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BI (Business Intelligence) Tools (6th)
Oracle Business Intelligenc...
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BI (Business Intelligence) Tools (2nd), Data Visualization (1st), Embedded BI (1st)

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As of July 2024, in the Reporting category, the mindshare of IBM Cognos is 3.1%, down from 6.6% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of Oracle Business Intelligence Discoverer is 0.1%, down from 0.6% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of Tableau is 28.0%, up from 22.4% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
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Featured Reviews

Apr 20, 2021
Helpful algorithms, easy to create charts, and supports a wide range of file formats
We analyze data from their marketing campaigns, and social networks in order to determine which campaigns are more effective, and which channels are producing the best results It's quite easy to use.   The tool has a group of algorithms that allows you to find links rapidly. It is also very easy…
Apr 12, 2024
Useful for business reports and helps to drill down accounting information
We use the solution for business reporting.  The tool's most valuable feature is table creation. One of the most important capabilities is the supplier assessment reports. These reports provide a balance during transactions, which is crucial for auditing. This feature is not standard in other ERP…
Dec 14, 2021
Good for personal usage and small setups
Our primary use case of Tableau is to elaborate and demonstrate output from our big data solution. For example, we use it for finding out the best location for cases, such as fraud cases. Presently, we are using Tableau to find out the original fraud case, the initiator of the fraud process, and…

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"Mapbox integration for geospatial analytics down to longitude/latitude layers."
"Dashboarding, reporting, and ad hoc reporting are the valuable features of IBM Cognos."
"When it comes to decision-making, the product is very useful and used in many departments since a lot of people prefer the reports to be generated by IBM Cognos."
"One of the strong suits of Cognos is its robust corporate reporting capability."
"We are able to generate quality reports easily which allows us to decrease response time."
"The most valuable feature of IBM Cognos is security. The solution has updated features that other competitors' solutions come out with long after IBM Cognos has had them."
"The basic platform comes with several meta-modelling tools."
"Cognos is the best application with dashboards,batch reporting, jobs, events and ad-hoc reporting for business users."
"The tool's most valuable feature is table creation. One of the most important capabilities is the supplier assessment reports. These reports provide a balance during transactions, which is crucial for auditing."
"Its visualizations are good, and its features make the development process a little less time-consuming. It has an in-memory extract feature that allows us to extract data and keep it on the server, and then our users can use it quickly."
"This solution has improved insights into quantitative data."
"The solution is easy to use, flexible, our clients enjoy seeing the data on maps, and you do not need to be an expert in SQL to use it."
"It is very easy to create dashboards, charts, and graphs."
"It most valuable feature is its ease of developing visualizations, not just charts and graphs."
"It's easy to use."
"I really like the interactivity of the dashboards."
"Tableau has many different connectors for different databases. It's very easy to connect to MySQL, SQL Server, Amazon EMR, Presto, Redshift, BigQuery, and so on."


