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Salesforce Sales Cloud
Average Rating
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Ranking in other categories
CRM (2nd), Opportunity Management (1st), Sales Force Automation (1st)
Salesforce Service Cloud
Average Rating
Number of Reviews
Ranking in other categories
CRM Customer Engagement Centers (2nd), Help Desk Software (7th), Knowledge Management Software (3rd), IT Alerting and Incident Management (6th)

Mindshare comparison

As of July 2024, in the CRM category, the mindshare of Salesforce Sales Cloud is 13.1%, up from 10.9% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of Salesforce Service Cloud is 0.8%, up from 0.6% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
Unique Categories:
Opportunity Management
Sales Force Automation
CRM Customer Engagement Centers
Help Desk Software

Q&A Highlights

Jun 24, 2014

Featured Reviews

Richard Mottershead - PeerSpot reviewer
Apr 24, 2024
Infinitely customizable, good end-to-end sales and customer management processes but lacks good documentation
Essentially, it's the CRM solution for managing customers and leads. The features that had the most significant impact on our sales efficiency include flexibility, regular updates, and very good end-to-end sales and customer management processes. AI and machine learning are on the agenda for next year. Initially, it will be very silo-based, but eventually, we'll be integrating MIBI data into our solution. Sales Cloud's reporting and analytics capabilities influenced our sales strategy quite a lot. We can build every report as a dashboard, and there are various sorts of things. We are using Tableau as our MIBI analytic solution, which is also owned by Salesforce these days.
ChanchalSaxena - PeerSpot reviewer
Jan 3, 2024
High scalability with good plugins and excellent customer visibility
The Primary objectives of our solution are to improve the customer experience, improve process efficiency, and eliminate the wasted costs involved in business operations. For example, we're focusing more on the improvement of DIY (Do it Yourself). The call load reduces the need for visits by…

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"Salesforce Sales Cloud is very reliable and provides good stability and security."
"You can capture all the contacts that relate to an account or business, including personal details."
"Salesforce Sales Cloud is very user-friendly, and simple to create dashboards and extract the reports. Additionally, it integrates well with other applications."
"I've found lead management to be the most valuable feature of Salesforce Sales Cloud. It helps capture, track, and manage leads throughout the sales process. The tool is easy to learn."
"It is a very good tool. There are a lot of interesting features. It is one of the best solutions."
"We can also customize Salesforce Sales Cloud to our customer's company requirements. As for your demand, you can customize it. There are so many configurations we can do with the application. There is a lot of functionality that you can implement. It's an easy-to-use, user-friendly, and secure platform."
"The scalability is good."
"Salesforce Sales Cloud is a stable solution."
"The plug-ins that work with other standard systems have made the product industry-ready."
"The solution is a great product. It's hosted on a platform that offers various features, such as email, social media, phone calls, and chatbots. You can connect with customers through any of these channels."
"In terms of visibility to my boss and the team, it does help a lot."
"The most valuable feature of Salesforce Service Cloud is its ease of use."
"The strength lies in its ability to work cohesively with other systems, creating a centralized hub that enhances efficiency and collaboration across various functionalities within our organization."
"The instant input of feedback into the CRM systems by case management is one of the impactful features"
"The complexity of the solution is very less."
"It is a stable product."


