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Is Verix the right BI tool? What should we be considering?

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Manager of Data Analytics at a pharma/biotech company with 51-200 employees

I'm looking for a tool that can help us deliver the right message to doctors viewing past activity questionnaires, past involvement in online and offline campaigns, etc.

Is Verix the right tool for this? 

What should we be considering?

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Looking at your question, it looks like you are seeking a technology/tool that collects questionnaires and campaign involvement as input, analyzes them and provides insights that are based on this analysis.

From what I know, Verix is not a tool, but an analytic solution for Pharma’s commercial operation units that provides ready-to-launch applications that bundle everything that a commercial operation unit needs from Pre-call planning, New drug launch, Marketing Campaign Management and Pull-through Tracking.

Verix does not analyze doctor’s questionnaires, but does track messages shared with doctors via dinner programs or rep detailing of marketing campaigns and their effectiveness on sales. What you are looking for sounds like a survey analytics project, therefore I recommend you discuss this with your BI consulting team.

I hope it helped.

it_user112323 - PeerSpot reviewer

The Verix solution is comprised of analytic applications that address specific business processes for different roles in Pharma commercial operations. There’s a Pre-Call-Planning application for Sales Reps, that provides a comprehensive state of affairs about every aspect of a call, including marketing, payers, competitive information and more. Further, there are applications designed for Marketing and brand managers, sales executives, managed markets, and home office analysts; each addresses a different aspect of “deliver messages to doctors”. All applications are powered with Verix’s IBA (Intelligent Business Alerts) predictive analytics that can be configured for every customer.

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Verix is a BI tool, providing analytics and reports related to Pharma Commercial Operations. If you are looking to "deliver messages to doctors", Verix is not the right tool, You will need to figure out the channel(s) through which you would like to deliver these messages (sales reps, web sites, contact centers etc) and have an integrated "Multichannel Marketing" strategy to deliver these messages.

If you are looking for an analysis tool to understand past behavior, Verix may be able to do part of it - however, it does not appear to be a multichannel analysis tool, so you may not get the full picture. Please contact me if you need more information.

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