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Avigail Sugarman - PeerSpot reviewer
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What is the best Monitoring and Alerting Tool for applications hosted in cloud?

What is the best Monitoring and Alerting Tool for applications hosted in cloud?

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4 Answers
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ICT Consultant at Intesa Sanpaolo
08 August 14

I suggest using Nagios or Zabbix, but the question is a little bit generic.
Which kind of application? Which kind of monitoring?

Every solution can be tailored and there's no "one solution"...


Pre-Sales / Technical Account Manager at a tech services company with 1-10 employees
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06 August 14


Try GFI MAX RemoteManagement




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IT Manager at a financial services firm with 51-200 employees
06 August 14


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Consultant at BMC Software
06 August 14


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Shibu Babuchandran - PeerSpot reviewer
Regional Manager/ Service Delivery Manager at ASPL INFO Services
Aug 26, 2022
Hi community, I work as the Regional Manager at a Tech Services company. Currently, I'm exploring open-source Network Analyzer and Network Configuration managers.  Which one would you recommend and why?
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Faycal Noushi - PeerSpot reviewer
CEO/Founder at Zen Networks
10 May 22
Hello,  For Network Analyzer, you can use Elastiflow. It's pretty complete even though its development has stopped lately (we have recently deployed it in production for a customer). It is still just as good as it was a few years ago. For Network Configuration Management, it really depends on the sets of features you're looking for. But, you can use the Ansible & Gitlab combo. We've written a full tutorial for it on our website: Good luck!  
PeerSpot user
CEO at Rufusforyou LLC
11 May 22
I recommend checking Riverbed, depending on what you need: SNMP, MIB, or Flow. They have many tools available but they are not open source.  
Aug 13, 2014
All -- I'm looking for a consultant or vendor who can emulate a typical Fortune 500 network and test network traffic under two scenarios: a) endpoints are running ad blocking software; b) endpoints are not running ad blocking software.We want to test specifically Adblock Plus, which works in the browser by detecting traffic coming from known ad servers and either blocking the actual browser req...
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PeerSpot user
Sr. Network Engineer at a energy/utilities company with 501-1,000 employees
11 August 14
I would recommend that you contact Network Instruments call ask to speak with Rick Kingsley. What you describe is a complex exercise that will be nearly impossible accurately perform without Proper TAPs and diagnostic equipment seeing the flows on your network ..... Lab mock ups almost never extrapolate accurately into production environments. Beware of anyone who quickly answers sure we can do that for x$ (250 or so an hour).... You may well pay a lot for strong legal disclaimer an unimplementable piece of garbage called a report. Respectfully, Duane M. Bodle
PeerSpot user
Network Engineer at a healthcare company
11 August 14
This sound like instead of looking for Network Performance Monitoring the need is for a application under Data Security which would have ability to block near the firewall specific servers or sites before they are allowed through the network. This can be done at the router or use a NAC device to block the unwanted ads, not allowing the ads to pass into the network will actually speed up the page loads. Network Performance Monitoring is used for monitoring the health of the network. SolarWinds does a very good job showing the health of the switches, routers, servers, and AP’s as deep as you want using snmp, also using the Netflow will show the top network talkers and receivers and where congestion is taking place. Thresholds can be set for alarms when you get to defined levels and e-mail receive notifications. SolarWinds works well in very large environments, we have 1000+ switches/routers, 800+ servers, 6000+ AP’s. SolarWinds will give you real time plus history per device. Hope this helps. Regards, Randolph A. Scott
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