open up more SaaS protection for products like Salesforce or ServiceNow. I know Rubrik is doing something with SAP, but there's competition in that space.

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"VSAN works great; it's very easy to install, configure, and manage."
"I save both physical and virtual space."
"Support keeps track of alerts of the system and verifies with us if we need help to fix any issues. They have great and quick technical support."
"The fact that we can expand our storage and add on to our compute nodes easily and how amazing the StarWind technical support team is really adding value to our purchase."
"Recovery and maintenance are now less stressful and most importantly, it allows our users to keep working."
"StarWind Virtual SAN is a highly flexible solution, as it can be deployed on physical servers or on top of virtual machines running on hypervisors such as VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V."
"The configuration is so much simpler than that of a traditional SAN with fewer points of failure to worry about."
"The vSAN provides full redundancy for storage while reclaiming some rack space."
"Easy to spin up and operate virtual machines without the overhead of managing a storage network."
"The most valuable features of this solution are scalability, performance, and reliability. It scales well inside of a large data center."
"With our four HyperFlex HX hosts (consisting of processor, memory, and disk), the performance is very fast and we have no problems at all. In all of the five years that we have been using HyperFlex, we haven't needed to increase our budget to buy additional hosts."
"It is a solution that best suits thre needs of our organization."
"Cisco provides the ability to configure BIOS, something that no one else can do, on a remote basis. That's really helpful sometimes. The bus-snooping alteration tool for BIOS is fantastic. That's one of the game-changing features that Cisco alone has at this point."
"The UCS, which is by far the best management tool there is on the market, regardless of vendor. It's the only tool I see that gives you the opportunity to size and scale all the assets and capacity you have in your data center, from a unified view."
"The solution is stable."
"The compression and deduplication are very high. Therefore, we can use the size of the product more efficiently than other storage solutions."
"The most valuable features of Rubrik are the restoration and ease of use."
"CloudOn allows for backed up virtual machines stored offsite in Azure to be instantiated as an Azure virtual machine and spun up."
"Instant recovery of virtual machines allows for the restoration of services in minutes."
"What I like about Rubrik is its strong focus on security, particularly in combating ransomware threats."
"I don't know if it is the best or the worst but it's very easy to install and very easy to balance. Sometimes that it's a problem because the installer of these data gets extremely scared because it's so easy. The product is easy to install, easy to balance, and easy to work with. Another really good point is the instant recovery."
"We do like the instant recovery... Now, we say, "Okay, give me 15 seconds and I can get this back up for you." And within that 15 seconds it's on and the only thing that we have to do afterwards is vMotion it off of the Rubrik storage back to where it should rest."
"The system is able to determine when it is the best time to do backups. This is SLA-driven, and if it is not possible to maintain this SLA, the system will tell you too."
"The ease of use is the most valuable feature. It is a very simple system compared to just about any other back up technology. It is extremely easy to use and very versatile."


"The platform needs to improve user management and the web console."
"I think the setup could be streamlined a bit."
"Ability to to test the virtual storage are network area and storage speed from StarWind Management Console."
"The logs can also become very noisy when there is an issue, which is very infrequent."
"I would like an automated installation/configuration despite the fact that their service is very collaborative, a customer should be able to deploy the solution by themselves."
"It could have a dashboard so that you can check all servers' SAN health and performance."
"The most disappointing side of the application is the free edition. There used to be GUI attached. That has recently changed to only CLI management of the application."
"For improvement, I would like to see how the software determines which networks to use for which purpose. It seems like the naming terminology changes a bit from here to there."
"Deployment on-prem was quite difficult."
"The deployment could be made a little bit easier, as we still seem to struggle with it a little bit for a day or so to get it running."
"The primary improvements should be made in the cluster storage controller VMs so that they don't break the upgrade process."
"The product needs work in the area of deduplication which currently is inefficient."
"Unlike other options, you need to pay a subscription to Cisco yearly instead of paying for the hardware outright, which makes it more expensive in the long run."
