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Collibra Governance vs Microsoft Purview comparison

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Executive Summary

We performed a comparison between Collibra Governance and Microsoft Purview based on real PeerSpot user reviews.

Find out in this report how the two Data Governance solutions compare in terms of features, pricing, service and support, easy of deployment, and ROI.

To learn more, read our detailed Collibra Governance vs. Microsoft Purview report (Updated: September 2022).
632,611 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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Quotes From Members
We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use.
Here are some excerpts of what they said:
"I like Collibra's flexibility. I like to be able to modify things for our own use. For example, we've chosen to use Collibra also as a knowledge management tool, even though it is not designed to be a knowledge management tool. That's the beauty of it. It can serve as a knowledge management tool by creating some custom assets specifically for knowledge management.""I find the metadata feature valuable because it replaces the coding.""Collibra is very good at talking to modern database systems like a normal RDBMS, a DB2, or a SQL server or an Oracle.""In terms of data governance, as I mentioned, it can be a one-stop solution for all of your data governance needs.""I like the lineage feature the most because I don't think there's any other tool that actually depicts the data flow from multiple sources and the connectivities between every data element inside those sources.""It's not a complicated product.""We have folks in the field doing our clinical research operations, and they have the opportunity to refer to Collibra when they are examining a particular report. When they have a question about how something in that report is derived, they can pull a metric that is defined fully in Collibra. They have the opportunity to drill back into Collibra to see that.""The most important feature in Collibra Governance is the ability to gather data or a collection of data into one repository. If a client creates a repository at his place, then it will get updated to the cloud automatically."

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"It is critical that Purview delivers data protection across multi-cloud and multi-platform environments. That is the number one reason that people are adopting hybrid and best-of-the-breed approaches. Especially in banking, it is critical because people want to protect, govern, and secure their data. This is one of the first conversations that happens with security and the architecture group on the client side.""Has a good interface and is reasonably priced.""One of the best features is the classification rules, especially the scan rule sets. They are really useful, especially when we need to understand the current data the company has to ensure that all the problematic data can be put under someone's responsibility.""The cataloging tool is definitely the most valuable... It tells you about all the data you have in your tables, which helps people understand our data. We now know what data we have."

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"I would like to see a feature using the runtime dashboard.""It would be better if there was a way to import all data and metadata in an automatic way in one block form.""The connectors are not very sophisticated. They can do, for example, Informatica and Tableau, but the connectors themselves could be improved.""I'm fairly new to the product, however, what I generally hear from my clients is that the requirement around having ways to ingest more metadata.""We would like to have out-of-the-box automation.""The connectors for metadata ingestion need to be improved.""The licensing is one area that could get improved.""It should have more integrations with things like CyberArk because its main purpose is GDPR implementation. We have to have more scope for things that implement more privacy. CyberArk makes sure your credentials are vaulted and your things are secure when you're creating your integrations or connecting to an application. I do believe that they are working on this feature."

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"Another area for improvement is in managing the business glossary terms. If they could provide the same type of method that we use to configure the scan rule sets, that would be helpful. Currently, there is no option like this, so we have to do it manually. Automatic detection would be great.""The API needs some improvement when connecting to non-Microsoft API sources. This is a limiting factor.""Purview's data connector platform for non-Microsoft data sources is good, but there is some functionality that hasn't been developed yet. There are some servers that it can't connect to yet, because they're still in a trial process.""There are some limitations with regard to the lineage of data from different parts of the system."

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Pricing and Cost Advice
  • "I am not so much aware of price details. Initially, there was an add-on NuSoft license to use the DVC connector that NuSoft gives to create integrations, but Collibra is now phasing out of it slowly. Collibra is cutting ties with them is what we have been led to believe, and we have started developing on Spring Boot, which is open source."
  • "I think it is on a yearly basis, but I'm not involved with the pricing session, so I have no idea. There are several licenses for different models. You get one license per product, but a lot of features are controlled separately through different licenses. So, as and when you want to use a feature, you have to procure the license for that feature."
  • "I think they have a trust issue. I did not like the way they recently went through the process. They were like, "Finish this SOW first, only then will we sign the other SOW." Or, "Finish this code." I didn't like that much."
  • "I would say it's probably in line with what other vendors charge for licensing."
  • "It is substantial, and we do pay yearly."
  • "There are different levels of licenses. For example, some users can only do read-only licenses, and others have the stewardship license where they can give access to users."
  • "Collibra Governance is expensive - I would rate its pricing as one out of five."
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  • "The pricing is moderate. It's not too expensive, but it's not the most competitive."
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    632,611 professionals have used our research since 2012.
    Questions from the Community
    Top Answer: The workflow is very good and has been embedded. It also has a great user interface.
    Top Answer:There are different levels of licenses. For example, some users can only do read-only licenses, and others have the stewardship license where they can give access to users. The license for Collibra… more »
    Top Answer:I would like to see a feature using the runtime dashboard. As of now, we can create the dashboard using the snapshot of the report. But I would recommend having a dashboard that runs the data on the… more »
    Top Answer:These are actually very similar products - in fact, an ex-Collibra person I know had the impression that MSFT must have just looked at Collibra's application and essentially duplicated it.  At their… more »
    Top Answer:It is critical that Purview delivers data protection across multi-cloud and multi-platform environments. That is the number one reason that people are adopting hybrid and best-of-the-breed approaches… more »
    Top Answer:The pricing is moderate. It's not too expensive, but it's not the most competitive. In terms of additional costs, there is an option for advanced data lineage for lineage visibility with Power BI, but… more »
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    out of 44 in Data Governance
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    Also Known As
    MS Azure Purview
    Learn More

    Collibra Data Governance Center is an enterprise-wide data governance solution that puts people and processes first, automating data governance and management to quickly and securely deliver trusted data to the business users who need it.

