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What is LightStep?

LightStep is a reliability platform that combines metrics and tracing, natively and scalably. With LightStep, you can query and examine issues without knowing ahead of time which data type provides the answers you require. You can automatically correlate root causes across all traces, analytics, and logs throughout the system.

LightStep delivers on the promise of best-in-class observability by allowing teams to swiftly detect and resolve regressions. As the needs of your organization grow, LightStep can scale from a single service to hundreds, with no limits on data volume or cardinality, to empower any team size, at any step in the software development lifecycle.

Whether you're proactively optimizing performance or investigating a root cause, LightStep integrates seamlessly into daily workflows so you can get back to building new products. The solution allows immediate and relevant insights in real time with auto-instrumentation and out-of-the-box access to a root cause analysis engine.

LightStep Features

LightStep has many valuable key features. Some of the most useful ones include:

  • Fast analytics: LightStep gathers and analyzes data from infrastructure, applications, runtimes, the cloud, and other third-party services. It correlates root causes across all traces, KPIs, and logs in the system and provides developers and SREs with fast insights.
  • Smart on-call scheduling: Create shifts visually, and quickly specify primary and backup on-call personnel. Ascertain accurate escalation policies and automatically recommend users with the fullest ability to fill scheduling gaps automatically.
  • Coordinated incident response: Organize alert triage and on-call scheduling across Slack, Zoom, PC, and mobile with ease. Ensure quick resolution by enhancing communication between responders and stakeholders.
  • Automatic playbooks: Customizable automation response rules and playbooks for alerts and incidents allow you to save time while focusing on the most important tasks.
  • Insights into health services: Understand the impact of warnings and events on your business and technical services. Routing to responders can be automated based on the services that are affected, and live reporting and dashboards can be used to acquire operational insight.
  • Integrate with ServiceNow to speed up the resolution process: The ServiceNow connection integrates your existing ServiceNow teams, setups, and data.

You can escalate and synchronize incidents across your team and your ServiceNow instance in order to manage visibility and collaboration.

  • Change Intelligence helps teams research complex topics: LightStep monitors changes in your application, infrastructure, and user experience and shows you what's causing them.

LightStep Benefits

There are many benefits to implementing LightStep. Some of the biggest advantages the solution offers include:

  • Workflow that is consistent and dependable: Integrate collaboration with on-call, alert, and incident management workflows to unify response context.
  • Reduce response time: Automated response roles simplify resolution actions and collaborative processes, and automated postmortems prevent recurrence.
  • Unlimited number of users: Active service usage-based pricing encourages collaboration throughout your whole workforce, fostering a culture of service ownership.
  • Resolve challenges quickly: LightStep has been the market leader in distributed tracing. It gives teams the context they need to handle difficult challenges in minutes, with limitless cardinality, full-system correlations, dynamic service maps, and mobile-to-backend visibility.
LightStep Customers

InVision, Twilio, Lyft, Yext, DigitalOcean,

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