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We performed a comparison between BeyondTrust Password Safe and CyberArk Enterprise Password Vault based on real PeerSpot user reviews.

Find out in this report how the two Enterprise Password Managers solutions compare in terms of features, pricing, service and support, easy of deployment, and ROI.
To learn more, read our detailed BeyondTrust Password Safe vs. CyberArk Enterprise Password Vault Report (Updated: November 2022).
655,465 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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Quotes From Members
We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use.
Here are some excerpts of what they said:
"The ability to manage privileged account passwords is the most valuable feature.""The best aspect of the product is the ability to onboard devices. You can scan the IP subnets and onboard all the devices. You can then segregate them if it's a network device or a firewall. If it's a Windows server or a UNIX, you can basically scan your IT infrastructure and onboard the efforts, which should be managed. Once they have been onboarded, then the session management and password management are easy and nicely configurable.""Session recording, password rotation, and password vaulting are the most valuable features.""Screen recording is valuable, and integration with applications is easy. We can customize whatever we want. We did a lot of application integration using scripting.""The CI/CD and REST API are also satisfactory; the solution has a full PAM feature set and they all work well.""It provides integrated password and session management in one solution, which is important for us because, from an auditing standpoint, we are accountable for the type of access being used. We need to ensure that accounts are securely stored and there is the right type of accountability around who is gaining the access. After gaining it, how they're using it, where they're using it, etc.""I like the session recording feature. I also like the analytics and reports. You can pull up a report, and the UI is fantastic. The system is recording when nobody's there, so we have a record of what's happening.""One of the most valuable features is that this is a product designed with enterprises in mind."

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"The password rotation and cyber gateway have been quite useful.""Password Vault's policy configuration is very good - when you receive an attack, you can segment the structure of the project in order to isolate parts or users.""The solution is stable and reliable.""If properly set up, CyberArk Enterprise Password Vault has good stability, and is a very solid tool. It can run by itself. Its most valuable features are auto password recycling and PSM.""Password Vault's main advantage is its scalability. We constantly see huge enterprises implementing something like this, and the privileged session management is an excellent piece. You can kind of watch videos of whatever an admin has done.""The most valuable feature is privileged session management.""I haven't really thought about anything that I want to use it for, that I couldn't use it for.""The privileged support manager is the most valuable feature of CyberArk Enterprise Password Vault."

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"We don't have much control over the appliance. When anything happens in the backend, we have to depend on the support team. We need to raise a case so that they can update the appliance. If we have control over it, we would be able to troubleshoot easily.""There is a limited capacity on the appliance, which I wasn't informed about when I purchased the product. I can have a maximum of 150 rules per appliance; any more than that and rule processing becomes very complex, especially regarding password revision. Hitting a capacity limit you don't know about can be problematic. Ideally, we would not have a limited capacity, allowing us to be in a completely managed state with password rotation for every service account, not just the highly privileged ones.""When we deploy BeyondTrust, we have to deploy our own database on a SQL server. It doesn't deploy the database. I wish BeyondTrust packages the whole solution in one and includes the MySQL database so that when you deploy it, it deploys everything for you. BeyondTrust gives you the software, but you are in charge of setting up your own database. It is a single appliance just for the BeyondTrust portion but not the database. Unless that has changed in later releases, you have to set up your own database for BeyondTrust Password Safe. I find that part complex because we then need the expertise and help of the database team to set it up, which also increases the deployment time. If they can deploy the database, it will reduce the deployment time.""The only feature they could improve is the banners because they aren't informative. For example, if something is not correct and I open the error notification, the dialogue box simply says, "This is an error." It would be great if they could provide some valuable comments about how to fix the errors.""I think that BeyondTrust Password Safe could be improved with more testing. In the beginning, they were practically using customers as beta testers. Maybe the product has evolved since I last used it, but if you look at PAM, privileged access management, whatever's out there has already been done. I don't see there being any other enhancements that are being made regarding PAM, except to support more cloud-based applications.""If there was one thing, it would be having the documentation standardized. They should keep the documentation consistent. For example, when BeyondTrust updated one of their admin guides, they left out the information on the discovery account requirements, and then over a period of time, we ended up having to search multiple different documents to put together a string of information for a specific topic, which was problematic. It was minor, but it was problematic. Standardized documentation would be the one thing I would suggest.""The database instance onboarding should be simplified. The problem is that you can scan the assets and databases inside a server, but you cannot onboard them or manage them with the smart tools. It has to be done manually. I think they should try to include more custom platforms.""Named accounts don't work well in this solution. If you use named accounts for your administrative access, the way Smart Rules work is that it takes your SAM account name and matches it to the account name of your privileged ID, which creates limitations on size and how big those names can be because the directory has a 20-character limit."

