Which Helpdesk software is best for replacing BMC Service Desk Express?

I am looking to replace our BMC Service Desk Express software. Have you replaced BMC Service Desk Express, and what did you replace it with?

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Oct 1, 2016

yes, we got the BMC

Search for a product comparison in Help Desk Software
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Sep 14, 2016

Leon, have you made a decision about choosing a Helpdesk software? Can you share your decision with the community?

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Jul 22, 2016


Frankly, it is difficult to give a very straight forward answer there.
What is the version you are using? Is it still supported by BMC Software? Is BMC offering you any sort of loyalty discount to stay on this or another BMC product such as Remedy ITSM?

Are you looking into Cloud based solution or On Premise?

There are many more questions to be answered before arriving at any answer on this kind of a thing.

Each of the top ITSM products have pros and cons - none of them is a perfect fit for all situations.

Please let me know more information and I can possibly help you out with detailed suggestions.

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Solution Consultant at Symphony SUMMIT
Jul 21, 2016

We are recently seeing a lot of customers changing from legacy tools like BMC, HP , etc to Next Gen and user friendly servicedesk software like Symphony SUMMIT and Service Now wnich have a lower time to value and are enterprise class.

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Jul 20, 2016


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Jul 20, 2016

We recently migrated from BMC Remedy Service Desk to Manage Engine's Service Desk - (https://www.manageengine.com/products/service-desk/). The pricing and product capabilities were a perfect match for our company.

Gartner has identified BMC and ServiceNow as leaders in the ITSM space. (http://www.creekpointe.com/pdfs/Cherwelll%20Magic%20Quadrant%20for%20IT%20Service%20Support%20Management%20Tools.pdf)

You may want to identify your ITSM requirements and reach out to at least 3 ITSM vendors for a quote and product demo.

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Jul 20, 2016

I would honestly look into Spiceworks. It is easy to install and migration is made easy with the many integrations and plugins available.

The best thing is that it is FREE! You can install it on your own server or use SpiceWorks servers, still FREE. I keep our help desk on their servers and it's pretty fast, has a very little low downtime. The only time I have seen it down was for upgrades, during the weekend during non-peak hours for most normal businesses.

I would be happy to get you the particulars on making the switch. They have an AWESOME Community that will assist you through the whole process! I love it!

Here is a Link to check it out. I hope you like it but even if you go elsewhere, Spiceworks is there to help you with the switch -

Also here are IT Central Station Reviews - https://www.itcentralstation.com/search?item_type=ProductReview&search=Spiceworks

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Customer Success Manager at PeerSpot
Oct 26, 2016

Prashantmani Tripathi are you pleased with your decision? What feedback could you give to prospective users at this point?

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Sr Consultant at Hewlett-Packard
Aug 11, 2016

ServiceNow is best

Principal Consultant at a computer software company with 501-1,000 employees
Aug 11, 2016

I have answered this before but adding more comments because I see multiple one sided views being expressed. Though I specialize in BMC, I have neutral view of it.
I had raised a question on IT Central Station that there is a lack of proper academic research about comparison of various ITSM tools.
Comments in this thread prove my point. Statements like X software is easier than Y, A has better time to value than B etc are going on but I feel that is more because respective person has an interest in particular software rather than this being fully objective comment.
BMC Service Desk Express is lighter application than standard BMC Remedy but obviously it has less in-depth functionality. Similar is the case of several "easy/light" applications - they may not have all functionality. But then, not all organizations need all functionality. Relatively smaller or mid size companies need not go for feature rich but heavy and costly options like BMC Remedy or HP or CA suites. But if you are very large enterprise and would need lot of customization, then it would be be better to stick to these complex suites.
That's why I am saying, we need to answer many questions before arriving at any final answer.

ICT Consultant at UNDP
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Aug 10, 2016

The best or good tool depends on your requirement.
OTRS is a great option for ITSM
If you want a good and low cost opensource self hosted help desk, please look this :
Helpy - A modern, open-source, mobile-first Helpdesk alternative - https://helpy.io/

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Senior Director Product Marketing at CA Technologies
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Aug 8, 2016

At CA we provide a complete ITSM application which can be used as a replacement to BMC solutions. Information can be found at here: http://www.ca.com/us/products/ca-service-management.html?intcmp=headernav

Please note I do work for CA.


it_user225474 - PeerSpot reviewer
Sr Consultant at Hewlett-Packard
Jul 22, 2016

The Best one to replace BMC service desk is ServiceNow. Very lightweight,faster and easier look and feel.

it_user484293 - PeerSpot reviewer
Technical Writer at a tech company with 51-200 employees
Jul 22, 2016

