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Microsoft Dynamics CRM
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CRM Customer Engagement Centers (1st), CRM (1st), Local Government CRM (1st), Marketing Management (2nd), Sales Force Automation (2nd)
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Rapid Application Development Software (16th), Low-Code Development Platforms (13th), Employee Time Tracking Software (3rd)

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Gary Cook - PeerSpot reviewer
Jul 20, 2022
Comprehensive functionality, Integrates well, but lacking artificial intelligence
The best advice I can give is whoever wants to implement the solution must understand its functionality and what scope they want from the solution. If they want a standard line of functionality then Microsoft Dynamics CRM will do it. If they want a particular marketing capability and various other features that go with it, such as algorithms and AI, et cetera, then they might want to look at another solution. I rate Microsoft Dynamics CRM a seven out of ten. My rating reflects the missing functionality, compared to some of the more heavyweight solutions. For example, and Optimove have a lot more functionality.
May 24, 2023
A stable solution that helps to invoice, quote and generate reports
It is a broad-spectrum and flexible solution that helps you build anything you want.  I run my own business and the solution allows me to invoice and pay for additional resources. It has helped me in terms of invoicing, quoting, and doing recruitment measures.  The tool helps you to quickly…

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"The support is brilliant. All OEMs are pretty helpful."
"The product is user-friendly."
"Microsoft Dynamics CRM has good integration with the Microsoft Stack of solutions. However, the Salesforce ecosystem is stronger."
"The most valuable feature in Microsoft Dynamics CRM is funneling."
"The history of engagement with our customers, including all conversations, has been most valuable when using this solution."
"We are able to effectively follow up on requests, ensuring all customer issues are resolved in a timely manner. This solution provides a platform where there is visibility of all customer interactions, with efficient follow-up."
"Dynamics is easy to use. There are several fields I can filter."
"Microsoft Dynamics is user-friendly and intuitive. It's easy to understand how it works."
"We have made good use of the ability in QuickBase to add multiple apps for various departments and purposes, while some apps are shared."
"It is low-code. We are able to go in and create apps quickly. It is very helpful for the size of our company. We're a mid-size company, and at this moment, we don't need anything externally. We don't have to go out and consult a consulting firm to build something from the ground up. So, the ease of that and being able to get development quickly up and running has been good for us."
"It provides a well-organized method for overseeing everything, especially considering the remote work aspect."
"Considering factors like functionality and price, the product proves to be worth the investment."
"The usability of QuickBase largely depends on how you design your workflows within the platform. If you keep them simple and straightforward, it can be a highly usable product."
"The reporting tool: It helps in data analytics to provide the solution more efficiency."
"This solution has provided for Rapid deployment of data collection tools, replacing spreadsheets with near real-time data."
"I run my own business and the solution allows me to invoice and pay for additional resources. It has helped me in terms of invoicing, quoting, and doing recruitment measures."


"The UI could definitely be improved."
"Microsoft Dynamics CRM's customer support could be improved as tickets usually take a long time to resolve."
"The approvals component of Dynamics is complex. It isn't very easy to generate approvals between different departments."
"Better integration would be an improvement."
"We would like to see the tech support for this product improved, at present we are frequently waiting for a couple of days before we receive any response."
"Microsoft Dynamics CRM could improve by making it easier to export data to SharePoint because most of our customers use SharePoint. They have to log into a Microsoft environment platform from their SharePoint for access should be made easier. Additionally, if the customer portal was enhanced for it to be customized it would be a benefit."
"I have contacted support. They are able to help but not in the right amount of time. I have had a horrible experience."
"Overall, the solution could be made to be more user friendly."
"Unfortunately, there is still no new report formatting available natively, and would still require 3rd party developers to help with that. ."
"When learning QuickBase, I noticed a shift in its cost structure. It operated on a cost-efficient model tied to the number of users, with invoicing based on applicants."
"Its UI needs improvement. They should improve it and make it a little bit more modern. We should also be able to have more real-time information that connects with other software platforms. It has an open API, but it doesn't always connect with some of the other platforms that we would like to utilize. These are probably two of the biggest things for us, and hopefully, they will keep ensuring that in the future, they continually build QuickBase to be a little bit more efficient in that regard."
". For example, we need a third-party to create and save a document in PDF, MS Word, or MS Excel format. The document saving capability is probably the feature that we most often have to procure from an outside provider."
"I would like to see better options for producing paper reports from Quick Base, rather than viewing things exclusively on screen."
"The mobile app has improved, but it still needs work."
"This rule: The Maximum is 60 rules. We need to provide more in order to improve.​"
"They could enhance the ability to link records between tables directly without the need for additional automation to increase space and time."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"Microsoft Dynamics CRM is very affordable if you use the yearly subscription."
"I rate the solution's pricing as a seven out of ten."
"Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a little expensive solution."
"Microsoft Dynamics CRM is an expensive solution. However, most good CRMs are expensive."
"We have deployed the cloud-based version and it is a subscription and the price is based on the number of users using it."
"The cost could be cheaper. I would rate them 3 out of 5."
"The cost depends on a number of factors, so whoever is implementing it will need to take that into consideration before it is done."
"I'm not aware of any licensing costs for Microsoft Dynamics CRM."
"We felt the pricing and licensing for QuickBase were easy enough to understand, fair and competitive."
"The pricing for QuickBase is pretty straightforward, It is based on a per user/per month licensing fee."
"The product is cheap when compared to other products."
"You have to negotiate the price because it varies based on the number of users you have, as well as how much cloud storage space you need."
"The solution is expensive and geared toward enterprise-level clients."
"Quickbase is probably not the cheapest app out there. That said, it is worth its weight in gold. There is no other app that I know of in the market today that can do what Quickbase does."
"It is probably about 300 per license per person. There is just the licensing cost. There are no additional costs."
"The pricing for the tier my company used included ten seats and the subcontractor, amounting to approximately $18,000 USD per year."
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Questions from the Community

What do you like most about Microsoft Dynamics CRM?
The most valuable features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM are all the filters and possible reports.
What needs improvement with Microsoft Dynamics CRM?
I would suggest enhancements in customization and better integration for testing codes to improve the functionality of Dynamics CRM.
What is your primary use case for Microsoft Dynamics CRM?
The platform is utilized for various purposes, including sales process and customer relationship management (CRM).
What do you like most about QuickBase?
The most valuable feature of QuickBase is its dynamic form capabilities. These forms allow backend automation, making tasks like updating data based on specific conditions much easier.
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for QuickBase?
The pricing for the tier my company used included ten seats and the subcontractor, amounting to approximately $18,000 USD per year. As for data volume, there is a different pricing model once you r...
What needs improvement with QuickBase?
When learning QuickBase, I noticed a shift in its cost structure. It operated on a cost-efficient model tied to the number of users, with invoicing based on applicants. The recent changes have incr...

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