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Can anyone help me with a competitive comparison between Luxul and Netgear switches?

Sunny  Thakor - PeerSpot reviewer
Assistant Manager-Presales at Green Sources Pvt. Ltd.

I'm looking for a competitive comparison of the different models of managed and unmanaged switches from Netgear and Luxul. Can anyone help?

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Luis Apodaca - PeerSpot reviewer
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Why those brands? Can you take an other brands as opinions? You should try Unifi, Qnap, or even Cisco 1000 series. All of those are pretty similar on quality, functions and bargains for what you are paying.

So far I know Netgear but not Luxul. So as always, I say check the cost. Similar brands should be a similar cost - if not, I probably make a bet for Netgear!!

If your concerns is only the "switching" (L2) almost any brand will work, at least the brands I've mentioned.

Ender Kefoglu - PeerSpot reviewer
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I did not use Luxul. I don't know anything about those switches. So, any comparison coming from me would be biased. Netgear products are very professionally designed and carry lifetime warranty. Most of the managed switches also have console port, allowing Command Line Interface (CLI). Datasheets are detailed to make comparisons possible. There are many many many models to choose from. 

However, checking the Internet, I didn't come across any Luxul documentation with satisfactory details to make any comparisons possible. Also, I see that there are not as many models as there are at Netgear. I see that PoE budgets are not as good as what Netgear offers with various models. 

If you are on the market for unmanaged and managed switches (you did not mention what your needs are, you did not mention anything about Layer-3, you did not mention anything about redundant power supplies, you did not mention anything about CLI, etc.), I assume that your primary concern is price. For me, I would go after the cheapest price. Because, at that level, switch is a switch and it will meet the basic expectations no matter which brand you choose. 

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