It really depends on what your company is using the software for and what kind of functionality you aren't willing to lose. If your workflows are fairly complex and you're looking for a software that can easily adapt to you, you might want to look at Agiloft. They do on-premise or SaaS and focus on configuration capabilities, which allows them to design a system completely unique to your company's needs. However, not all companies need that much flexibility. If your workflows are mostly standard and you might want to look into Freshdesk or Zendesk.

it_user467136 - PeerSpot reviewer
Enterprise Account Executive at Freshdesk
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Jul 20, 2016


Yes, we have replaced BMC and other similar ITSM platforms such as ServiceNow, ManageEngine, Spiceworks, ServiceDesk Plus and many others with Freshdesk's app specifically developed for IT and internal communication called Freshservice. Freshservice is a cloud based platform that include s incident, problem, change, release and asset management all in-one ticketing platform. You can also download a complete G2Crowd report on why Freshservice received a 96% user satisfaction rating at https://freshservice.com/service-desk-report-2016.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at toan@freshdesk.com or call (650) 437-7022.

Hope to hear from you,

Toan Dang

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Jul 20, 2016

At my previous employer, instead of following the enterprise standard bmc remedy, we implemented OTRS. It was a good choice. they still use it. At my current employer, I implemented again the same software.

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Sr. Project Manager - Business Engineering at BlueCross BlueShield of Louisiana
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Jul 20, 2016

I was involved at 2 firms with replacing BMC Remedy with HP Service Manager and 1 firm with replacing CA Service Desk with ServiceNow. BMC, CA, HP, and ServiceNow all have excellent products, but my personal favorite is ServiceNow.

The cloud-based nature of ServiceNow is very attractive and it is very deep and broad in capabilities. They have something for everyone, both economically and functionally.

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Jul 20, 2016

CA Service Desk Manager

it_user340509 - PeerSpot reviewer
Senior ServiceNow Developer en Globant at a tech services company with 5,001-10,000 employees
Jul 20, 2016

No I have not. I had replaced CA Service Desk in the past. I good option could be ServiceNow, it is one of the best ServiceDesk apps although you should consider license for this program have a certain cost.

it_user181782 - PeerSpot reviewer
Partner at a tech services company with 10,001+ employees
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Jul 20, 2016

ServiceNow for sure!!!

it_user379617 - PeerSpot reviewer
SAP GTS Functional Consultant at Accenture
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Jul 20, 2016

HPQC is one of the best replacement for this.

it_user425172 - PeerSpot reviewer
Presales Engineer at a tech services company with 51-200 employees
Jul 20, 2016


I don't know BMC Service Desk Express in detail and didn't replace that
version of the solution. We are currently replacing Remedy (on premise) to
Freshservice (cloud) for one of our customer. In Freshservice you'll find
incident mangement, asset management and knowledge base, and a way better
interface. You can find information about the solution and pricing on the
following page: https://freshservice.com/

If you are interested I can put you in contact with the right person at
Freshservice. Please just let me know in which country you're located.

Hope this information helps. Do not hesitate to get back to me.

Best regards

it_user419169 - PeerSpot reviewer
End User Computing Manager at a consultancy with 501-1,000 employees
Jul 20, 2016

We used BMC Service Desk Express for something in the order of 12 years, and recently replaced it with the cloud-based HPE Service Anywhere. We looked at what BMC offered as a replacement (both on premises and cloud-based), but couldn't get clear costs, and we looked at many of the other options out there too, but ultimately settled with Service Anywhere primarily because of the user experience (for both users and agents).

Jul 20, 2016

BMC is very huge and complex.

I would suggest you Manage Engine Service Desk Plus (SDP) or Solarwinds HelpDesk. These two are web-based and very soft.

it_user273036 - PeerSpot reviewer
Principal Consultant at a tech services company with 501-1,000 employees
Jul 20, 2016

If it is purely for replacing a Service Desk tool I can recommend ServiceNow Express. It has all the ITIL processes on board, you can do Change management with it, has a proper CMDB and Asset management and with a additional cost you have also the opportunity to perform a Discovery scan of your complete network and fill the CMDB with it.

The best part of it is the fact that you can easily be in production with it after 5 days if you wish to start from scratch.

In case you are growing out of the functionalities of ServiceNow Express you can easly swapto the enterprise version without losing data. In fact the transition will be transparant for the users without long migration projects. It's done in a couple of hours.

it_user472665 - PeerSpot reviewer
Business System Analyst at a tech services company with 1,001-5,000 employees
Jul 20, 2016

I havent worked myself on BMC Service Desk Express. However, I have heard
that its almost shut down.

I would suggest you to look out for BMC Remedy or ServiceNow. They are
considered to be best ITSM tools today. Rest depends on your requirement.

Chris Childerhose - PeerSpot reviewer
Lead Infrastructure Architect at ThinkON
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Jul 20, 2016

Have never used BMC before but you may want to look in to TrackIt as this is what we use. Not a huge product but pretty easy to set up and use.

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