    Microsoft Azure Purview is a unified data governance solution that helps you understand all of your on-premises, multi cloud, and software-as-a-service (SaaS) data and maintain control over its usage. With the Microsoft Azure Purview solution, you can create a detailed, up-to-date map of your data landscape with sensitive data classification, automated data discovery, and end-to-end data lineage. Not only does it enable data curators to easily secure your data, but it also allows data consumers to find valuable, trustworthy data.

    Microsoft Azure Purview is designed with:

    • Data Map: Microsoft Azure Purview Data Map provides the foundation for data discovery and effective data governance. Azure Purview Data Map is a cloud-native PaaS service that captures metadata about enterprise data present in analytics and operation systems on premises and in the cloud.

    • Data Catalog: Microsoft Azure Purview Data Catalog finds trusted data sources by browsing and searching your data assets. The data catalog aligns your assets with business terms and data classification to identify data sources.

    • Data Insights: Microsoft Azure Purview Data Insights gives you an overview of your data estate to help you discover what kinds of data you have and where.

    Microsoft Azure Purview Features

    Microsoft Azure Purview has many valuable key features. Some of the most useful ones include:

    • Automated data discovery, lineage identification, and data classification
    • Insights into the location and movement of sensitive data across your entire data estate
    • Unified map of your data assets and their relationships for more effective data governance
    • Glossary with business and technical search terms to aid data discovery

    Microsoft Azure Purview Benefits

    Some of the benefits of using Microsoft Azure Purview include:

    • Automate and manage metadata from hybrid sources.
    • Classify data using built-in and custom classifiers and Microsoft Information Protection sensitivity labels.
    • Label sensitive data consistently across SQL Server, Azure, Microsoft 365, and Power BI.
    • Easily integrate all your data systems using Apache Atlas APIs.
    • Search for data using technical or business terms.
    • Easily understand data by browsing associated technical, business, semantic, and operational metadata.
    • Quickly identify the sensitivity level of data.
    • Scan your Power BI environment and Azure Synapse Analytics workspaces with a few clicks.
    • Automatically publish all discovered assets and lineage to the Purview Data Map.
    • Connect Microsoft Azure Purview to Azure Data Factory instances to automatically collect data integration lineage.
    • Quickly determine which analytics and reports already exist without reinventing the wheel.

    Reviews from Real Users

    PeerSpot reviewer Kelly B., Solution Specialist at LobsterPot Solutions, says, “We're building a new system from scratch for our clients and wanted to include data governance. Their solution is hosted in Azure and it seemed logical to go with something that fits with that. Purview has a pretty good interface and I'm satisfied with what the solution does and the price it's being sold at. It integrates well with Azure technologies.” She also adds, “The initial setup was very easy, that's part of the appeal.”

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    Learn more about Microsoft Purview
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    Ministry of Economy Science and Innovation, Aspen Insurance, Barry Callebaut, Colt
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    Insurance Company14%
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    Computer Software Company17%
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    Computer Software Company16%
    Financial Services Firm13%
    Insurance Company7%
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    Midsize Enterprise4%
    Large Enterprise85%
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    Large Enterprise76%
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    Large Enterprise71%
    Buyer's Guide
    Collibra Governance vs. Microsoft Purview
    September 2022
    Find out what your peers are saying about Collibra Governance vs. Microsoft Purview and other solutions. Updated: September 2022.
    632,611 professionals have used our research since 2012.

    Collibra Governance is ranked 1st in Data Governance with 27 reviews while Microsoft Purview is ranked 2nd in Data Governance with 4 reviews. Collibra Governance is rated 7.6, while Microsoft Purview is rated 8.8. The top reviewer of Collibra Governance writes "Offers many features for the best relative price". On the other hand, the top reviewer of Microsoft Purview writes "We know, when we scan the data set, what we have within the database". Collibra Governance is most compared with Informatica Axon, Alation Data Catalog, BigID, Ataccama ONE Platform and erwin Data Intelligence by Quest, whereas Microsoft Purview is most compared with Collibra Lineage, Alation Data Catalog, Informatica Axon, erwin Data Intelligence by Quest and Varonis Data Governance Suite. See our Collibra Governance vs. Microsoft Purview report.

    See our list of best Data Governance vendors.

    We monitor all Data Governance reviews to prevent fraudulent reviews and keep review quality high. We do not post reviews by company employees or direct competitors. We validate each review for authenticity via cross-reference with LinkedIn, and personal follow-up with the reviewer when necessary.