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Over 2 years ago
Web Content Management consists of the following: (1) Platform (2) Tools (3) Frameworks. In general, there are two types for each of the above. These are completely open-source free versions and paid versions. My suggestion is to go those within the price range of…
Almost 4 years ago
Both software can do most of what we need. Bizagi is based on windows dot Net platform whereas Bonita is Open Source platform. In our case, we found that the back-end BPM Engine from Bizagi and Bonita were tedious piece of software. Not simple and easy as they claim to be…
Almost 5 years ago
Hi Kapimalik, it appears the Bizagi modeller and suite works only platform. This mean only Windows and not open source. If you want open source version, the one that i know of is Joget and it works well.
Over 7 years ago
Hi, Please try Knowledge Tree software and support it with Bizagi workflow engine.  Murugappan Ramanathan


Over 4 years ago
Design, Developement of Medical Claims processing system
Design, Developement of Medical Claims processing system

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With 35 years experience in IT ranging from programming to architecture designs and vast experience in IT Management my goals are to research, innovate and implement:

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