"We would like to see development of the product's UI function, to make it more of a UI tool that can be configured as required."
"The performance is a bottleneck and something that can be improved."
"I would like to see is more easy building, movement in the reports, and dashboard functionality within reporting. Overall more simple elements within reports. If the elements are simple then you don't have to render a full page, but you can move separate parts in the page."
"It would be nice to offer free online training on the tool for end-users."
"The high cost of a license makes it hard to scale up on a budget."
"I would like to see the introduction of mapbooks for supporting some geographical information."
"There are a lot of limitations with the out-of-the-box tool."
"This product could use improvement in terms of usability for those with less technical know how."
"Oracle Business Intelligence Discoverer needs to improve its performance and HTML reports."
"I am a BI consultant. I have worked on different reporting tools, such as Power BI and MicroStrategy. As compared to other tools, Tableau lags behind in handling huge enterprise-level data in terms of robust security and the single integrated metadata concept. When we connect to large or very big databases, then performance-wise, I sometimes found Tableau a little bit slow. It can have the single metadata concept like other tools for the reusability of the objects in multiple reports."
"It needs a little bit more advanced modeling. I would like to see functionality like Cognos has in the Framework Manager."
"I don't have the ability in Tableau to create a tooltip and see the picture of a piece of jewelry or watch that is a best seller."
"I would like to have the product be more flexible in terms of creating online shared dashboards."
"Its price should be improved. Its price is much higher than Power BI and QlikView. Programming is not easy on Tableau. For programming, you have to have a separate model. They should include programming directly on the web portion of the Tableau desktop so that people can write Python or JavaScript code for customizations instead of using a different model. Currently, Tableau Data Prep is a separate application that you have to purchase. It would be helpful if they can include Tableau Data Prep and programming languages such as R, Python in the next version. Tableau Public, which is a community version, doesn't allow you to save your work on your desktop. They should allow it. Currently, you can only upload it in the community."
"Whenever it comes to specialized visualization, Tableau is an absolute failure."
"Navigating through activities like cleansing, reshaping, and wrangling extensive or complicated datasets could prove challenging within the Tableau environment."
"The product's features for cloud integration need improvement."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"Pricing should be improved."
"The pricing and licensing policies are comparatively cheaper than other products in the market ."
"It is quite pricy. I think Microsoft BI is cheaper. Tableau might also be cheaper, but it also depends on the usage. If you have very many users, Cognos can be a problem. It could be cheaper than Tableau but not for so many users. If you have a few thousand users, Tableau, which is generally quite expensive, can be cheaper than Cognos."
"I rate the product price as four or five on a scale from one to ten, where one is a low price, and ten is a high price."
"The solution is affordable."
"My company uses IBM Cognos with another IBM product, so I think only one license is used."
"There is need to assess the purchase license accordingly so as to avoid audit penalties."
"The pricing of this product is meant for medium to large-scale enterprises."
"Oracle Business Intelligence Discoverer is more expensive than its alternatives. You need to pay additional costs for implementation."
"We are on an annual license which costs us $1,400 which is very expensive. Microsft BI is less expensive."
"We are paying an annual licensing fee."
"Paying for users you never setup or buying expensive desktop licenses for users who can solve their users with web editing on the server are the two biggest expenses."
"For big business, Tableau could be expensive as having a lot of Tableau server users (entering with a browser to reports) could be a bit expensive."
"Tableau has core-based and user-based licensing, and it is tied to scalability. The core-based licensing is about you buying a certain number of cores, and there is no restriction on the number of users who can use Tableau. The restriction is only on the number of cores. In user-based subscription licensing, there is a restriction on the number of users. Big companies and government organizations with a lot of users typically go for core-based licensing. User-based subscription licensing is a more common model. It has user roles such as creator, explorer, and viewer. A creator is someone who does the groundwork or development work. An explorer is someone who is into middle management but is not technically savvy, such as a category head. A viewer is like a typical decision-maker in senior management. For each role, Tableau is priced differently. The viewer role has the minimum price, and the creator role has the highest price. This pricing is available on their website. Everybody can see it."
"Tableau has reasonable pricing."
"It is reasonable based on what it offers."
"The cost of the solution should be improved."
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Comparison Review

it_user6330 - PeerSpot reviewer
May 2, 2013
MicroStrategy vs. Tableau
After a recent presentation, several attendees asked me about the applications of Visual Insights and Tableau. Many companies are investing in both tools and are trying to figure out the right tool for specific applications Tableau has found its sweet-spot as an agile discovery tool that analysts…

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Oracle Business Intelligence Discoverer needs to improve its performance and HTML reports.
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What do you like most about Tableau?
Tableau is a fantastic tool that provides impressive dashboards and customized reports.

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Cognos, Cognos Analytics, IBM Cognos Analytics
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Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server, Tableau Online

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More than 23,000 leading organizations across multiple industries use Cognos. Some examples of Cognos customers include BMW Financial Services, Quinte Health Care, Troy Corporation, Michigan State University, and GKN Land System.
Georg Fischer Central Plastics
Accenture, Adobe,, Bank of America, Charles Schwab Corp, Citigroup, Coca-Cola Company, Cornell University, Dell, Deloitte, Duke University, eBay, Exxon Mobil, Fannie Mae, Ferrari, French Red Cross, Goldman Sachs, Google, Government of Canada, HP, Intel, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Macy's, Merck, The New York Times, PayPal, Pfizer, US Army, US Air Force, Skype, and Walmart.
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