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Ariel Lindenfeld - PeerSpot reviewer
Director of Content at PeerSpot (formerly IT Central Station)
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Do you know of a solution which fulfills the requirements listed below?

One of our members is looking for a product that handles the following. Can you help?

o Imaging system

 Document viewing
 Documentation searching
 Documentation updating
 Documentation retention

o Cash Deposit Processing, Posting and Reconciliation

 Document Viewing
 Work management
 Work assignment
 Check Scanning and Deposit
 ACH and Wire Deposit
 Check and Accompanying Documentation Searching
 Cash Posting to InnoTrust
 Automated Scheduled ACH Posting
 Loan Payment Processing
 Reconciliation
 Reporting

o Workflow (To support “Expenses” ,”Assets Valuation” and “Returned Mailed”)

 Document Viewing
 Work management
 Work assignment
 Interface with Innovest and other workflow system
 Reporting

PeerSpot user
15 Answers
PeerSpot user
Marketing at Ricoh India Ltd
26 October 15

RicohDocs is available with all of these features along with full customization.

For details visit

it_user202749 - PeerSpot reviewer
Principal Architect with 1,001-5,000 employees
03 March 15

it is complicated but we use ReedSoft to do this. it works with share point to provide document management for our SAP invoicees

PeerSpot user
IT Leader at a tech services company with 1,001-5,000 employees
09 December 14

I assume most of your requirements can be met by following below technologies
1) Open Text Content suit
2) Open Text Capture Center
3) Open Text Process suit

Above can work & meet most of your requirements..I refer above technologies as Mail room technologies that i have recommended to our clients along with back office processing...I can help you what I use for similar product evaluation and provide you real feedback...Thanks

PeerSpot user
Account Manager at a tech services company
08 December 14

Try to read about OnBase from Hyland.
a great product!, no coding for workflow and very easy user interface.

Paul Parisi - PeerSpot reviewer
Enterprise Architect at Mobiliser
Top 5Leaderboard
03 December 14

There are more factors to recommending a product than just features to consider here particularly with that broad range of features required (several types of workflow, document management, financial tasks).

It places you just outside of what most generic products and of the shelf frameworks/platforms cover which means you either need to look at a combination of products and some integration / development or look at specialised products that are tailored closer to this need. (reducing your options and flexibility going forward) Cost will therefore be a key driver and your need for flexibility going forward and also whether there is similar problems across the enterprise.

In most cases like this I'd look towards using two tools, and ECMS and BPM tool. As previously mentioned Alfresco could handle the document management side of this, but I don't think you need a trial of the enterprise version, the open source version might be sufficient depending on your scalability and support needs. With BPM tools you have choices from basic tools like Activiti to high end tools like IBM BPM, or something in the middle such as Intalio that also comes in an open source version.

Final choices would depend on how complex those processes and functions are but first I'd recommend establishing your budget and more detailed requirements, then deciding if a one-stop solution which might result in vendor locking is right for you, or a framework/platform approach is better.

Ideally if your able to engage a small development team, I'd solve this one using a combination of open source tools or a set of sufficiently generic technologies that will give

PeerSpot user
Senior ECM Specialist at a tech services company with 501-1,000 employees
28 November 14

This looks like a nice fit for SAP with Open Text Extended ECM

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28 November 14

My answers are below in your message

Jorma Airaksinen

o Imaging system [This seems to be the pure SharePoint Server system]

o Cash Deposit Processing, Posting and Reconciliation [but this one is financial management system integrated into the SharePoint Server system or with the OpenText system which is Canadien company, look the web page]

o Workflow (To support “Expenses” ,”Assets Valuation” and “Returned Mailed”) [This one is also handled with SharePoint but OpentText has the solution for this kind of problem]

Murugappan Ramanathan - PeerSpot reviewer
IT Consultant and Adviser at Eximius Medical Admministration Solutions
27 November 14


Please try Knowledge Tree software and support it with Bizagi workflow engine.

