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7 months ago
Symantec Security suite (previously) called CA Identity Suite is a good IAM solution. The product is very stable and customizable. Plus it has a complete portfolio that includes security features for a customer.  PLA licenses enable customers to use all product lines…
9 months ago
You need to have a proper vision of Identity & governance with you. Now generally you have two approaches either you execute the Role mining processes across various directories map with Roles & Responsibilities along with segregated duties among departments.  Or you take a…
9 months ago
I think the terms ticketing system is quite old.  Generally, we refer to ITSM Suite and a good ITSM suite should have aligned with ITSM standard processes. Generally, mature ITSM tools cover major ITSM processes. But for a mid/small tier organization below ITSM processes…
Over 1 year ago
Its depending on the organization structure. Operational Security generally manages tools while Governance & Policies from Risk or CISO. 
Almost 2 years ago
Please saw my youtube project success story give to it central and upon my YouTube channel #umairakhlaque78. You will find it. Incase u need some more details u can reach me directly I'll explain it. 


About 1 month ago
Privilege Access Management
To control, audit & manage the privilege accounts associated with Devices, Applications, Servers. These privilege account could be a real threat for enterprise organization. In this project we implement a unified PAM solution to protect privilege accounts.

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