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Omada Identity
Ranking in Identity Management (IM)
Average Rating
Number of Reviews
Ranking in other categories
User Provisioning Software (3rd), Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) (4th)
Fortinet FortiAuthenticator
Ranking in Identity Management (IM)
Average Rating
Number of Reviews
Ranking in other categories
Single Sign-On (SSO) (5th), Authentication Systems (3rd), Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) (3rd)
Microsoft Entra ID
Ranking in Identity Management (IM)
Average Rating
Number of Reviews
Ranking in other categories
Single Sign-On (SSO) (1st), Authentication Systems (1st), Identity and Access Management as a Service (IDaaS) (IAMaaS) (1st), Access Management (1st), Microsoft Security Suite (4th)

Mindshare comparison

As of July 2024, in the Single Sign-On (SSO) category, the mindshare of Omada Identity is 3.3%, up from 2.6% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of Fortinet FortiAuthenticator is 8.8%, up from 8.8% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of Microsoft Entra ID is 29.4%, up from 29.2% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
Single Sign-On (SSO)
Unique Categories:
User Provisioning Software
Identity Management (IM)
Authentication Systems

Featured Reviews

Apr 3, 2024
Helps ensure compliance with timely termination of access, and saves time, but the reporting functionality is limited
The roadmap that Omada Identity provides for deploying additional features is adequate, but it would benefit from more frequent communication with its customers. They occasionally hold advisory board calls where multiple customers participate. During these calls, they discuss the roadmap and what they're working on. However, they also have several community forums. Frankly, most people don't have the time to monitor all those resources for updates. While the Omada certification survey is a helpful tool for verifying user roles, creating the survey itself can be challenging. The process is not very user-friendly, and the available documentation is not sufficient to get started easily. For more complex surveys, it may be necessary to resort to professional services. Omada's reporting functionality is limited and could benefit from greater customization. Unlike other solutions that allow users with SQL knowledge to create tailored reports, Omada restricts users to pre-defined reports offering only generic data that may not be relevant to specific needs. Omada currently forces users to install the newest version. We would appreciate the flexibility to choose an earlier version, such as the one preceding the latest release.
Jared Carmouche - PeerSpot reviewer
Aug 28, 2023
An extremely stable and scalable solution that is affordable and easy to manage
We use the solution for different clients and how they authenticate for VPN and Wi-Fi. We also use it for the captive portal and single sign-on. We use it for quite a bit for authentication The product has become a central hub for how dozens of our clients authenticate to VPN and Wi-Fi. It has…
Mar 17, 2023
A turnkey solution with excellent boards for task tracking, but the UI and UX need improvement
I rate the solution six out of ten. I don't use Azure AD's Verified ID, but I'm considering an identity management solution. I'm hesitant about which one to choose, and the choice is between a product from Okta and the one from Azure AD. I use the Permission Management feature, which I look for when choosing an identity management product, but I'm still in the research phase with this feature. Most of our staff are okay with the quality of the end-user experience within our organization, but it could be more comfortable to use for managers. It's a challenging solution to implement for every department or team because not everyone likes the UX, and it's pretty outdated when it comes to product document writing. I had an unpleasant experience when we had a power cut, and I lost two pages of documentation, as there is no autosave feature. This is important from a manager's perspective but less so for developers. For those considering the solution, talk to your dev team to determine if it covers their needs. If so, use it, as it has many features and is very scalable.

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"Support-wise, working with Omada has been good. We have very good direct interactions and fast responses."
"I appreciate all the support we receive from Omada."
"The thing that I find most valuable is that Omada consists of building blocks, which means that you can configure almost anything you want without using custom code, making it pretty easy to do. It's possible to connect to multiple target systems and to create one role that consists of different permissions in the different target systems. So one role in Omada can make sure that you have an account in three different systems."
"The customer success and support teams have been crucial."
"The key benefit of Omada Identity is maintaining complete control."
"User-friendly solution."
"I'm not using Omada, but the interface is easy to use and gives you a solid overview of your identities."
"The most valuable feature of Omada is its API connectivity, which allows seamless integration with various services like SAP, GRC, and Microsoft licenses."
"The implementation has significantly improved access management within our organization."
"The product’s most valuable feature is integration with FortiGate, FortiToken, FortiTalk, and multi-factor authentication."
"Simple to deploy, simple to use, and user-friendly."
"Fulfilled our requirement at a good price."
"Intuitive interface and easy to deploy."
"The solution is very easy to manage."
"The initial setup is a valuable point on Fortinet products. Most of the time, putting the theory into practice on the devices is quite friendly and straightforward. As long as you can read English you can find your way around the solution and make it work. This is a high value point on Fortinet - the way everything is laid out in the web UI is user-friendly and quite straightforward. The UI is quite simple."
"The initial setup is so easy and there is no problem in the implementation."
"The most valuable feature is the authentication platform."
"Being able to use Azure AD means that you can use some of the Azure AD security features like Advanced Password Protection. As well as querying your normal password requirements like lengths and complexity, Azure AD has a feature in which you can put specific words. It can be words to do with your company, words to do with your company location, or words that a lot of your employees would otherwise use. You can disallow them. It's very good at making more obvious passwords, ones they're not allowed to use anymore. That's a good feature."
"The most beneficial feature would be the effectiveness of having a hybrid set-up."
"We're using the whole suite: device management, user credentials, everything that's possible."
"Its ability to provide secure connections to people at all locations is the most valuable. It is mostly used by enterprises."
"The best feature is the single sign-on provision for the various type of users."
"It has been stable, and we haven't had any issues since we started to use it."
"The solution has a variety of tools. Two of the most valuable features are the ability to create users and to replicate the user account from on-premise to the cloud."


