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As of June 2024, in the Backup and Recovery category, the mindshare of IBM Spectrum Protect is 2.6%, up from 2.4% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of Rubrik is 8.4%, up from 7.0% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
Backup and Recovery
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Dec 8, 2023
Robust backup and recovery capabilities, efficient data deduplication, seamless scalability and advanced security features
It serves as a backup solution, and although its user interface may not be perceived as unique, its administration process is reported to be smooth. The community project aspect ensures reliable backup communication, especially when dealing with lost backup features. It simplifies tasks such as…
May 22, 2024
A easy-to-deploy solution with masterless architecture and good SaaS support
One improvement I would suggest for Rubrik is to have an inbuilt media layer facility for direct backups to tape. Currently, this requires involving a third-party partner like QSR for backup integration. Additionally, Rubrik could improve security measures for Oracle database backups by enhancing Oracle database-level capabilities. It also offers limited capabilities for backup administrators to explore and analyze backup failures. I haven't had direct experience with it yet, but I believe Rubrik is working on incorporating AI into its data management capabilities. It's gaining traction in the market, especially in India, over the last few years. I can only provide more feedback once we assess its effectiveness in data security and overall performance compared to other tools like NetBackup and Commvault.

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"Our customers have come to trust IBM."
"We can scale. Today, we have an average backup volume of 100TB a day."
"Reliability: It has never had a problem with backups or restores. If you store something, it is there."
"The main thing is to keep the data safe and in files, keep it on tape ready for a request from a bank, and it is working perfectly with all our hardware."
"Scalability, performance, mass platform coverage. It's one of the few backup products on the market right now which an organization can bring in and it will serve all of their backup needs. It's a completely centralized solution."
"Data reduction definitely reduces costs, not only software costs, but from the infrastructure needed."
"Their GUI has improved quite a bit. It's made the solution a lot simpler and less complex."
"The best part of this solution is that it just works."
"The most valuable features of Rubrik are the restoration and ease of use."
"The solution is stable."
"What I like the most about Rubrik is its user-friendly interface."
"It has also saved us time managing backups. It's pretty stable. So it sends us a report if something goes wrong, then you get a report. You don't really need to manually monitor this software over time. If something happens, you'll get an error and you'll get an email notification and then address it. We found the product pretty stable if it's configured correctly. So it has reduced management time."
"I value the options it has for storage tiering (i.e. whether it should be a flash, SSD, or pushed to the cloud) depending on the data provided."
"It has the ability to test DR in a controlled, inexpensive way and to restore between environments."
"Rubrik has brought all of our backups under a single pane of glass and made recovery extremely simple."
"I think the best feature is its masterless architecture."


"My customers are not always happy with the Level 1 support. Sometimes, it just takes too long for the response to come, which is probably something that needs to be addressed."
"IBM Spectrum Protect could be improved by making the installation easier. Once it's implemented, it's okay. IBM started lagging behind when things started moving to storage and cloud-based solutions. Even though they've recently released updates that give cloud-based protection, personally, I still believe they are not up to par with the likes of Rubrik. The entire product is a little bit clumsy because they have co-joined two different products, so it's complex. Even from a sales/explaining to people what it does point of view, it's complex. Whereas, if you take more current products, it's a single box solution. You reel it in, you fire it up, you do a couple of points and clicks, and off you go, whereas the IBM system is seriously complex. There's a lot of training involved and it's a massively difficult product to sell at this point in time."
"They need to do a better job on Windows, because if you are running Windows, the scalability is more limited than AIX and Linux."
"It needs agents that take into account more databases (PostgreSQL, MySQL, etc.)."
"The only thing that I would like to have a little more of is insight in reporting. I find that Spectrum Protect needs a lot of monitoring, and I have to actually log into the servers."
"There is room for improvement in IBM Spectrum Protect, especially regarding its support for virtual environment backups."
"We have had some problems about using storage agents on the X6 environment. It is not quite stable, but it is also not supported in a virtualized environment."
"Any feature that is compliant with virtualizing the application should be improved."
"The only thing that can be improved is catering for open source databases because at the moment it doesn't cater for Mongo, MySQL, and Postgres."
"Improving PowerShell integration would greatly simplify Rubrik management."
"The licensing cost is quite high. That is something that needs to be worked out, because so many times it happens that the team does not have the budget or there are other issues at that time. Cost has become an important factor in deciding whether to continue with the Rubrik solution."
"It would be nice if they could work on the pricing a bit."
"There are some features to improve on in Rubrik. For instance, they should have a tool where we can integrate with our SAP HANA. Directly from the HANA studio, we should be able to do a backup. That's what I'm looking forward to in the future."
"There are some corner cases where the Rubrik Connector (Agent) still doesn't work for our clients."
"The deployment and configuration of the backup service is something that could be streamlined a little bit, particularly when you're trying to do a SQL workload. You have to install a backup service on the server. You only have to do it once and then you're done, but you have to do that on every server that you want to protect."
"Setup is immediate but pricing is not cheap."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"We have spec'd out our build, and the cost of it can work quite easily today for our future needs."
"License-wise regarding IBM, it's licensed per terabyte. And that is after compression and deduplication."
"IBM Spectrum Protect, cost-wise, has way higher pricing than Veeam. By switching over to Veeam, my company saved over $600,000 in USD. The IBM Spectrum Protect pricing is a two on a scale of one to ten. My company paid additional fees for maintenance, apart from the standard licensing fees."
"The licensing is varied. If we have small environments (not many TB being managed) it is best to license by PVUs (depending on the number of cores of the machine). If we manage many TBs we look at licensing by capacity which allows us to use all the agents of the product."
"Technical support is pretty good. It is doing fine, but you pay for it."
"We have capacity licensing. We use the front end. The capacity licensing is pretty okay on the licensing price. I used to use the old PVU-based licensing in the early environment, but now we use capacity-based licensing."
"The product is low cost. It is very cool when we design it to using licensing based on post capacity."
"One can go with either a PVU licensing model or a capacity based licensing model. Either solution does not block the usage, if over used."
"The initial setup cost includes support and maintenance costs, followed by a monthly fee."
"You need to understand what you're getting for the price. You are getting a backup solution, which is state of the art and works absolutely flawlessly. You are getting the storage needed to store your backups. You have all the sexy features that a modern backup solution can provide you, like deduplication, erasure coding, compression, fast execution time, secured data, and top-notch customer support. So, it might be expensive on paper. It's not free, but when you analyze what you are getting and the time you can spend on other stuff, then Rubrik is very cost-efficient."
"Rubrik is not cheap. Hopefully, you can archive your data on cheap storage to keep the investment minimal."
"Rubrik is an all inclusive price. No additional implementation costs or licencing."
"As a technical person, I don't have the details, but from what I have heard, it can be expensive."
"Rubrik is not the cheapest solution, but we've been happy with the time savings that we have seen. At least from what we have spent so far, we have been happy with the return on investment."
"It is an expensive product."
"We pay yearly and it's based on the number of bricks."
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