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Would you recommend replacing a Cisco Catalyst Switch by a D-link one?


Until now, I have been using a Cisco Catalyst 2960 switch. But now I'm considering changing it to a D-Link one. 

Would you recommend me doing this change? If so, why?

Thank you!

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Ender Kefoglu - PeerSpot reviewer
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I wholeheartedly agreee with everything Luis Apodaca has said. My additional comments are as follows:

What is the size of your network, and are you using any features of the Cisco switches?

How many switches are you trying to use and what is the total price difference between the two brands?

Most of the time, people are using cheap switches as plug-n-play equipment without any configuration and without any management. If that is also your case, you may use the cheapest alternative. After all, switch is a switch. And every brand will work with same performance values. Any switch will have most of the configurable/managerial features expected by a small to mid size network project. 

However, Cisco support and Cisco durability is outstanding. Cisco didn't earn its reputation without these. Ofcourse, it comes with a slight price tag. 

supervis809292 - PeerSpot reviewer
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Hard to make a recommendation with zero details about your use case. But assuming your use case originally justified Cisco Catalyst switches (implying enterprise to medium-size business) I don’t recommend changing. The Cisco solution provides a greater feature set that can be very useful in larger environments. However, if the use case is a smaller/simple network there are more cost-effective options. 

D-Link would not be at the top of my list though (Aruba, Netgear, Ubiquiti to name a few). I haven’t used a D-Link device in a long time though so I really can’t speak about their current product line which is why I wasn’t going to answer you until Evgeny Belenky called me out.

Devanand PR - PeerSpot reviewer
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Hello Mesfin,

Luis has given good directions already.

Without much details, I could say that generally, I wouldn't recommend replacing a Cisco Switch with D-Link.


Evgeny Belenky - PeerSpot reviewer
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