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We performed a comparison between Alluvio Aternity and Instana Dynamic APM based on real PeerSpot user reviews.

Find out in this report how the two Application Performance Monitoring (APM) and Observability solutions compare in terms of features, pricing, service and support, easy of deployment, and ROI.
To learn more, read our detailed Alluvio Aternity vs. Instana Dynamic APM Report (Updated: November 2023).
744,865 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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Quotes From Members
We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use.
Here are some excerpts of what they said:
"The data the solution provides is valuable to us; we can see the health of the machines, how they are performing, and what might be causing issues on a particular machine.""Alluvio Aternity is stable.""Aternity easily provides visibility of all the endpoint machines to my clients.""There are many valuable features. If I had to single out one, it would be the UXI score. That's a proprietary Aternity score that tells you how good or bad the experience is for a user on that particular machine, for a particular app. It neatly encapsulates the pain of the user in a single score. It's very easy to find issues and then drill down further into those issues, based on that score.""The most valuable feature of Alluvio Aternity is the compiling and displaying of end-user data so that we can utilize it to troubleshoot proactively.""The ability to quickly utilize the dashboard to gather information is valuable from a DXI perspective."

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"Its GUI is really good and it easy to understand for non-technical users.""It is a stable solution.""The detailing of our application behavior and user experience is most valuable. In case there is an issue, we typically use Instana to figure it out. We can drill down to the application and figure out what's going on and where the issue is.""The primary selling point of this product is its unparalleled transparency into the infrastructure.""Instana is very fast to implement and deploy because the dashboards are automated and don't need configuration.""Visually, it's very good. It provides everything needed for dynamic detection, which is very useful.""It's great for monitoring services and applications."

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"I want more reporting around asset management, with greater flexibility and customization ability.""The licensing model doesn't suit the market we are in and has room for improvement.""I would like Alluvio Aternity to be certified by the IRAP for petrol companies in Australia.""The solution is available at a higher price than other solutions.""The solution's downloadable reports could be improved.""I would like to see more granular performance counters collected and viewable from the endpoints. That would be great."

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"While it is already quite good, there is room for improvement in terms of providing better functionality""We'd always like to see additional functionalities.""We should be able to go back to scenarios during or before the issue. There should be something like a history playback. Such a feature or functionality would be good.""Maybe log monitoring could be better.""The App Connect middleware does not integrate with or show corresponding sub nodes.""Its SLI and SLA features need improvement in setting up alerts.""The integration could be improved with more plugins or open API."

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Pricing and Cost Advice
  • "The pricing is reasonable for the value that it gives because it does allow you to measure the cost ramifications of direct productivity loss for spends in both your infrastructure and on endpoints."
  • "We always try to reduce costs and purchase the Alluvio Aternity Essentials license."
  • "I thought the price for Alluvio Aternity was reasonable, but we had difficulty selling it in our market due to the minimum number of agents required for deployment, which I believe was around 500."
  • "The price for Alluvio Aternity is favorable."
  • "The solution's price is pretty comparable to the industry."
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  • "Its pricing isn't a big pain point. Its pricing seems to be better than some of the other competing products in the market, but they also have some of the features and functionalities that are better than Instana."
  • "The pricing is $1,200 per year which is a bit high compared to other vendors."
  • "The solution is less expensive than one of its competitors."
  • "It's reasonably priced and manageable, especially for individuals who grasp the significance of application monitoring."
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    744,865 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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    Top Answer:The most valuable feature of Alluvio Aternity is the compiling and displaying of end-user data so that we can utilize it to troubleshoot proactively.
    Top Answer:The solution's price is pretty comparable to the industry.
    Top Answer:The primary selling point of this product is its unparalleled transparency into the infrastructure.
    Top Answer:It's reasonably priced and manageable, especially for individuals who grasp the significance of application monitoring. It is billed on an annual basis, with one agent per server being the standard… more »
    Top Answer:The graphical user interface is currently competitive within the APM market. While it is already quite good, there is room for improvement in terms of providing better functionality. They could also… more »
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    Also Known As
    Aternity, Workforce APM, Aternity Frontline, Riverbed SteelCenter Aternity
    Learn More

    Alluvio Aternity full-spectrum Digital Experience Management provides insight into the business impact of customer and employee digital experience by capturing and storing technical telemetry at scale from employee devices, every type of business application, and your cloud-native application service.

    It also helps you resolve issues quickly by showing you response time breakdown between client device, network, and application back ends. Aternity provides AI-powered visibility into the end user experience of every cloud, SaaS, thick client, or enterprise mobile app, whether it runs on a virtual, physical, or mobile device.

