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Compare Deltek CostPoint vs Oracle NetSuite ERP


I'm looking at the following products: Deltek CostPoint and Oracle NetSuite ERP. Can you suggest any side-by-side comparison or anything similar? 

This would be very helpful to me. Thanks.

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There are many good answers here, but true the question is a bit too broad.  If you are not playing in the government contractor space NetSuite is an option you will learn to love in the long run.  It is more flexible than most believe, can be customized, powerful reporting tools and is native to the cloud (hosted on the Oracle cloud).  No on premise option.

Deltek is a very good option if you are playing in the government contractor space and has a number of tools to track project based costing and comply with most of the government required reporting.  It is not native to the cloud, but can be hosted there (they offer Amazon) or on premise.  Decent report writing which looks a lot like Excel.

Having just compared the two along with some others as well, I would say a reasonably close second to NetSuite is Accumatica.  It is built for the cloud, flexible, a bit less pricey, but if you need more chugging on the MRP side NetSuite is better there particularly considering the newer Supply Chain Control Tower and advanced inventory management capabilities.  NetSuite is not elegant when it comes to Stand Cost, however, so understand your needs and its capabilities.

You really need to perform a thorough needs analysis that projects into the future and compare that to the capabilities you'll use now and leverage in the future.  Regardless, using an implementation consultant expert in the system you pick is highly recommended.

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So you're comparing a solid niche player (Deltek) with a leading generalist ERP (NetSuite).

Most of the clients we see using/choosing Deltek have very specific requirements related to their operations - Deltek plays well in government and quasi-government settings and some of the features they have are hard to find in generalist packages. 

NetSuite is the first made-for-cloud offering and has been so successful that now every ERP provider has a 'cloud' option. However, be careful mwith some of these cloud options -  because posting your old code in a cloud based server is very different than made-for-cloud and 20 years of cloud experience with NetSuite.   

So here's the thing, get a good handle on your requirements - pretty much a business analyst effort but make sure your analyst has some ERP knowledge/background.  Share those Requirements with the vendors. Go through the demo process and if there are things Deltek does that are absolute must haves, that's your answer. 

If Deltek and NetSuite both meet all your requirements, you're probably going to be happier with NetSuite in the long run. But there are plenty of companies who are just fine with Deltek. 

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