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Fortinet FortiGate
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Firewalls (2nd), Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN) Solutions (2nd), WAN Edge (1st)
Sophos UTM
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Unified Threat Management (UTM) (3rd)

Mindshare comparison

As of July 2024, in the Firewalls category, the mindshare of Fortinet FortiGate is 22.6%, up from 18.8% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of Sophos UTM is 2.6%, up from 2.2% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
Unique Categories:
Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN) Solutions
WAN Edge
Unified Threat Management (UTM)

Q&A Highlights

Dec 01, 2021

Featured Reviews

Luke_Smith - PeerSpot reviewer
Jun 10, 2024
Easy to use and provides good visibility of network traffic
It is just for firewalls and network security It's mostly compliance, like just meeting our security requirements to keep our data secure. We don't make money out of it. It just keeps our data safe. I have FortiGate for SD-WAN and all access points here, which has helped with traffic shaping…
Wisnu Nursahid - PeerSpot reviewer
Jul 5, 2022
Good visibility and protection against ransomware attacks
Sophos UTM gives good visibility and prevention against ransomware attacks because they focus on unknown threats, so it's successful in protecting customers Sophos UTM's best feature is SIM in the cloud, which combines the gateway solution and endpoint solution to send telemetry data to the cloud…

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"The IPsec tunnels are very easily created, and quite interoperable with devices from other vendors."
"Anti-Spam web content filterinG."
"There are great templates, so you don't have to customize them if you don't want to. You do have the option to custom create some folders and some reports, however, with what is there, you don't really need to go through extra effort, as they already give you a lot of predefined views of reports and so forth."
"The initial setup of Fortinet FortiGate was straightforward."
"Fortinet FortiGate's ease of management is the most valuable feature."
"Some of the key features of the solution is that it has good reporting, you can receive many details from the connection, for example, clients and website information."
"The UTM feature is quite good. FortiAP is easy to deploy because both Fortigate and FortiAP are under the same brand. Otherwise, you need to do more work on the configuration."
"Fortinet has a very good solution for Secure SD-WAN. One very good feature is that they have robust and simple FortiOS through which they provide all solutions. That's their strength. There's not much complexity involved with the Secure SD-WAN solution of Fortinet as compared to Cisco's solution, which has a lot of flexibility but complexity also comes with that flexibility."
"The most valuable feature of Sophos UTM is the endpoint protection feature."
"The packet filtering's great. You get out what you put into it. It works great as long as you know your security and configure everything adequately. If you just pop one in and it's not configured, then it's basically wide open. It kind of depends on the admin skill, but it's an excellent product."
"The most valuable feature of Sophos UTM is reporting, it is flexible. I can monitor the end user's devices, even when they are not on my network. It has good drill-down capabilities."
"Sophos UTM's best feature is synchronized security."
"The cost of the solution is very reasonable."
"It is easy to manage."
"UTM 9 brings along IPSec as well as iPhone and iPad support. This seems small but it’s useful."
"It improved bandwidth utilization and provided link load balancing features for internet and intranet lease lines."


"While FortiGate is cheaper than most other solutions, we're seeing increased license renewal costs. Most of our clients are asking for more significant discounts because the price is going up."
"The search tool needs improvement. It's very difficult to search for policies right now."
"Fortinet Fortigate could benefit by simplifying some of their processes."
"Fortinet FortiGate can be integrated with different platforms. They have integrations in place, but I can't say they're 100%."
"I would like Fortinet to add more automation to FortiGate."
"I would like to see more advanced developments of a wireless controller in the future."
"I feel that the reporting needs to be improved."
"Its customer service could be better."
"There is still room for improvement in wireless protection. I don't mean their WiFi device is bad, but there are still things to improve on, such as WiFi roaming."
"Needs to improve the certificate management (ex. Let's Encrypt support)."
"There's an issue that when we deploy UTM on fiber, it automatically upgrades to the latest version without giving an option to stay on the current one."
"Initially, there were issues with the wireless network as wireless access points were disappearing from the dashboard after some time."
"The classification segregation of applications lacks sufficient definition."
"Stay away from the wireless models, since you cannot put them in HA. They start to give you some weird issues once you start getting into multiple SSIDs and networks."
"The lack of import/export functions for network and service options drives me mad."
"In short, the UI and UX are the areas of improvement in Sophos UTM and similar solutions compared to Palo Alto."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"Its pricing is good. It's average or normal as compared to Palo Alto and Check Point firewalls."
"It was worth the money overall. It's good value."
"Go for long term pricing negotiated at the time of purchase."
"Here in Brazil, we're going through difficult economic times and the tax on the dollar is high. All the solutions from minor competitors are growing in the market. The prices have come more competitive."
"The price is okay."
"The Indian market is different than the European and American markets. When you compare they need to be a bit more aggressive on pricing."
"We have the full license that included all of the features and support."
"The licensing costs are very low."
"Our licensing fees are paid on a monthly basis."
"We purchased the appliance with five years onsite support and licenses."
"Purchasing through the AWS Marketplace is pretty straightforward. Because were entirely on AWS and don't have anything anywhere else. It made the most sense for us as a one stop shop."
"​In the case of a software/virtual appliance subscription, you pay by protecting user/IP addresses. You can do this to as much hardware resources as you like.​​"
"I think the pricing of Sophos is very fair."
"The licensing model is very straightforward, it's a bit pricey, but for what you get, it's well worth it."
"It will cost approximately $67 US per device. We have 300 devices in our organization."
"The solution's pricing is based on a licensing model and is competitive."
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Comparison Review

it_user216600 - PeerSpot reviewer
Jan 3, 2016
Sophos UTM vs. Fortinet FortiGate
I have used both Sophos and Fortinet products in production and I have found the Sophos UTM appliances (hardware and virtual) to be a better fit most of the time -- with a few caveats which I will touch on below. In both instances, the transition from TMG will be mostly straightforward. The main…

Answers from the Community

Dec 1, 2021
Dec 1, 2021
As a solution, Sophos UTM offers a lot of functionality, it scales well, and the stability and performance are quite good. The most valuable features for me are their web and email filtering. I would say that this solution is extremely user-friendly, and also very easy to manage for any integrator. For me, the setup was straightforward as well. Beyond providing general purpose firewall with bui...
2 out of 11 answers
Feb 17, 2020
I can’t really comment on FortiGate. We’ve been working with Sophos for years and like it’s integration with their endpoint.
Feb 17, 2020
We replaced Fortinet with Sophos as our public-facing UTM in 2017 & since then the ride has been extremely rough. I would not recommend Sophos for any mission-critical environment.

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Questions from the Community

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What is the biggest difference between Sophos XG and FortiGate?
From my experience regarding both the Sophos and FortiGate firewalls, I personally would rather use FortiGate. I know the firewalls change every 5 to 7 years as stated but you really do need to upg...
What are the biggest technical differences between Sophos UTM and Fortinet FortiGate?
As a solution, Sophos UTM offers a lot of functionality, it scales well, and the stability and performance are quite good. The most valuable features for me are their web and email filtering. I wou...
What Is The Biggest Difference Between Sophos UTM and Sophos XG?
The Sophos UTM is a UTM and Sophos XG is the NGFW. First, you must know about the difference between a UTM and NGFW. They can not be compared with each other because the price, license, firewall th...
What do you like most about Sophos UTM?
The most valuable feature of Sophos UTM is the endpoint protection feature.
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for Sophos UTM?
You cannot really say that the solution is expensive, given the protection it gives.

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