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How do NETGEAR switches compare with Cisco ethernet switches?

Which would you choose and why?

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That's the kind of a question that needs another question for an answer!

What is the project?
How much is the budget?

Cisco doesn't have a small business solution, at least not one of "easy to afford", and all the equipment in that brand have the same issue no matter the purpose of the project. It's expensive if you made only price comparison, " but " they keep the leadership in all quality chart´s or at least its a top 3

As to Netgear, I don't know about enterprise solutions by them. Maybe they exist but I don't know them. For an IT professional guy that means something because if they are not recognized for that kind of solution it's because they are not yet in that league. So I think yet they are for really different purposes

A solution like UniFi from Ubiquiti or Meraki from Cisco are good proves of business and/or pro solutions, so where is Netgear in that market?

Also, we need to take notes about the really cheap equipment for small businesses or home needs from Netgear. Those are good products, and from Ubiquiti and Cisco those brands don't have that market

So, it's hard to choose without more info but if I should pick one of them I probably take Cisco. "Cisco IOS Dominates the world".

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