    Aternity Features

    Aternity has many valuable features, including:

    • Automatic discovery of every application in your enterprise portfolio, including SaaS and Shadow IT apps.
    • Click to render - measuring users' interactions with applications in the context of a business process.
    • Change validation - validating the impact of any type of device, application, or infrastructure change on end user experience.
    • Self-healing - automated remediation actions to recover from the most commonly expected user experience issues.
    • Anomaly detection - proactive notification of end-user issues
    • Transaction tracing of distributed applications - including cloud-native apps, via OpenTelemetry
    • Application troubleshooting - identify the cause of application issues

    Aternity Benefits

    Some of the biggest advantages the Aternity offers include:

    • Resolve problems quickly: With Aternity, you can monitor client-side latency, analyze the health and key metrics of the end user’s device, and correlate app performance to the virtual systems they are running on.
    • Reduce virtualization sprawl: Aternity helps you eliminate under-utilized resources with its ability to correlate the inventory of virtual desktop infrastructure to actual usage.
    • Experience level agreement (XLA): Aternity’s XLA feature can help your organization prove quality of service. Specifically, the XLA validates that business activity performance across all applications meets expectations by geography, department, and data center.
    • Mitigate IT transformation risk: Aternity helps you achieve success of both strategic and tactical IT initiatives.

    Reviews from Real Users

    Below are some reviews and helpful feedback written by Aternity users.

    PeerSpot user Ryan P., Head of Cyber Security Engineering & Oversight at a media company, says, "The most valuable thing that you get from Aternity is very broad visibility. You get visibility of your network, of your endpoints, of your software usage, your application performance, capacity, in one pane of glass. We had 20 to 30 IT tools, including application performance monitoring, network monitoring, security, endpoint detection, network protection, capacity management, service management — every kind of monitoring you can imagine. But Aternity was always the first place that I turned for anything, because you can see everything in it."

    An Endpoint Administration Manager at a financial services firm mentions, “It gives you the ability to filter the comparison by geography, industry, or company size.” He also adds, “We have absolutely seen ROI. It's really given us a very high level of visibility that we've just not ever had.”

    A Regional Network Manager at a recruiting/HR firm comments, "Aternity provides metrics about actual employee experience of all business-critical apps, rather than just a few. It does some out-of-the-box monitoring for the Office suite, but you can create custom monitoring for any of your applications, whether a web client or a desktop application."

    A Sr. IT Manager at a manufacturing company states, "The most valuable feature is the application performance troubleshooting because Aternity is able to provide the performance from the end-user perspective. It doesn't just give the standard application logon time, etc., rather it's also able to measure the performance inside the application, the performance of specific transactions in the application, and break it down into three elements: the client time, the network time, and the server time. This gives us a lot of insights into what we need to focus on to improve the performance of an application."

    Instana’s Enterprise Observability Platform, powered by automated Application Performance Monitoring, discovers and maps all services, infrastructure, and their inter-dependencies automatically. Instana ingests all observability metrics, traces each request, profiles every process, and updates application dependency maps in real-time to deliver the context and actionable feedback needed by Dev+Ops to optimize application performance, enable innovation, and mitigate risk to help them add value and efficiency to the pipeline. Learn more at

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    Sample Customers
    Maersk, SwissRe, Travis Perkins, Michelin, National Instruments, Simmons & Simmons, Lighthouse Guild
    Daxko Lifts Fitness Studios Through COVID Regulations with Quick Engineering PivotsAltissia Meets SLAs to Support Student DeadlinesImmocloud Unlocks Observability to Modernize Real EstateEnento Group Boosts Service Reliability with Real-Time Visibility into Application Performance Instana’s Observability for Amazon EKS Helps Yara Deliver Digital Farming Solutions
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    Legal Firm10%
    Financial Services Firm19%
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    Insurance Company7%
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    Manufacturing Company7%
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    Small Business19%
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    Large Enterprise67%
    Buyer's Guide
    Alluvio Aternity vs. Instana Dynamic APM
    November 2023
    Find out what your peers are saying about Alluvio Aternity vs. Instana Dynamic APM and other solutions. Updated: November 2023.
    744,865 professionals have used our research since 2012.

    Alluvio Aternity is ranked 31st in Application Performance Monitoring (APM) and Observability with 6 reviews while Instana Dynamic APM is ranked 17th in Application Performance Monitoring (APM) and Observability with 7 reviews. Alluvio Aternity is rated 8.2, while Instana Dynamic APM is rated 8.0. The top reviewer of Alluvio Aternity writes "Enables us to be a lot more agile and proactive in troubleshooting endpoint issues thanks to accurate UX scoring". On the other hand, the top reviewer of Instana Dynamic APM writes "We can drill down and figure out what's going on with the application, but the API monitoring and user experience monitoring aspects could be better". Alluvio Aternity is most compared with Dynatrace, Nexthink, AppDynamics, SysTrack and SCOM, whereas Instana Dynamic APM is most compared with Dynatrace, AppDynamics, New Relic, Elastic Observability and IBM Application Performance Management. See our Alluvio Aternity vs. Instana Dynamic APM report.

    See our list of best Application Performance Monitoring (APM) and Observability vendors.

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