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Almost 7 years ago
TIBCO is a good stable product but do not under estimate the maintenance and Management. Oracle is a tough company to work with the attitude of Oracle is that they are to big to fail. Therefor customer service is a necessary evil not a selling point for Oracle. If you want…
Over 7 years ago
As the others have said SharePoint has broader functionality set than Jive. However for what it does Jive is easier to configure and maintain. If you use Cisco communications tools, Cisco has some integration with Jive that can make it appealing if this is one of the…
Over 7 years ago
it is complicated but we use ReedSoft to do this. it works with share point to provide document management for our SAP invoicees
Over 7 years ago
It depends on your requirements. Are you looking at Flash for Performance, ease of use, or improve data management. Performance; you likely want an array with larger block size and one where compression and de-duplication can be enabled or disabled on select volumes.…