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3 days ago
There are advantages and disadvantages to both on-prem and cloud backup solutions. It depends on where the data is stored to start with, the amount of data, and the type of data. There are also costs involved as on prem would have a higher cost up front for the…
4 months ago
We went with Rubrik based on our needs.   We wanted on-prem backup with the option of having a second site where our data is replicated.   Rubrik now has some new offerings such as:  - RADAR that scans data on our on-prem backup storage for anomalies,  - SONOR for…
10 months ago
If you can get the funding for DRaaS then do it. You have to look at the cost of a single system or multiple systems being down for your enterprise.  Depending on your situation, SLAs, number of users, number of physical servers, number of virtual servers, etc., you need to…
10 months ago
If you don't care about the data stored by Microsoft, then you don't have to back it up.  But if you do care about your data, then look into some sort of backup solution for O365/M365.  There are many good options out there.  Microsoft's responsibility is for the…
Over 4 years ago
In my opinion, there should be no expense spared for protecting the companies data. I've used many solutions, and only one was open source. That was Bacula and I was only using it for Linux. Since there was no support, configuring took a lot of time and had to be manually…
About 6 years ago
Without knowing the configuration of the systems to be backed up, it would be difficult to give pros and cons to the different solutions. Virtual or Physical, how much data, what type of data, what type of storage are you backing up to, do you need this data replicated off…
Almost 7 years ago
I'm getting about a 20:1 on my DD2500. It all depends on what types of files are being backed up. Some are better at deduping than others. Graphics and Videos are lousy at deduping, but other files are really good.
About 7 years ago
I didn't create a true RFP but here are some of the things that were important to me when designing a new backup solution. 1. Speed of backup 2. Speed of restore 3. Level of restore - full, incremental, partial, file level, mail level version mail store level 4.…


About 6 years ago
Implemented New backup strategy using EMC DataDomain and
Implemented New backup strategy using EMC DataDomain and Networker. Moved from tape backup to SAN Storage with cloning to secondary location to make sure data is secure.  Backups take less time including replication than just backing up locally to tape.  

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