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Market share comparison

As of June 2024, in the Backup and Recovery category, the market share of Acronis Cyber Protect is 4.5% and it decreased by 4.6% compared to the previous year. The market share of Azure Backup is 4.8% and it decreased by 10.9% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
Backup and Recovery
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Jul 23, 2023

Featured Reviews

Apr 21, 2023
Good scalability and easy-to-use solution
We use the solution for its backup and granular object restore features The solution helps us quickly backup clients' data in Office 365 following the move to the cloud from on-prem. The solution's most valuable feature is cloud backup. Using it, we don't have to go through every mailbox,…
SyedAbid Hussain - PeerSpot reviewer
Oct 2, 2023
The solution protects the infrastructure of an organization, but it should be made more application-aware
Azure Backup is a mandatory service. We have recommended every client to use Azure Backup. Many resources and databases are being backed up on Azure in different zones and regions We have multiple clients. Some of them have data centers. They have 100 to 200 virtual machines. We have set backups,…

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"This is a full software so deployment time is very quick."
"Acronis has a very rich functionality."
"The most valuable feature is the extra protection, especially for the backup."
"The interface is easy to use. They keep on adding new features. Acronis recently added multi-platform support."
"Acronis has many features, which are really very interesting, when it comes to data backup and recovery, especially disaster recovery (DR)."
"I can encrypt the data, I can make it send me an email if it fails. It lets me choose which files I want to ignore during backup."
"This is a perfect option for an SMB."
"It is a very stable solution."
"This solution is easy to configure and restore. It is a Microsoft product so is easily compatible with other solutions."
"Azure Backup is good because it is entirely cloud-based, which means that you can be 99.9% sure that your backup is safe."
"Azure Backup is easy to manage from a single dashboard."
"First of all, you can schedule a backup for the client. You can schedule it as you like. You can also control the bandwidth, so the backup will not utilize. The internet will depend on the bandwidth."
"The most valuable feature of Azure Backup is its ease of use and good integration with other Azure services."
"There is only one feature, and that is the backup."
"The hardware is always updated and it's saved us a lot of money."
"With a couple of buttons, we can configure a VM for a backup and use the wall service, the storage wall service, pretty seamlessly."


"The backing up of virtual machines in VMware and Nutanix needs better integration and the performance of the solution needs improvement."
"A little bit more integration would be good. It should support broader platforms."
"Acronis Backup isn't scalable at all."
"Currently, there is no option to use the tape drives again as a backup repository for the cloud deployment."
"The UI performance can be slow at times, especially when handling operations like checking backup status or initiating a restore. The response time for these actions could be improved."
"Acronis Backup can improve the latency when the file size is larger, we have had issues. Additionally, they could allow more flexibility when searching for information and I cannot download the CBIS backup copy information which could be made easier."
"The technical support of Acronis Backup could improve. They have the depth of knowledge but the speed of the response could be quicker."
"Acronis Backup can improve on the virtualization backups because they are not as good as Veeam Backup."
"We would like to see some kind of notification given to the user that a file was not synchronized well or what may have happened."
"I believe more options could be available to understand better what's happening in the system. Additionally, automating the client updates and connector updates would be beneficial. Updating the connector from time to time can be challenging, and it could be made more transparent and straightforward for users. Moreover, another drawback lies in the time it takes to test full data backup recovery. Deploying a full recovery takes longer. We need to allocate a longer period for complete data recovery to establish the environment again."
"The tool's backup should be faster. Azure Backup's support should be faster."
"I once tried restoring a Linux environment, and the size of the Linux VM or the data disk was really huge. It took a really long time to restore the environment and send the data from the storage to the disk. It took around 25 to 30 minutes, which was much longer than I anticipated. They can improve the duration of such restore operations. In the next release, it would also be good if they could reduce the duration for transferring the data from their storage to the actual storage while creating a virtual machine. They can reduce the duration or increase the data transfer rate."
"The solution is still in its infancy; it's not a mature product yet."
"The solution should involve more redundancy types in the backup storage and support open-source OS."
"It would be beneficial to receive alert messages if something isn't configured correctly, for instance, if service principal names are missing, a message could prompt you to set them up."
"I would like to see better pricing."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"It has already paid off itself in the first few months that we implemented it."
"The price is reasonable."
"The tool's subscription costs are monthly. The product's pricing is fair."
"We use the free version that provides very basic functionalities."
"Pricing is what it is. I don't shop around once I find a good solution. I insist they maintain ongoing support year after year for updates and tech support."
"When it comes to elements like cost, I think it is the only backup solution which has perpetual licenses, whereby you buy the license once and for all."
"I think that the prices of the product go up every year. If one is extremely expensive and ten is absolutely cheap, I rate the product price as six."
"The pricing model is a little complex to find the right size for what you need. It takes a lot of hours to figure it out."
"We are paying about $100,000 USD per year, just for a couple of servers."
"The price is pretty good, maybe $30 for a machine, I can't complain."
"Comparing the pricing with other technologies, Azure Backup is more affordable for customers. It follows a pay-as-you-go model, where we pay according to our consumption."
"Azure Backup can be expensive if you are not vigilant about your storage steering."
"Support payment works by the level of partnership and the number of shares."
"The product's pricing is a three or four out of ten, where one is inexpensive, and ten is costly."
"Licensing fees are paid on a monthly basis."
"Overall, its cost is better because the VMs are already there, and whatever you back up, there is only the additional cost of that storage, whereas if I have to use Avamar in Azure, a separate cost is there for the Avamar server, and in addition, whatever I take as a backup, there is a separate license with Avamar for that. So, there is a double cost if we have to use Avamar in the cloud."
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Answers from the Community

Oct 6, 2020
Oct 6, 2020
This comparison is going to be short and sweet. Azure is ok but if you use Azure hot or cold storage, be aware that the cost could be a killer DimenXional Currently uses VEEAM because the cloud appliances we purchased came with a VEEAM license. The product is easy to use but here again, they are less expensive solutions. I tried Acronis and the problems we had were all based on internet spee...
2 out of 9 answers
Jun 2, 2020
Veeam is a leader. Acronis is a niche player. Veeam is integrated with most storage systems on the market. Functionality - I'd recommend Veeam.
Jun 2, 2020
Acronis: -Modern mobile-enabled web interface -Touch-friendly, works on tablets -21st century look and feel Veeam: -Basic outdated windows interface -Windows only – no mobile devices -Ancient look and feel

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Questions from the Community

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How does Acronis Backup compare with Veeam Backup & Replication?
Acronis Backup is a versatile backup-as-a-service solution for service providers. It allows you to protect workloads on-premises and in the cloud and provide backup to any storage. The deployment i...
What do you like most about Acronis Backup?
One of its most valuable aspects is its user-friendly interface.
How does Azure Backup differ from Veeam Backup & Replication?
Veeam has a version for Azure but there are organizations, like ours, that are considering moving to an Azure environment and wonder if Azure Backup is better than Veeam Backup and Replication (Vee...
What do you like most about Azure Backup?
Azure Backup is easy to configure and restore.
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for Azure Backup?
Azure Backup is a moderately priced solution. On a scale from one to ten, where one is expensive and ten is cheap, I rate the solution's pricing a five out of ten.

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