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"CyberArk Enterprise Password Vault can improve the distributive vault feature. Distributing the vault in multiple areas and multiple data centers should improve.""What needs to be improved in CyberArk Enterprise Password Vault is their customer support, particularly in terms of responsiveness, willingness to help, and being more understanding. The initial setup and upgrade process for the solution is complex and can only be done by CyberArk, so this is another area for improvement.""The solution is too complicated to use and should be simplified. It took me a long time to understand how to use it. There is a lot that the solution can improve for the future.""There are upwards of six components you need to set it up. And you might need anywhere from two to five servers. It takes some work to set that up, especially in a larger environment.""CyberArk's license is too expensive. I rate it seven out of 10 for affordability.""The initial setup can get complex.""Upgrading the product is very difficult, so this could be an area for improvement.""There was a situation when one of our presidents had an issue, but I can't recall the specifics."

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Pricing and Cost Advice
  • "It has subscription-based licensing. BeyondTrust is three times less expensive than CyberArk."
  • "This solution is not cheap—it's a very expensive solution. Very, very expensive compared to the features and functions that they offer."
  • "We just pay for Password Safe. Session management is included, but we don't use it. There aren't any additional costs besides the standard licensing fees. We pay for an annual license."
  • "The pricing of BeyondTrust is very good as compared to other products. That was the main reason we decided to go with BeyondTrust at first."
  • "At the time, BeyondTrust was significantly cheaper than CyberArk. Pricing-wise, if I remember correctly, it goes by assets. The pricing was negotiated for our instances based on the number of assets that we onboard into the system. It is a little different from CyberArk, where the pricing is by users. So, it depends. If you have a lot of assets, it can get very expensive."
  • "When you buy Password Safe and perform your initial Discovery, you have all these servers that are added to your assets in BeyondTrust, but you're not using a license until you actually start managing the systems. BeyondTrust's licensing is based on the systems when they're managed, which means when an administrator is able to connect to the server through BeyondTrust with a managed account. There would be a privileged account on the endpoint when the licensing starts. A significant advantage to that is that there are many organizations that want to evaluate their environment prior to automatic management."
  • "The pricing structure is better than the competitors. It's much cheaper than CyberArk. They do the licensing on the basis of assets, not on the number of users. For CyberArk, they base the licensing on the number of users, and they have an expensive model of pricing. BeyondTrust has a cheaper model."
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  • "It's an affordable platform."
  • "Licensing fees are paid on a yearly basis."
  • "Quite expensive"
  • "The SaaS version of CyberArk Enterprise Password Vault is very expensive, but the on-premises version is relative, e.g. depending on the size of the environment, it can be a bit pricey, but it's relatively okay compared to the others."
  • "There are no additional costs other than the standard licensing fees."
  • "It costs us around $200 per user."
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    655,465 professionals have used our research since 2012.
    Questions from the Community
    Top Answer:Pricing with BeyondTrust Password Safe is on par with its competitors.  The sales team pushes hard for HA and FO, but this is smart for deniability in the event it actually happens. The price… more »
    Top Answer:Its documentation can be improved. Its documentation is currently complicated, and it is not good. It needs to be better. Their technical support can also be improved. It is not bad, but it can be… more »
    Top Answer:We are using it for vaulting and proxying the admin session. It is not yet implemented. We will implement it at the beginning of 2021.
    Top Answer:It's a good solution, it works, and the bank is happy with it.
    Top Answer:This is very costly software. However, I haven't really dug into the licensing. My organization gives all its employees a free license and therefore I don't have to worry about pricing. My… more »
    Top Answer:The architecture needs to be improved. For example, the whole solution can come within a single software bundle instead of the distributed components we have for the on-premise deployments. I think… more »
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    Also Known As
    BeyondTrust PowerBroker Password Safe
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    Beyond Trust Password Safe is an automated solution that combines password and privileged session management into a single platform. Password Safe delivers secure access control, auditing, alerting, recording, and monitoring.