 Murugappan Ramanathan

PeerSpot user
Business Development Manager
27 November 14


You can look at Alfresco...feel free to contact us for a free trail version. You can contact me at

Navnit Saurabh

PeerSpot user
Senior Manager of Engineering at a comms service provider with 1,001-5,000 employees
26 November 14

Doccept by Kensium Solutions

26 November 14

Try Microsoft Sharepoint.
You can get a free trial of the online version, and then pay a monthly fee if you decide to keep it.
I like it a lot personally.

PeerSpot user
Architect at Infosys Technologies Ltd
Real User
26 November 14

You can also look at Microsoft SharePoint and IBMs Connection

26 November 14

According to your requirements, IBM Filenet or EMC Documentum would be good candidates.

Let me know if you need help.

Rachid Alaoui
Tel 0614493208

PeerSpot user
CEO at a consultancy with 501-1,000 employees
26 November 14

IDatix's BPM solution

Guillermo Lopez Felipe - PeerSpot reviewer
Responsible BPM Competence Centre with 1,001-5,000 employees
Real User
26 November 14

First part: Imaging system
This is not basic functionality of BPM systems, you need to search BPM systems with Documental gateway (webMethods for example) or BPM systems with a little Documental System (Auraportal).

Second part: Cash Deposit Processing, Posting and Reconciliation
Everything that has to do with document management responds to the previous question, the rest of what you speak of are processes, and this can be done on almost any BPMs.

Third part: Workflow
Same answer.


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Nurit Sherman - PeerSpot reviewer
Content Operations Manager at PeerSpot (formerly IT Central Station)
Feb 17, 2022
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20 August 14
Before seeking a BPM solution, evaluate your processes. If they're broken, fix them. If they no longer align with how you conduct business, change them. If they can be more customer-focussed or streamlined, improve them. After you've completed these tasks, look for a BPM solution that best fits your environment.
PeerSpot user
CEO at a consultancy with 501-1,000 employees
20 August 14
The answer to that question (“What would a checklist of must-haves include for an ideal BPM Solution?”) depends to a great extent on the organization’s industry, culture, leadership style and the risk-taking nature of the business leaders involved/leader(s) asking the question. In essence, that’s actually a benchmarking question, so here are some of our firm’s benchmarking characteristics: * Phenix is a crude oil pipeline building and management company. As such, we are highly security-minded, redundancy-focused, and our IT systems are cutting-, if not bleeding-edge. * Our IT shop is Citrix- and Microsoft-driven, pretty much top to bottom. * Our COO also serves as our CIO, and is our Executive Champion for the BPM and BI business processes. Ultimately, we will hire a full-time CIO, but that fact serves as a testament to our company’s commitment to technology, BPM and BI across the board. * Everything we do technology-wise has to be on-premise (no SaaS solutions allowed). * We are end user experience- and process-driven. We will be using a company called iDatix for our BPM solution: The differentiating factors we’ve discovered about iDatix as compared to their competitors include: 1. iDatix is the most end user friendly BPM system that we have found (it doesn’t take expert IT and BPM professionals to develop and build dashboards, presentations and reports). 2. Their solution fully supports our Lean and Six Sigma efforts. 3. The IT-technical side of their system is well built and well supported. 4. Their system has the added features of built-in process automation (think M2M) and integrated paperless processing, so that process innovations are expedited by automation (less human touches are better), and as little paper processing as possible flowing throughout our business processes. 5. iDatix has a sequel back end, which makes it easier to connect it with our other associated core business process systems (SCADA, ERP, BI, etc.). 6. iDatix’s leaders will be true business partners with us … they are committed to improving our processes, as well as their own processes, software and services collaboratively with us. 7. They are a local firm with established, strong, long-term ties to the community (Tampa Bay/Clearwater, Florida). 8. The people and culture at iDatix are excellent! Hope this helps! John Becker Phenix Energy Group, Incorporated
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