"There should be the opportunity to create more than one div group"
"I would like a lighter product; something which can be carried by a mere human. The typical size still looks like a stack of data center-sized servers, which is typically fine, but not so good if you want to carry it around."
"We would like to have the ability to not have to reboot while doing updates. Being able to work through updates with as minimal amount of impact to users."
"It needs to support more applications natively, like MySQL/MariaDB."
"If there was something that we could get Rubrik to fix, it would be when our DBS takes snapshots of a server or the database, the replication doesn't kick off fast enough. They can't remote it to the peer site and manipulate it back up in order to move it over, take a copy of production, slap it over, and test it out. As I understand, they are working on it. Replication works. We also get spoiled by how good things are now. We get to a point where it is so easy but when something isn't instant gratification, it seems that everything else is so amazing, why isn't this right?"
"I would like to see the entire Office 365 product suite backed up by Rubrik. For instance, they do SharePoint and Exchange online, but they don't back up Microsoft Teams. So, I would like to see more of the Office 365 suite added into their backup capabilities."
"They should give more access to the backend capabilities. From a customer point of view, you do not have access to all the features on the system. You have to engage their support to perform some of the tasks. It would be helpful for an experienced engineer to be able to go and do some of those tasks prior to contacting the support."
"The integrated reporting is not really that nicely built. The reporting functionality could definitely be a little bit more customizable from an administration perspective, with an easier to understand interface."
"Setup is immediate but pricing is not cheap."
"I'd like to see a cloud backup service for smaller customer environments that may not support a physical or virtual appliance."
"The solution needs to be more secure and needs to better protect against ransomware."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"This solution has a great price for the functionality."
"Licensing is easy and the whole package is cost-effective."
"I think that purchasing StarWind Virtual SAN Professional Edition would be optimal for most."
"This solution has competitive prices and the implementation is very easy."
"It's priced fairly. It was definitely cheaper than the competition. The licensing terms are straightforward and reasonable."
"We are happy with the price."
"Cost is affordable and licensing is smooth."
"The support contract is well worth it. The price for it was very reasonable and their team has been very engaged whenever we reach out."
"Comparable solutions with switches, storage, and services are cheaper than HyperFlex. It should be cheaper."
"Its price is high. Cisco needs to work on the pricing model for this product. Nutanix or VMware are cheaper products, and they provide almost the same functionality. Its price is a big road blocker when we are working with an end customer, and Nutanix and VMware are in competition. If they can reduce its price, it is actually a better choice for customers."
"Initially HyperFlex was a little costly, it was higher, but Cisco wanted to get into our company, so they gave us a fair discount."
"HyperFlex is relatively expensive, but you get good value for money."
"Our licensing costs are large, but it is combined between all of the Cisco products that we have."
"For customers in the private sector, this product can have a very high return on investment."
"The product could be cheaper."
"Its price is rather fair when compared with other solutions like VxRail, vSAN, and HPE SimpliVity. We got a fair amount of discount from Cisco for Cisco HyperFlex. It is cost-effective. We have renewed storage till next year, and we have already paid the vendor. When we talk about HyperFlex or any HCI solution, storage is the part where we can reduce a lot of costs. At the current moment, we are already using NetApp storage, which did not allow us to go for a full Cisco HyperFlex setup. We are planning to go to a larger scale next year. Then we will be able to see how cost-effective it really is for us."
"The pricing has been quite good from our perspective, in terms of being able to negotiate with the Rubrik team to get the product that we want and be able to sell that out to our end customers."
"Rubrik is an expensive solution."
"Rubrik's competitive pricing and strong return on investment make it a compelling choice, especially compared to alternatives like Data Domain and Avamar. Commvault was considered but deemed too expensive."
"We do perpetual licensing... It was all based on the amount of storage we needed to use. We did a cost analysis compared to Tivoli and it was in line with other solutions."
"High priced when considering a total change in backup solution."
"Rubrik is an all inclusive price. No additional implementation costs or licencing."
"Rubrik was probably the most expensive solution but in the long run, it's justified by the value of the data that it protects."
"The product is not cheap, but for good reason. It simply works and is very fast."
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