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What is GitGuardian Public Monitoring?

GitGuardian Public Monitoring allows real-time GitHub scanning and alerting to uncover sensitive company information hiding in online repositories. It monitors both organization repositories and developers' personal repositories. The solution gives visibility to developers and security teams on this very critical blindspot that are the organization developers' personal repositories on GitHub (80% of leaked corporate secrets on public GitHub come from developers’ personal repositories).

GitGuardian Public Monitoring is particularly interesting for companies with large development teams (above 200 developers) and modern development practices.

GitGuardian Public Monitoring cover 350+ API providers, database connection strings, private keys, certificates, usernames and passwords and intellectual property. It uses sophisticated pattern matching techniques to detect credentials that cannot be strictly defined with a distinctive pattern (like unprefixed credentials). The algorithm has a high precision (91% “true positive” feedback following our alerts, as reported by our users.)

The alerting is done in real-time (a few seconds after the secret was publicly exposed) which allows fast remediation involving in a collaborative way developers, security teams and operations.

GitGuardian Public Monitoring also allows red teams and pentesters to proactively look for sensitive information by performing complex queries on 12 billion documents and metadata from more than 3 years of GitHub history.

GitGuardian Public Monitoring scans public GitHub activity in real-time, helping organizations detect sensitive information leaks in source code repositories. Our solution gives Threat Intelligence and Security teams full visibility over their organization’s public GitHub Attack Surface, by monitoring both organization-owned repositories and developers' personal repositories.

With 80% of secrets and credentials leaks on public GitHub finding their source in developers' personal repositories, GitGuardian for Public Monitoring helps organizations address a critical security blind spot.

With real-time incident notification, Threat Intelligence and Security teams are guaranteed to reach the incident scene before everyone else and take action to mitigate the threat of breaches and intrusions.

GitGuardian Public Monitoring Customers

Align Technology, Automox, Fred Hutch, Instacart, Maven Wave, Mirantis, SafetyCulture, Snowflake, Talend

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