"The account management integration isn't bad, but it isn't plug-and-play like Microsoft Azure. You need some deep development knowledge to set up the connectors."
"The current reporting tools in Omada are limited, but we expect significant improvements in the new version."
"I would like to search on date fields, which is not possible now."
"One thing that we are not so happy about is the user interface. It is a bit dated. I know that they are working on that, but the user interface is quite dated. Currently, it is a little bit difficult to customize the user interface to the need of the business, which is a little bit disappointing. It needs it to be a little bit easier to operate, and it should have a better user interface."
"When you do a recalculation of an identity, it's hard to understand what was incorrect before you started the recalculation, and which values are actually updated... all you see are all the new fields that are provisioned, instead of seeing only the fields that are changed."
"Omada's performance could be better because we had some latency issues. Still, it's difficult to say how much of that is due to Omada versus the resources used by our other vendors in our on-prem environment. Considering the resources we have invested into making it run well, it's slightly slower than we would expect."
"When the re-certification process is launched that makes Omada very slow. There are performance issues in the current version."
"Omada Identity has a steep learning curve."
"It would be helpful to receive a code by yourself for authentication instead of it registered to a phone."
"FortiAuthenticator's interface could be better."
"Fortinet FortiAuthenticator's initial setup process could be easier."
"Fortinet FortiAuthenticator provides only authentication. It should also enable authorization services"
"They could expand FortiAuthenticator's capabilities to accommodate a broader range of environments."
"The GUI has some shortcomings and can be made better. The GUI is not great."
"I would like to see more security features in reference to identity login or identity identification."
"I would like to see more ways to authenticate, such as adding facial recognition to the two-factor, where you log into your phone or another device."
"The product takes at least ten minutes to activate privilege identity management roles."
"Its integration with open-source applications can be improved. I know that they are working on open-source authentication methods for integration with open-source applications, but they can make it more open."
"One thing that bothers me about Azure AD is that I can't specify login hours. I have to use an on-premises instance of Active Directory if I want to specify the hours during which a user can log in. For example, if I want to restrict login to only be possible during working hours, to prevent overtime payments or to prevent lawsuits, I can't do this using only Azure AD."
"Four years ago, we had an issue with Azure AD. We wanted to reverse sync from Azure AD to on-prem Active Directory, but we couldn't achieve this. Azure AD could connect only in one way, for example, from your site to Azure. If you needed to do the reverse and connect from Azure to on-prem, there was no way to achieve it. We asked Microsoft, and they told us that they don't support it."
"Azure Active Directory could improve by having an authentication service for laptops or desktop computers running Mac and Linux operating systems. They currently have authentication capabilities for Microsoft Windows. Having this capability would benefit people because in today's world everybody is working from the home environment."
"Entra ID is not battle-tested or stable enough to support a business of our size. There are some design issues specifically around support for legacy services."
"Better deployment management and visibility functionality would be helpful."
"Microsoft Entra ID should improve workload identities. It should set conditional access."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"Omada isn't cheap or expensive. The licensing model is flexible. I've only had limited interactions with the Omada sales team, but they were positive. They don't sell the customers more licenses than they need. It's important to accurately forecast future usage. For example, we have many licenses that we don't use because we don't have the identities yet. We pay extra, which isn't good."
"From an on-prem point of view, the cost is quite transparent and reasonable. The direct cost is primarily for licenses and maintenance on licenses."
"The pricing for Omada Identity is fair."
"It is fairly priced for an on-premise environment, but for the cloud environment, I am not that happy with the pricing."
"Omada is expensive."
"The pricing is too high for SMBs."
"It is expensive. Fortunately, I had a very good procurement manager on my side, but they are expensive. The closest competitors are also very expensive. You get a full-fledged solution that can do everything you dream of, but you pay for everything."
"Omada Identity is very reasonably and competitively priced."
"Between paying them to help with the configuration, the box itself, and the support, it came to like $12,500, including a three-year service agreement."
"The pricing is fair."
"It is usually cheap. Without a license, you can use some basic features. You can buy a 20-year license and implement the solution once."
"FAC is an affordable solution for Middle Range (200E/400E) and also needs a package of mobility agents (2,000) perpetual."
"The platform provides a user-based pricing model rather than a subscription pricing model."
"The licensing structure is cost-effective for us compared to some of the other solutions that have recurring monthly costs."
"When we buy the Fortinet FortiAuthenticator device there is a comparison between price and security."
"On a scale of one to ten, where one is a high price and ten is a low price, I rate the pricing a seven."
"Microsoft Entra ID's pricing is reasonable."
"Pricing could always be better. You pay the premium for Microsoft. Sometimes, it is worth it, and at other times, you wish to have more licensing options, especially for smaller companies."
"We have an agreement with Microsoft, and my company pays yearly."
"There are add-on components and services, such as identity services, that we have to add to our Azure subscription. Only then can I actually say it's on par with the on-prem server edition. Why should I pay for a component? It should be included in my subscription."
"The licensing costs are yearly. There is a standard fee per user."
"The price is affordable, and we pay around $100 per month."
"The solution has three types of tiers: E1 has very basic features. You get limited stuff in E2 and cannot have Office 360 associated with it. E3 is on the costly side and has all the features."
"I give the cost a three out of ten."
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