Dynamics AX vs. JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

I'm comparing Dynamics AX to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and need more details about the feature sets of these solutions. 

We're leaning towards choosing Dynamics AX and would like to hear what users think. Thanks.

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it_user121956 - PeerSpot reviewer
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Mar 30, 2015

Hard to help without knowing more about your specific environment, but I would concur with Kevin - if you and your users are a Microsoft shop then Dynamics will probably win out on user acceptance in this comparison. This is a recurring theme in multiple case studies we have written.
You may wish to consult this white paper:

You might also want to take a look at http://www.softwareshortlist.com/website/get-a-shortlist/ - they will match your requirements against leading vendors and introduce you to them.

I also spotted this on this site - may be useful http://www.itcentralstation.com/product_reviews/sap-erp-review-by-generalmanager23

Product comparison that may be of interest to you
it_user178119 - PeerSpot reviewer
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Mar 19, 2015

I have a different take when choosing an ERP. Every ERP system has check boxes/features some a few more then other. More check boxes are not necessarily better (a good example of too many check boxes is Norton Anti Virus). Since, ERP systems have such a high failure rate, I concentrate my efforts on the amount of customizations that are needed, as well as the business rules engine that is available. In my opinion, ERP systems software is not why we have so many failures in the industry; I believe the failures stem from poor implementation and training. I have found, the more complex the system, the higher the cost, as well as more complications regarding the implementation, thus more failures.

Since I am involved with the sales of SAP and Katalyst-ERP I will withhold my comments on your choices. With that said, I steer my clients to the simpler solution. My Example: I can sell SAP (a complex system to implement and train) or Katalyst-ERP (a streamed lined system, that is a great deal less complex to implement). When we have issues with Katalyst-ERP we have the developer team involved in the implementation, business rules, and any customizations needed; for us this equals success. On the other hand with SAP we are like others at the mercy of the software company, no source code, poor technical support etc…
I hope this helps Joe Ciechomski

it_user75267 - PeerSpot reviewer
Head of ERP Services at a retailer with 1,001-5,000 employees
Mar 19, 2015

I have not purchased either but having looked at AX previously if the companies estate is heavily tied with Microsoft and also they have strong SQL skills then i can understand this but JDE has a lot of fans out there.

Sorry can’t really help on this.

Kevin Pilcher

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Mar 19, 2015


Theres is a very useful information in below link.


Ajay Kumar

it_user209505 - PeerSpot reviewer
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Mar 19, 2015

Any specific reason to lean towards Dynamics AX and not even considering SAP ?

it_user132531 - PeerSpot reviewer
Application Manager at a manufacturing company with 51-200 employees
Mar 19, 2015

I can only really speak about Dynamics Ax as I have little knowledge of the Jd Edwards package.

From a users point of review we have had good feedback about most of the functionality. A few issues with low resolution machines and windows sizing but anyone that uses ms office should be able to pick up Dynamics relatively easy. The most difficult part is the data setup for financial and items.

I will not say Dynamics is perfect as it will require some development work in areas that should be out of the box. However, as long as you are careful with what is changed then the product should meet most requirements.

Just try to look at Business process change before changing core functionality. I have seen disasters where businesses try to amend the system to fit practices that are not within the Dynamics processes.

Hope this assists

Kind regards

Tony Bowyer

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Director at a consultancy with 1-10 employees
Jan 25, 2021
I think Panorama Consulting Group publishes some of their ERP shootouts comparing SAP/Oracle/Microsoft with Infor thrown in as a bonus.  Our firm is more of a boutique operation that compares internal company requirements then picks software known for its propensity to work well in those industries/environments. But if you get to the stage where you need some guidance on who some of the top partners and resources are for those software packages, hit us up. 
Go To Market Executive at #Liferocks Consulting
Mar 11, 2021
Do you want to do it for a specific purpose or to tick a box?  Lets assume you are looking for system deployment. I would focus on the key areas of your business rather than what Gene has listed below, which is looking at point for point comparisons. (The Panorama report is SUPERB for getting up to speed....) Then look at weighting for specific key business differentiation opportunities - such as single global instance for multiple companies, integrated CRM into Finance and Operations, off-line capabilities for customer facing processes, seamless transfer of customer conversations from one channel to another. Then ask for client references to answer 5 key questions: - Are they live? - how was the deployment support from the OEM/partner and what was the % work split required to go live (as in your input vs partner vs OEM) - how many customisations were requried to achieve xxx (your key areas) - would they use the OEM again and what would they change going forward Then look at demonstration from the OEM and costing for the solution I would not go on a tender for each and every feature and function because we assume world class solutions have these typical areas covered. Happy to discuss how to do this practically if required. Daniel@liferocksconsulting.co.za
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