    This free and open-source password manager supports Windows and Linux, and some ports are available for other platforms as well. Their proprietary algorithm, Twofish, is considered highly secure, with the advantage that it is not affiliated with NIST. The Twofish algorithm secures the data while keys are delivered using SHA-256 authentication.

    The application is easy to use, and you can download the Windows app from several sites. Additionally, the application is available in 14 languages.

    Beyond Trust Password Safe Key Features

    • Continuous automated account discovery: Scan, identify and profile assets with the discovery engine. The solution has dynamic categorization that enables the automated onboarding of assets into groups.

    • Application-to-application password management: Password Safe offers an adaptable API interface including an unlimited number of password caches, therefore providing scalability and redundancy.

    • Secure SSH key management: The system automatically rotates SSH keys to enforce granular access control and workflow. Private keys securely log users onto systems without exposing them.

    • Adaptive access control: Evaluates context and provides access requests by considering factors such as time of access and location to determine the user’s authorization level.

    • Enhanced privileged session management: Admins can record, lock, and document suspicious behavior without disrupting productivity by managing sessions live.

    • Advanced privileged threat analytics: Password Safe monitors assets and user behavior every day, analyzing what are normal patterns and detecting deviations.

    • Multi-factor authentication: Password Safe supports 2FA (two-factor authentication) using Yubikey 4, Nano, or Neo.

    What can you do with Password Safe?

    • Cross-device and cross-platform syncing: You can safely store encrypted password files online, where you can access them via Password Safe-compatible apps.

    • Drag and drop password: Password Safe has a “Dragbar,” which you can use to complete forms by dragging and dropping icons over the form - for example, passwords, usernames, design tiles, and emails.

    • Autotype: With Password Safe, when you click on a web page or login box, the autotype feature will try to fill in your credentials automatically for you.

    • Import and export: You can import passwords from text, XML, or CSV fails. You can also export passwords in text, XML, and the PSAFE format.

    • Password generator: Generate secure passwords by using the algorithm. You can also define your password rules.

    Beyond Trust Password Safe Benefits

    • Controls third-party access: Password Safe secures the connection and automatically checks privileged credentials. The solution records all sessions.

    • Uses context to determine access: Password Safe considers risk factors like location, day, or time of access and uses them to adjust the permissions and privileges of each user.

    • Manages access for privileged and non-privileged accounts: By integrating with SailPoint IdentityIQ, Password Safe effectively manages user access for privileged as well as non-privileged accounts.

    • Reduces cloud risk: Password Safe simplifies secure storage and session management. It supports major cloud providers such as Azure, Amazon, Google, Rackspace, and GoGrid. It also supports social networks - Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

    • Integrates password and privilege management: Integrates with Endpoint Privilege Management to control the resources users can access and the actions they are allowed to take

    Reviews from Real Users

    A PAM Architect at a tech services company says, "BeyondTrust Password Safe's features that I have found most valuable are really those that are knitted in. That is their Smart Rules and Smart Groups, where you design your administration model so you create your AD groups and your asset groups, and configure Password Safe."

    An I.S. Architect at a insurance company mentions that "Session recording, password rotation, and password vaulting are the most valuable features."

      "One of the most valuable features is that this is a product designed with enterprises in mind," adds a Cybersecurity Architect at a tech vendor.

          CyberArk Enterprise Password Vault, a vital component of the CyberArk Privileged Access Manager Solution (PAM), is designed to create, secure, rotate, and control access to privileged accounts and credentials used to access systems throughout an enterprise IT ecosystem. CyberArk Enterprise Password Vault enables enterprise organizations to better understand the scope of their privileged account risks and put controls in place to prevent malicious or inappropriate account or credential access.

          CyberArk Enterprise Password Vault uses a Central Policy Manager protocol (CPM) to perform the basic password management functions.

