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No Magic MagicDraw vs Visual Paradigm comparison

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"I think one of the key things is the plugins for integration with requirements management tools like Doors""The most valuable feature is the amount of flexibility that one has to model, which is great for an individual.""I would rate MagicDraw a nine out of ten because of the price. Enterprise Architect has a lot of bugs and MagicDraw is a lot more accurate and flexible. It's a level better.""The most valuable features are the visibility, standard compliance, and interface.""The beauty of MagicDraw is that it has a simulation part, so you can simulate your model to validate it. The simulation allows you to bring in code off of an external code that you can write to set up the simulation and execute the code.""The MBFC capability of MagicDraw is higher than the other competitors."

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"The pricing model is attractive.""It is easy-to-use and it helps understand its data modeling structure through the intuitive user interface.""I love Visual Paradigm because it has many different types of diagrams. For any field of engineering, we can find a diagram.""The initial setup is straightforward.""I like the structure. I can see the diagrams and everything I created.""Stable design software with multiple functions and features. It's simple to install and easy to use.""The Visual Paradigm business process forms for designing we good. There was not a lot of configuration for the process diagram.""The solution is very user-friendly. It's easy to just open it and start working."

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"The UI UX of the tool is not really user-friendly and needs to be completely reformed.""When I am working with my Mac and I right-click to copy and paste, it doesn't work.""It's very focused on specific modern languages and it doesn't do necessarily general systems software engineering with diagrams. They should expand the diagram types for the languages.""For the next releases, I would like to have them import requirements from other sources. They could make it very easy to do that because there are a lot requirements management tools like DOORS, D-O-O-R-S, Dynamic Object Oriented Management. A lot of folks use DOORS to create a requirement. For those requirements you allocate them to a component in the architecture and a verification method for that requirement. It would be good if we could import those into MagicDraw as components so you don't have to manually do these things.""The licenses are expensive compared to similar tools. At the moment, the user is open to using MagicDraw if it's 15% more than other solutions. If it were to cost any more, they wouldn't use it.""The documentation for MagicDraw and the video tutorials compared to other competitors is an area for improvement."

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"I was looking to generate code from the diagrams, but it was not totally clear how to do it.""From time to time, we experience some troubles when we work as teams.""The solution could be more compatible with other products in the future.""It's still early for me to comment since I've only been using it for two months, but the responsiveness when diagramming needs to be improved.""There are some connectivity issues that crop up rarely when used with SQL Server.""More flexibility when choosing the type of diagram would be nice.""Visual Paradigm is heavier and has more complexity than one of its competitors, e.g. Lucidchart. It could have been better if it was more simplified.""The solution can be heavy on resource usage."

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Pricing and Cost Advice
  • "The licensing is on a yearly basis, and it's expensive."
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  • "You can use Paradigm on a subscription basis and you can choose from different tiers of subscription."
  • "You can move between the tiers from month to month so you are not restricted to one pricing model."
  • "The pricing of Visual Paradigm is very appropriate and affordable. There are no hidden costs involved."
  • "This product is fairly cheap, but if you want more complex features, e.g. integration with other products, it does require an additional cost."
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    Top Answer:The Visual Paradigm business process forms for designing we good. There was not a lot of configuration for the process diagram.
    Top Answer:This product is fairly cheap. If you want more complex features, e.g. integration with other products, it does require an additional cost, but I do not need those functionalities currently.
    Top Answer:I was looking to generate code from the diagrams, but it was not totally clear how to do it.
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    No Magic MagicDraw is a versatile solution designed to enable users to work on everything from business processes to architecture or software and system modeling.

    No Magic MagicDraw is an extremely robust solution that is designed for a range of professionals. This product is invaluable to business analysts, software analysts, programmers, QA engineers, and documentation writers. It is a highly dynamic and versatile tool that can aid in the analysis and design of Object Oriented (OO) systems. It maximizes the ability of teams to work in tandem by allowing everyone working on a particular project to automatically gain access to the newest version of the model that they are working on. This way everyone can work on their part of the project without having to worry about updating each part of the project individually.

    Benefits of No Magic MagicDraw

    Some of the benefits of using No Magic MagicDraw include:

    • The ability for users to easily adapt to the overall feel of the solution. Users will easily get used to the layout of No Magic MagicDraw regardless of the field they are coming from. Users also learn how to use No Magic MagicDraw features fairly easily. No Magic MagicDraw implements new features at the request of users. This means that the design of the solution is based on the specific needs of the people who use it. Users can quickly learn how to use the various features as they mirror the specific habits of those who use it.
    • The ability to access and manage models created by the software from anywhere in the world. Anyone who is authorized to work on the models can access them so long as they have an internet connection. Work can be completed at any time and from any place, which will greatly increase corporate productivity.

    Reviews from Real Users

    No Magic MagicDraw stands out among its competitors for a number of reasons. Two major ones are the way that it enables users to efficiently create models and the overall robustness of the solution. Users are given the ability to efficiently and accurately model the requirements of whatever it is that they are creating. No Magic MagicDraw provides users with many valuable features that allow them to maximize what they can do with the solution.

    PeerSpot user Wayne L., a Systems Engineer at SIMTRS, notes the way in which No Magic MagicDraw allows users to create models more efficiently. He writes, “We are getting away from the old ways of writing a lot of papers and requirements documents, architecture documents, technical solution documents, interface documents - those days are gone. MagicDraw allows you to model the requirements, and by doing so, you've got a good chance of not missing any requirements. The old way of doing things was to decompose the requirements into shell statements. But when you model it, you will be able to practically make sure you don't miss anything. MagicDraw has a good modeling tool you use for case diagrams. Its use case diagram is part of the UML and SysML that you can use to model requirements to create an architecture. I've created a lot of architectures for the Army and also mapped those components of the architecture as the test procedures.”

    PeerSpot user Terry J., the president at I2R, Inc., notes the robustness of No Magic MagicDraw when he writes, "When you look at it, No Magic is an all-encompassing tool. You can use it for business architecture design. You can use it for deploying an ERP system across your enterprise. However, it was initially designed and developed for model-based systems engineering. That's the systems engineering required to either produce an IP system or product. It takes away the mounds of paper and puts it into a model. It enables you to generate significant savings by modeling that new product or that system before you ever start developing a prototype."

    Visual Paradigm is a UML tool. The tool is designed for a wide range of users including software engineers, system analysts, business analysts and system architects, or for anyone who is interested in reliably building large-scale software systems using an object-oriented approach. In addition, Visual Paradigm supports the latest standards of UML notation.
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    Buyer's Guide
    No Magic MagicDraw vs. Visual Paradigm
    July 2022
    Find out what your peers are saying about No Magic MagicDraw vs. Visual Paradigm and other solutions. Updated: July 2022.
    610,229 professionals have used our research since 2012.

    No Magic MagicDraw is ranked 14th in Business Process Design with 6 reviews while Visual Paradigm is ranked 10th in Business Process Design with 7 reviews. No Magic MagicDraw is rated 7.2, while Visual Paradigm is rated 8.2. The top reviewer of No Magic MagicDraw writes "I like the simulation part, so you can simulate your model to validate it". On the other hand, the top reviewer of Visual Paradigm writes "Data modeling through an interface that makes it easy-to-use and understand". No Magic MagicDraw is most compared with Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect, Visio, erwin Data Modeler (DM), Lucidchart and ARIS BPA, whereas Visual Paradigm is most compared with Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect, Visio, Lucidchart, Bizagi and ARIS BPA. See our No Magic MagicDraw vs. Visual Paradigm report.

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