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Mitigation is pre-emptive. Remediation is reactive. Others have provided excellent examples Mitigation is the implementation of RAID storage.  Remediation is the recovery of a failed disk.  Both may be needed over the lifecycle, but the level of effort for remediation is…
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Impact - number of people - my recommendation • one individual• multiple individuals, same location OR LOB/department• multiple locations or departments Urgency• tracked by CI/Service, defining the business importance of the identified CI or service Priority - a matrix…
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That's a big question First and foremost, do you have a defined process(es)? Will you be expanding into other processes? What is your service-support model - internal/MSP? Can that team use the product? Are you looking at ITIL as your framework? Do/will you have…

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I am known for my unique holistic view of IT, having held management and leadership roles across IT functions in several industries. I have a history assisting others, and a reputation for quality engagements.

Combining people, technology and process, quality on-time results save money, increase profit or reduce risk. I apply strategic planning, tactical execution and operational effectiveness.

I augment my technical education with analytic and management experience, marketing and finance understanding; and life-long learning. Beginning with a strong engineering skill set, my career has traversed product innovation, [software] development/management, business-technology team facilitation, global enterprise systems leadership, and policy/program definition/creation.

Applying technology to business/process issues effectively crosses the digital divide. Crucial is communicating clearly with all parties, cross-functionally and vertically.

Most recently architecting a disaster recovery (DR) program for a rapidly growing biotech firm, I previously led a DR reconstitution, saving an annual $2M through realignment/replacement with digital services. I also created 12 programs of work to avoid business loss of $2-4M/day, aligning new policy and programs with the organization, technologies and processes.

Heading a large Service Management enterprise system, a single global instance, while complex, resulted in significant savings. Industry presentations confirm that the scope/scale of the implementation was 50% larger than the standard, executed with 25% of the staff, leveraging devOps-type processes and agile-like methodologies.

My [hands-on] philosophy engages and mentors team members to work within deadlines, creatively, resulting in pride of ownership, confidence, high productivity/performance, and growth opportunities. I am proud clients/customers attest to quality experiences and successful deliveries.