          • Verify Password Task - The CPM will pull the password from the vault and use it to log into the application or device to verify that the password is indeed correct and satisfies all the password safety protocols.
          • Change Password Task - The CPM will pull the password from the vault and create a new password that meets all preset protocols. It will send it to the device or application and then begin the process of changing it, using the same method that might be performed manually. The CPM will then update the password in the vault.
          • Reconcile Password Task - This task is utilized when there is a failure in either the Verify Password Task or the Change Password Task. Using a pre-established reconcile account from the vault, the CPM will use the reconcile account credentials to reset or fix problematic password issues due to changed passwords not being updated properly, new accounts being established, or any other failure with the above tasks.

          Enterprise organizations can utilize the easily adaptable policies and protocols to enforce granular privileged access controls, automate workflows, and rotate passwords at prescribed regular intervals without requiring any manual IT effort. Additionally, to satisfy compliance regulations, organizations can easily generate reports to prove that passwords are being changed regularly according to guidelines, meet strict password safety protocols, and report on which users accessed what privileged accounts, when, why, and what device they were using. Enterprise organizations can know at all times that data has remained secure at all times. CyberArk Password Vault will have enterprise organizations audit-ready at all times, keeping them safe and secure from risks while maximizing productivity and profitability.

          Reviews from Real Users

          Irma S., a program manager at a HR/Recruiting firm, said, "I love how easily we could operate within Password Vault and get things done. It was almost effortless."

          Another user, who is a security delivery analyst at a computer software company, relates that CyberArk Password Vault offers, “Good policy configuration and tech support.”

          Learn more about BeyondTrust Password Safe
          Learn more about CyberArk Enterprise Password Vault
          Sample Customers
          Aera Energy LLC, Care New England, James Madison University
          AstraZeneca, Time, DBS, Novartis, Motorola, BT, pwc, Braun, Deloitte, Williams, Revlon, Belgacom, Barclays
          Top Industries
          Computer Software Company13%
          Financial Services Firm11%
          Manufacturing Company8%
          Comms Service Provider8%
          Financial Services Firm36%
          Comms Service Provider16%
          Computer Software Company12%
          Energy/Utilities Company8%
          Financial Services Firm21%
          Computer Software Company15%
          Insurance Company8%
          Company Size
          Small Business42%
          Midsize Enterprise17%
          Large Enterprise42%
          Small Business21%
          Midsize Enterprise15%
          Large Enterprise65%
          Small Business15%
          Midsize Enterprise18%
          Large Enterprise68%
          Small Business12%
          Midsize Enterprise11%
          Large Enterprise76%
          Buyer's Guide
          BeyondTrust Password Safe vs. CyberArk Enterprise Password Vault
          November 2022
          Find out what your peers are saying about BeyondTrust Password Safe vs. CyberArk Enterprise Password Vault and other solutions. Updated: November 2022.
          655,465 professionals have used our research since 2012.

          BeyondTrust Password Safe is ranked 5th in Enterprise Password Managers with 10 reviews while CyberArk Enterprise Password Vault is ranked 3rd in Enterprise Password Managers with 16 reviews. BeyondTrust Password Safe is rated 7.8, while CyberArk Enterprise Password Vault is rated 8.4. The top reviewer of BeyondTrust Password Safe writes "Their discovery engine is off the charts, and the ease of administration and implementation they talk about is for real". On the other hand, the top reviewer of CyberArk Enterprise Password Vault writes "Great password storage, very reliable, and pretty much issue-free". BeyondTrust Password Safe is most compared with Azure Key Vault, HashiCorp Vault, Delinea Secret Server, LastPass Business and AWS Secrets Manager, whereas CyberArk Enterprise Password Vault is most compared with Azure Key Vault, HashiCorp Vault, AWS Secrets Manager, LastPass Business and Delinea Secret Server. See our BeyondTrust Password Safe vs. CyberArk Enterprise Password Vault report.

          See our list of best Enterprise Password Managers vendors.

          We monitor all Enterprise Password Managers reviews to prevent fraudulent reviews and keep review quality high. We do not post reviews by company employees or direct competitors. We validate each review for authenticity via cross-reference with LinkedIn, and personal follow-up with the reviewer when necessary.