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What open source tool can one use to measure bandwidth from one's upstream service provider?

Network security at a tech services company with 51-200 employees

I am looking for a tool or device that can be used to measure upstream bandwidth utilization. Any recommendations?


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Only for bandwidth, you can use MRTG. You can also copy all the trafic to a probe and use NTOPNG to have a dashboard with also the protocols flows and other IP data.

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PRTG is a nice tool to monitor performances of a wide kind of network devices. This tool is based on SNMP requests, and it is very easy of use

systemse738 - PeerSpot reviewer
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One I am looking closely at is AppNeta.
They have an appliance that can digest the flow and do a better job than Netflow.

The other one we are using is ExtraHop.  This has both a Datacenter High Volume version and also an Appliance one could use at a remote Facility.  We are using the smaller appliances at our Hospitals and their Uplink to the WAN Routers.  Good job on showing the 1 second burst values as well as longer term usage.  

It also can help with studies of HTML / HTTP applications.  I put a simple trigger in place to report on transactions that finish in different 'buckets'  1 - <3 seconds; 2 - >3 and < 10; 3 - >10 and < 60; 4 - over 60.  
We are looking to establish a SLA of 99.9% under 3 seconds.  This can report down to the 5 minute interval size and has spotted spikes when the back-ends are doing odd things.  Those 5 minute time frames are when the end users are having pain with the application.

Of course when they call it in to the Help Desk - the problem has resolved.  Now we have evidence that it did happen.  Now we can ask them to fix it. 

If they do not meet that SLA - $$$ can be lost from the standard fee because of failure to meet our requirements.

As expected they are balking.  But - our end users are happy that now there is proof there have been issues.  They are pressing to either solve the issues or find another vendor. 

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Cacti is a simple open source too that focuses on collecting stats and graphing them.

Open NMS is a more full featured monitoring platform with many more tools.

systemse738 - PeerSpot reviewer
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In Open Source - anything that can read the SNMP MIB of the Interface will work.
But it does not tell you why it is being used - - Considered my other comment.

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