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Alation Data Catalog vs Collibra Governance comparison

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Executive Summary

We performed a comparison between Alation Data Catalog and Collibra Governance based on real PeerSpot user reviews.

Find out in this report how the two Data Governance solutions compare in terms of features, pricing, service and support, easy of deployment, and ROI.

To learn more, read our detailed Alation Data Catalog vs. Collibra Governance report (Updated: September 2022).
635,513 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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Quotes From Members
We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use.
Here are some excerpts of what they said:
"Given the relatively low level of maturity, Alation's most relevant feature at the moment is a user interface that's easy to navigate, which helps us find and understand the data. So while Alation has a lot more functionality, our pain point right now is being able to easily find, understand, and trust the information to use it.""Alation Data Catalog's best feature is the SQL query publication.""We had some of our data science engineers, who had built out some cloud-based data and data products for users. They were spending a lot of their time, up to 30 to 35% of their time, answering questions about the data and helping people understand how to use it. Once they were able to document that information within Alation, they were only focusing on around 5% of the high-value questions that really couldn't be solved through the catalog itself. It freed them up to be more productive, it made their end-users more productive, and it made the adoption rate of their data products rise more quickly because people were able to get to using them."

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"The workflow is very good and has been embedded. It also has a great user interface.""The automation process is very strong.""Collibra Governance's most valuable features are data lineage and stewardships.""The most valuable feature is the discovery process for the data catalog because we get it in a visual format as a way to understand and classify it.""Collibra's lineage is a very powerful feature. We have integrated Collibra with Azure and ADLS storage and we create lineage diagrams using the two tools.""In terms of data governance, as I mentioned, it can be a one-stop solution for all of your data governance needs.""I find the metadata feature valuable because it replaces the coding.""There is a good community setup around the solution that can provide insights."

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"Alation Data Catalog needs to develop a lot in terms of data governance and would be improved with a built-in interactive data quality solution.""Alation Data Catalog doesn't support end-to-end lineage. By that, I mean the ability to trace the movement of data from when it first comes into our organization to where it's consumed.""I know that this has been on their roadmap and they're working on it, but as a whole, there's an untapped reservoir of capabilities within their article features that could be used and built upon."

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"It should have more integrations with things like CyberArk because its main purpose is GDPR implementation. We have to have more scope for things that implement more privacy. CyberArk makes sure your credentials are vaulted and your things are secure when you're creating your integrations or connecting to an application. I do believe that they are working on this feature.""I'm fairly new to the product, however, what I generally hear from my clients is that the requirement around having ways to ingest more metadata.""No easy way to connect to different data sources.""Collibra is not very user-friendly in terms of lineage generation. The lineage generation process is quite tough, and it takes lots of time to understand it. Business staff are also struggling to generate lineages and to understand them. So, it is not very user-friendly.""If someone changes the metadata, we can't see who changed it.""There's a lot of things available in their Data Intelligence Cloud that are not available on-premise.""When we are doing discovery for unstructured data sources, I would suggest a quality report of the data that would indicate what was unable to process.""We would like to have out-of-the-box automation."

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Pricing and Cost Advice
  • "A three-year agreement is better than a one-year rolling 12-month agreement from a price point of view. I'd recommend looking at a three-year deal because you can't stand up a catalog and produce value in 12 months."
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  • "I am not so much aware of price details. Initially, there was an add-on NuSoft license to use the DVC connector that NuSoft gives to create integrations, but Collibra is now phasing out of it slowly. Collibra is cutting ties with them is what we have been led to believe, and we have started developing on Spring Boot, which is open source."
  • "I think it is on a yearly basis, but I'm not involved with the pricing session, so I have no idea. There are several licenses for different models. You get one license per product, but a lot of features are controlled separately through different licenses. So, as and when you want to use a feature, you have to procure the license for that feature."
  • "I think they have a trust issue. I did not like the way they recently went through the process. They were like, "Finish this SOW first, only then will we sign the other SOW." Or, "Finish this code." I didn't like that much."
  • "I would say it's probably in line with what other vendors charge for licensing."
  • "It is substantial, and we do pay yearly."
  • "There are different levels of licenses. For example, some users can only do read-only licenses, and others have the stewardship license where they can give access to users."
  • "Collibra Governance is expensive - I would rate its pricing as one out of five."
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    635,513 professionals have used our research since 2012.
    Questions from the Community
    Top Answer:Alation Data Catalog's best feature is the SQL query publication.
    Top Answer:You've always got to understand Alation's pricing model because they have different models. Vendors have various models, and the difference is sometimes quite stark. You've got to understand what… more »
    Top Answer:Alation Data Catalog needs to develop a lot in terms of data governance and would be improved with a built-in interactive data quality solution. It also has fewer features than competitors like… more »
    Top Answer: The workflow is very good and has been embedded. It also has a great user interface.
    Top Answer:There are different levels of licenses. For example, some users can only do read-only licenses, and others have the stewardship license where they can give access to users. The license for Collibra… more »
    Top Answer:I would like to see a feature using the runtime dashboard. As of now, we can create the dashboard using the snapshot of the report. But I would recommend having a dashboard that runs the data on the… more »
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    Alation pioneered the data catalog market and is now leading its evolution into a platform for a broad range of data intelligence solutions including data search & discovery, data governance, lineage, stewardship, analytics, and digital transformation.

    Thanks to its powerful Behavioral Analysis Engine, inbuilt collaboration capabilities, and open interfaces, Alation combines machine learning with human insight to successfully tackle even the most demanding challenges in data and metadata management. With Alation, analysts are empowered to search, query and collaborate on their data to achieve faster, more accurate insights.

    Trusted by 400+ enterprises worldwide like Salesforce, Nasdaq, LinkedIn, Finnair, and Cisco.

    Collibra Data Governance Center is an enterprise-wide data governance solution that puts people and processes first, automating data governance and management to quickly and securely deliver trusted data to the business users who need it.

    Learn more about Alation Data Catalog
    Learn more about Collibra Governance
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    Salesforce, Snowflake, Citrix, eBay, TripAdvisor, Albertsons, Nasdaq, Pfizer, LinkedIn, Finnair.
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    Buyer's Guide
    Alation Data Catalog vs. Collibra Governance
    September 2022
    Find out what your peers are saying about Alation Data Catalog vs. Collibra Governance and other solutions. Updated: September 2022.
    635,513 professionals have used our research since 2012.

    Alation Data Catalog is ranked 6th in Data Governance with 3 reviews while Collibra Governance is ranked 1st in Data Governance with 28 reviews. Alation Data Catalog is rated 8.4, while Collibra Governance is rated 7.6. The top reviewer of Alation Data Catalog writes "The catalog now provides an opportunity for people to come together, to share, and to find". On the other hand, the top reviewer of Collibra Governance writes "Offers many features for the best relative price". Alation Data Catalog is most compared with Microsoft Purview, Informatica Axon, erwin Data Intelligence by Quest, Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog and Ataccama ONE Platform, whereas Collibra Governance is most compared with Informatica Axon, Microsoft Purview, BigID, Ataccama ONE Platform and erwin Data Intelligence by Quest. See our Alation Data Catalog vs. Collibra Governance report.

    See our list of best Data Governance vendors.

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