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Rony_Sklar - PeerSpot reviewer
Community Manager at PeerSpot (formerly IT Central Station)
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What is your favorite Help Desk Software and why?

Hi peers, 

Can you share with other users what your preferred choice is for help desk software and why? Did you compare it to other solutions? 


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10 Answers
Syed Abu Owais Bin Nasar - PeerSpot reviewer
Software Consultant at ibl-unisys
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15 June 21

I will recommend the BMC Helix Remedyforce ITSM solution. BMC Remedyforce based on the Salesforce cloud service platform. It is easy to use. You may access it from any place/device(Desktop/Laptop/Mobile/Tablet). 

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Muzaffar  Abbas - PeerSpot reviewer
Regional Manager at VDart
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22 November 20


Due to its agility.

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25 August 21

As a growing mid-sized company, we have been using the "ProProfs Help Desk" for over 2 years now. 

We ended up using a lot of different tools before settling for this one. The best part? The tool offers the perfect balance between affordability and functionality. You can enjoy premium help desk features such as powerful automation, chatbots, ticket management, knowledge base, customizable reports, and more.

Furthermore, the tool makes it easier for its user to share CSAT, NPS, or other feedback surveys with customers. So you can spot bottlenecks early and improve the CX.

Account Manager - Technical at a tech services company with 501-1,000 employees
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15 June 21

BMC Remedy (Helix) ITSM is superb Helpdesk (servicedesk) tool. As a helpdesk agent, I can quickly create tickets using template; can refer and attached knowledge articles. Relating an incident to problem / change / CI is fairly simple as well. The ticket assignments are automatic, the SLAs gets attached automatically. I can pull reports of my open, closed or pending tickets anytime. I can also access my ticket console on my mobile/tablet devices and start working on it.

For business owners and admins life is fairly good as well, as BMC tool supports customizations, bi-directional integrations. so if you want to automate any IT ticket handling process its possible. LDAP and Email integration is pretty native and can be easily configured.

Compared to other solutions, I think BMC offers more capabilities w.r.t to customizations and choice of deployment.

Roland Zuurveld - PeerSpot reviewer
Senior Consultant at Sequal IT
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12 January 21

4me; a platform that supports all service management capabilities and extends into other departments like HR and supply chain. Preconfigured out of the box SIAM/ESM capabilities and workflow. Great value for €. Supports small, mid and large size organisations.

Why is a platform the best choice for a Help Desk? The Help Desk is the counterpoint, start and end of all processes. Integration is therefore key to success.

Ian MacFarlane - PeerSpot reviewer
Technical Account Manager at On_Serve
Real User
03 September 20

At the Enterprise level Ivanti, mid-tier SysAid, or SAManage.

Evgeny Belenky - PeerSpot reviewer
Director of Community at PeerSpot (formerly IT Central Station)
Community Manager
15 June 21

@Ian MacFarlane , following up about the "why" question. Thanks!

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Shibu Babuchandran - PeerSpot reviewer
Regional Manager/ Service Delivery Manager at ASPL INFO Services
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30 August 21

Symphony Summit AI because  SummitAI Service Management is an ITIL verified solution that leverages the latest advances in AI, machine reasoning, analytics and automation. SummitAI helps CIOs and IT leaders of Enterprises and service providers unleash the productivity of IT service operations at up to 45% lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

We've compared it with Manage Engine, Jira & Sapphire.

Shibu Babuchandran - PeerSpot reviewer
Regional Manager/ Service Delivery Manager at ASPL INFO Services
Real User
09 August 21

SummitAI: An AI-driven IT and Enterprise Service Management Suite

Technology that propels productivity is always at the forefront. SummitAI ensures that its AI-driven knowledge intelligence helps you unleash enterprise productivity, right after its implementation. SummitAI effortlessly brings Service, Asset and Operations Management together to work in concert. The use of machine reasoning and codeless-workflow-based automation delivers greater annual savings in IT Helpdesk Operations and reduces the Total Cost of Ownership.

Vinod Kanna - PeerSpot reviewer
Software Development Manager & UX / UI enthusiast at Accelya World SLU
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16 June 21

Service now is also good.  

Marcos L. Domingos - PeerSpot reviewer
Support Analyst, Lead at Sonda IT
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15 June 21

I think the best solution is one where my team is comfortable facing the challenges of support, integrations, customizations, reporting and updates. There are several solutions that help a lot our digital transformation actions, but having a team always available for maintenance and evolution activities is essential, especially regarding the experience in the language and features that the product offers, all of this giving flexibility to any adjustment in the processes ITIL or unused. I currently work with Clarity Service Management and is meeting expectations. Good luck!

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Randy Olsen - PeerSpot reviewer
Coordinator of Information Technology at Mississippi Bend Area Education Agency
Jan 05, 2022
Hi community members, We need a lightweight ticketing system with superior communication/ticket submission options like chat/SMS/email (for ease of use by end-users). Having a KB would be ideal and we don't need a ton of depth around SLAs, billing or CRM features. As we're an EDU/K12 organization, price is a factor as well. Can you recommend a good product/solution that matches the mentioned...
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Evgeny Belenky - PeerSpot reviewer
Director of Community at PeerSpot (formerly IT Central Station)
19 September 21
Hi @Sam M Cohen, @Ignacio Torres, @Cheryl Sobkow and @José Rios What would be your advice here?
Khaled Mostafa Gaafar - PeerSpot reviewer
ITSM & Project Management Consultant at a tech services company with 11-50 employees
19 September 21
I would recommend ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus 
Rony_Sklar - PeerSpot reviewer
Community Manager at PeerSpot (formerly IT Central Station)
Aug 17, 2021
Which help desk software would you recommend for this purpose?
2 out of 7 answers
06 July 20
Greetings, first of all what makes a good ticket system? Responding to your doubts, for ticket management to work, there must be an internal user commitment, document all the required information, follow up and solve what is required as far as possible, on the contrary, with proper follow-up. However, I recommend GLPI TICKET, which can help you and with statistics. Here a video how it works has subtitles in Spanish but it is easy to configure. I recommend installing it in centos. I'm to order.
Vadim Tomkevich - PeerSpot reviewer
Project Manager, Manager of ITSM Consulting Team at EPAM Systems
07 July 20
Setting up and running the IT help desk you most probably think about their ability to receive and route tickets in an efficient way. You need to address the following things: - How they get tickets (portal, calls, e-mail). Good solution would do it mostly automatically without involving help desk members into the process. Proper self-service would allow optimizing the number of tickets. - How they route tickets to higher levels of support. Again, in many cases it's possible to route tickets automatically so humans mostly focus on exceptional cases. - How they communicate with users and higher-level support, if it's convenient enough, if the communication is logged properly. - How smoothly Help Desk integrated with Incident Management and Request Fulfillment processes. - How Knowledge about resolved tickets is accumulated and shared. - How to measure Help Desk performance. To put it, in a nutshell, I'd recommend to look at ITSM Service Desk function holistically, as at the process (even though ITIL say it's a function) and consider typical people-processes-products-partners combination to ensure processes (SD and adjoining ones) are set accurately, properly automated and people are trained to follow them. Consider Help Desk outsourcing as major service providers have this capability in place and can provide Help Desk as an effective service already.
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