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Can one use Netgear nighthawk router and modem with Ubiquiti Unifi WAP, POE-enabled switches and home security?

Hi community,

Use case: 

Use existing Netgear products in the home network 

Home network: 

LAN, WAN, managed network both wired and wireless


POE cameras, doorbell, PC's

Room for growth:

server,  local cloud storage

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Luis Apodaca - PeerSpot reviewer
IT Support and Network Admin at Escuela Carlos Pereyra
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12 January 22

Ok, first, what level of management you need ? Do you want to use all the functions or only a few of them?

Besides the brand hype, using only one enviroment is better than any mix you could try. And also where do you want to manage the network? I mean do you want to use the Netgear router o Unifi app? Any Unifi device needs the app for management. There´s no other way with Unifi.

If you want to handle only the wifi with Unifi, the easy answer is yes. You can mix your router and Unifi, but you need the Unifi network application on a server or a PC. You can also add a USG router for a better result, but having 2 routers is gonna increase the hard work and the time you need to manage all.

I dont know that particular Netgear router, but for me, the entire brand is not better than Unifi App + USG and I strongly recomend using Unify only.

Good luck!

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Hi, I'm a Co-Founder of a Tech Services company.  Currently, I'm researching ethernet switch vendors/solutions and I've been looking at NETGEAR switches, Cisco Ethernet Switches and Alcatel-Lucent OmniSwitch Ethernet Switches. Which vendor and product (or a product family) would you recommend based on your hands-on experience? Why? Thank you and I appreciate the help!
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Ender Kefoglu - PeerSpot reviewer
Partner / Owner at bimel
29 November 21
For an Enterprise? I would definitely go with Cisco. Cisco has a wide range of products to accommodate all present and future needs of an enterprise organization.  Cisco support is very professional in case something goes wrong.  Cisco products are very stable, have lots of features to satisfy every need of an enterprise and in my experience, they don't easily fail. 
Rakibul Islam - PeerSpot reviewer
Technical Support Engineer at provident technology
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Jan 05, 2021
I want to know where to find the most secure router. I prefer open source and IPMI. What do you recommend? Thanks!
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PeerSpot user
Supervisor of IT Infrastructure & Cybersecurity at a tech consulting company with 51-200 employees
05 January 21
You don't really specify what type of router you are looking for but if you are talking about a gateway router I recommend PFSense. This software solutions can be installed on youf own hardware or you can purchase an appliance to run it on. PFSense can scale from home use to enterprise use if you select the proper hardware. Netgate is the business side of PFSense and offers the software for free. Netgate sells appliances and support for PFSense if you need it. There is a bit of a learning curve but that is true of any solution.
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