"Sales Cloud could improve in areas such as AI integration, particularly for templates."
"The deployment of data from the development environment to production is also a weaker point because their solution is not powerful."
"Salesforce Sales Cloud is not as simple to use as Zoho. It requires some level of expertise before you can use it. However, you can easily learn how to use the solution as you go along."
"Salesforce is a powerful tool and you need specialists to create or to develop new functionalities. It is a difficult platform to learn to manage and you need years to know the whole product."
"It could have a more user-friendly interface."
"It would be nice if they had an ERP offering or a firm strategic partnership with a best-in-class ERP. So rather than say they're just ERP agnostic, you would pick whichever ERP you want, which is very generic. I think it would have a lot of merit if they partnered strategically with a best-in-class trusted ERP platform or acquired an ERP platform."
"Sometimes, it is difficult to integrate it with my emails. I've had trouble integrating it with my emails. There were a couple of things I did try as well, but I wasn't able to do so. I've had difficulty in other areas too with integration. It was related to syncing my calendars. I want the tasks that I put in to automatically sync to my calendars and update my calendars, but I couldn't figure out how to do it."
"The solution can be difficult to understand for customers of Salesforce."
"I'm not deeply engaged with this team, so I don't have extensive experience with it. As you mentioned, I haven't used it much yet, so my experience is limited."
"We've started using a couple of AI engines. I believe there's room for improvement there. For instance, when an agent receives a message like "My order is stuck midway, and the delivery guy isn't responding," there should be a pre-populated recommended response on the agent's screen. Instead of crafting a custom reply or searching through knowledge articles to find the delivery guy's contact, this should be the process."
"One minor drawback is that its implementation requires some preparation. It's not something you can implement instantly; it takes time. The only issue I've encountered is that you need to ensure the implementation is done properly, which can be time-consuming. So, it requires some time and attention."
"The solution’s user interface could be improved and enhanced."
"The product should be capable of delivering complex reports as per company requirements without the need for a Tableau license."
"The product's high price is an area of concern where improvements are required."
"The documentation could be improved."
"There are some issues with backend connectivity in Salesforce Service Cloud."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"I have found Salesforce Sales Cloud to be expensive. However, it is the number one CRM solution in the world. It is worth the money."
"The price of the product is very high. I rate the product price a ten on a scale of one to ten, where one means low price, and ten means expensive."
"You need to pay for the license per user per month. For example, you need to pay $100 per user. If you have 200 users using your Salesforce, that would be multiplied by a hundred, that's $20,000 per month and a quarter million per year."
"Implementation and add-ons may be additional costs."
"Being license based, the license varies by type. The pricing is considered average."
"The price is fair."
"The subscription is on a monthly basis."
"In terms of investment value and return of the investment, Salesforce right now is pretty good on the Western markets where the price of the employees is pretty high."
"The licensing is flexible. Companies pay for what they use. However, a company with very small needs might find it difficult to justify the cost. Overall, it's in the medium price range."
"The tool is pretty expensive."
"The price is too expensive."
"The solution is priced at 50 dollars a month per user."
"Salesforce is not a cheap product. It can be expensive."
"Salesforce Service Cloud is a highly expensive solution"
"Salesforce is very cost-effective."
"We pay a yearly licensing fee for Salesforce Service Cloud, which is expensive."
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Answers from the Community

Jun 24, 2014
Jun 24, 2014
I would prefer to chose platform based on specific needs vs directly looking at Gartner report however I agree that quadrant placement of different products can be used gain perspective. I have used Siebel , Salesforce ,Saleslogix ,Rightnow & Vocalcom.Based on my experience ,each product has its Pros & cons.So product selection is direct function of "your business needs & requireme...
2 out of 7 answers
it_user77631 - PeerSpot reviewer
Jun 18, 2014
I have been using for the past 4 years and have had an extremely positive experience. It not only allows you to store and manage customer data, but also to collaborate with colleagues and share questions and ideas. In addition, I find the reporting tools to be invaluable. Regards, Zoe
it_user88374 - PeerSpot reviewer
Jun 18, 2014
Sorry.  I do not have any experience with Salesforce.

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Questions from the Community

What do you like most about Salesforce Sales Cloud?
The features of Sales Cloud most useful for testing and running email campaigns are highly valuable.
What needs improvement with Salesforce Sales Cloud?
There is nothing that comes to my mind when I think about what needs improvement in the product since it does everything perfectly. The product lacks to offer some AI capabilities. With a lot of AI...
What is your primary use case for Salesforce Sales Cloud?
The solution is for companies to manage the sales part. With the tool, companies can create context, needs, opportunities, and whatever they are gathering. Companies can collect whatever informatio...
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for Salesforce Service Cloud?
Salesforce Service Cloud is a highly expensive solution. I would rate the pricing an eight out of ten. The price is justified by the reputation of the vendor.
What needs improvement with Salesforce Service Cloud?
There are some issues with backend connectivity in Salesforce Service Cloud. For example, connecting it with your phone is troublesome. I expect the backend issues with the solution to get resolved...
What is your primary use case for Salesforce Service Cloud?
Salesforce Service Cloud is used in our organization at the contact center and for presales working processes. The solution enhances customer support in our company by connecting to CRM solutions a...

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