What makes a good ticketing system?

Hi community members,

What makes a good ticketing system? There are so many ticketing systems out there to choose from. What features should one look out for when choosing a ticketing system?

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Enterprise Solutions & Services Head at Duroob Technology
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Oct 12, 2021

I think the terms ticketing system is quite old. 

Generally, we refer to ITSM Suite and a good ITSM suite should have aligned with ITSM standard processes. Generally, mature ITSM tools cover major ITSM processes. But for a mid/small tier organization below ITSM processes should be considered as a must while evaluating a tool:

1) Service Request

2) Incident Management

3) Problem Management

4) Change Management

5) Configuration Management

6) Service Catalog

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Account Manager - Technical at a tech services company with 501-1,000 employees
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Oct 12, 2021

1. Must be accessible from Smart Phones as well Desktop Browsers

2. Must Provide Omni-Channels for logging tickets and Resolving tickets (Desktop browsers, Live Chats/Chatbot, Mobile devices, Email, etc.)

3. Must have a Good in-built Reporting and Dashboards module

4. Must be easy to configure - Approvals, Assignments, SLAs, Customer Satisfaction Surveys, Workflows, Less programming and more of a drag and drop development, etc.

5. Multi-Tenancy (Optional)

6. Must Support Integrations with other software solutions via REST, SOAP, DB level for event management, data exchange, etc.

7. Licensing Model must be simple as more often than not we end up buying more licenses if the licensing is complex.

8. Look for - Integrated Knowledge management module, Asset Management and CMDB (depending upon your IT processes) as this will improve ROI and increase staff Productivity

9. User Interface must be intuitive and simple

10. Ticket alert mechanism, Outage Notifications through email, SMS, Broadcasting facility, should support IT as well as non-IT service catalog

These are some of the must-have features in a modern ticketing tool/system. However, it all depends upon your requirements and your processes.

Lead Consultant, Owner and Founder at a tech consulting company with self employed
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Jun 4, 2020

That's a big question.
First and foremost, do you have a defined process(es)?
Will you be expanding into other processes?
What is your service-support model - internal/MSP? Can that team use the product?
Are you looking at ITIL as your framework?
Do/will you have regulatory constraints?
What do you feel is unique about your business and the service-support model you need?
How much integration and automation do you want to do or require?
How well can the system integrate to "reference" data in the way you need? That is, HR (employees, contractors, consultants; remote workers, telecommuters, etc.), Finance, Organization structure, Facilities/locations
Do you need the product on-site or run as a service?
Which vendors cater to your industy and company size?
What is your support model for the service management toolset? Which vendors align?
If you will be expanding the product over time, does the vendor provide, or have a market of providers, to provide that solution/support?
What are the financials of your finalists?

Solutions Architecture Manager at NETNIX
Jun 4, 2020

I would say it much depends on your type of business and needs. Regardless of that you should focus on in the one with the broader vision that allows you to change rapidly. Always remember that is the technology that has to help fulfill the processes and not vice versa. So, be sure to choose the one with the more holistic vision, simplicity to integrate with APIs and the one you can adjust to yor business with the less effort. That implies that even though you will need consultants that you can absorbe day to day changes that need to happen quickly and not completely depend in an external request.

Director of IT Support Services at University of Michigan School of Business
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Jun 4, 2020

A sound ticketing system brings together via integration, those parts of your support model that are important to your organization. If incidents, service requests, change management, knowledgebase, and reporting are critical to the IT support operations of our organization, then the ticketing system should be able to have capabilities in these areas. Along with that, the modules should integrate, so information from one of the modules benefits the other modules. A sound ticketing system should also do just enough of what you need, don't over complicate it by having a system that does way more than you need and takes a lot of resources to sustain.

Thobile Moeketsi - PeerSpot reviewer
Enterprise Architect at Sasria
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Jun 4, 2020

Ticketing system must have multiple ways of logging a ticket (self-service portal, email, direct )
It must be easy to navigate even for a non IT people
It must support multiple workflows and SLA options
It must be easy to customise to accommodate unique business needs
It must be device-responsive, same experience when using laptop, tablet or mobile phone
The reports/dashboards must be actionable insights
Must be able to link related tickets

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Jun 29, 2020

In relation to your question, there are certainly many ticket procedures.

However I recommend GLPI open source, create a virtual environment and develop this tool that helps you with inventory and follow-ups.

Beyond any ticket management, there must be monitoring and documentation that is important for every company or department.

I hope my comments help you, I am at your command.


it_user1116717 - PeerSpot reviewer
Governance & Assurance Manager at a energy/utilities company with 10,001+ employees
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Jun 4, 2020

For us means that you have a place where you can make your requests, following the request and get a good support (fix your problems)

VP SM Application & Business with 51-200 employees
Jun 4, 2020

There are many ways to choose the ticketing system based on the requirement, but major criteria to choose,

1. It should be flexible and If customer want some changes in workflow, Input Parameter, Automations they should be able to perform without changing to code
2. It should be simple for the users
3. It should be ITIL complied, so that in future if we want to go from basic ticketing to process/practice-driven. It is an easy migration.
4. Integration with another tool should be just configurations(REST Based, Codeless)
5. The vendor should be flexible to customize the specific requirements.
6. Of course, it should be cost-effective.

InfraonDesk fulfills all these requirements.

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Rony_Sklar - PeerSpot reviewer
Community Manager at a tech services company with 51-200 employees
Aug 30, 2021
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it_user1379664 - PeerSpot reviewer
Technical Account Manager at On_Serve
Sep 3, 2020
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Regional Manager at VDart
Nov 22, 2020
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