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We performed a comparison between JIRA Service Management and ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus based on real PeerSpot user reviews.

Find out in this report how the two Help Desk Software solutions compare in terms of features, pricing, service and support, easy of deployment, and ROI.
To learn more, read our detailed JIRA Service Management vs. ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus Report (Updated: November 2022).
655,113 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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Quotes From Members
We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use.
Here are some excerpts of what they said:
"This service management solution has a good user interface. It helps improve your IT request requirements and makes tracking requests easier.""The links between the help desk and Jira issues and between Confluence and Jira issues are most valuable. I can write requirements in Confluence and link them to user stories in Jira and test cases. I can see my test coverage and all that kind of stuff. The integration between these three is very useful. It is pretty customizable, and it integrates well. There are a lot of add-ins and a lot of connectors to third-party products. In my last company, we used Test Royal for managing all the tests, and it integrated perfectly with that. For any issue or bug, we could see what tests have been run and the complete history of the tests.""I think one of the most valuable things is that it's all integrated.""The most valuable features of JIRA Service Management are the service level agreement or management, and the ticketing system. Additionally, there are frequent updates that provide improvements.""I'm mainly working in the ITSM module of JIRA Service Management, and the integration between the system incident and how you can link all the records to the change makes it quite powerful.""The most valuable feature of JIRA Service Management is a plugin we are using for the front end for simple user forms.""Its integration is most valuable. It is pretty open for integration.""It scales well."

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"The solution is free for up to five users.""The solution overall has been quite stable.""Overall this is an easy and convenient solution to use.""The product is extremely user-friendly. It is easy to build the workflows and electronic forms.""I like the catalog features and workflow. I also like the knowledge space.""I can't think of any single feature that stands out, but it's an excellent product for a fair price. Nothing is missing. ServiceDesk has a lot of features, and we aren't using all of them. We have to implement the ones we already have before we move on to the others.""The ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus SaaS model helped us because it was easy on our pockets but also easy to use, configure, and manage.""I like that ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus has everything and can be integrated into a single product like SAP. It has also got operations, helpdesk, MDM, and everything integrated. Multiple products can be integrated into one product. You don't have to go for them separately. I also like that they have many partners in India who can come to the site and complete installations."

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"With Jira, we were unable to implement time-based automation in its ticketing system. We would like a feature where we can define tickets based on severity, then tickets are automatically escalated to the next level after a set period of time if they go unanswered.""It is pretty complex to move between the test environment and the production environment. There is potential for improvement.""The performance in cloud service management could be improved.""It would be useful to be ale to link tickets across different gantt charts in Jira and Confluence.""Its UI is a bit overwhelming for new users. That has been the problem with Jira for a long time. If they could put some fields that we could use to simplify the UI, it would be good.""I rate Atlassian support two out of 10. It takes a lot of time to reach them and get ahold of someone who understands my problem enough to provide a solution. Also, I live in Israel, so my work week is Sunday through Thursday, but I can only contact them from Monday to Wednesday.""Currently lacks an asset management module that can affect deployment.""I would like to see improvement in the ability to filter completed tasks."

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"The solution does not have an automated approach to integration with other ManageEngine products.""Security could be better. It would be better if ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus had really good defense products like BlackBerry. I can recommend BlackBerry for the defense part, but not the other things. For example, before we switched over to ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus, we had issues with mobiles switching off cameras, and now it doesn't happen at all.""There's no native integrations between the systems.""We have experienced issues with tables, sheets and columns not displaying properly. This is temporarily fixed with updates but then reoccurs. The way tickets are displayed is messy.""It needs more customization and the ability to generate reports based on custom feeds. At present, if you create a custom feed in any form, you cannot create a report based on those criteria.""Currently, I cannot configure more than one point of contact. I have the MSP version, and we have around 80 or 90 customers. I don't see the features where I can configure multiple contact points for a customer so that they're notified when we are having an outreach or when we want to send them a planned maintenance notification. Other things that are lacking are mapping SLAs with vendors and mapping back on the tickets.""The self-service feature for end users and the knowledge base need to be improved.""There is room for improvement in the automation. ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus should take note of repeated incidents and automatically offer solutions to them."

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Pricing and Cost Advice
  • "Right now, there are only two of us who are both agents on the help desk and developers. We might be on the free version because we're less than three agents or users. I'm looking at Zephyr tests, which have a $10 a month flat rate, so right now, it is $10 a month. There are lots of add-ons. They do a free version, a standard version, and a premium version. In the last company, we started on $50 a month. By the time I left, we were paying $4,500 a month. That was mainly because we had 100 users on Confluence. I bought an add-on for Jira software for which we had 10 users, and that was $5 per user per month. It was costing me $500 a month, whereas it should only be $50 a month. I don't know if licensing fee has changed. I'd like our whole company to use it, but the big problem is the licensing because the Confluence side is what is really useful, but if I add 30 users to Confluence and then buy an extension for Jira software, I've got to pay for 30 licenses, even though I've only got two users in Jira software. It is the one big disadvantage of cloud software. You always have to pay for the number of seats regardless of which product you are on. This will probably severely limit how many people would use it because I'm not going to start paying $10 per user per month for a Jira software add-on when there are only two people using it."
  • "We need a license because we have a higher number than the free part."
  • "The pricing is very competitive and I think that it is okay."
  • "I am using the free version, but my clients are paying for it. When they start, they evaluate it for 30 days, and after seeing the value, they move to its paid version."
  • "For the people like us, the lower the price, the better. But when compared to other competitors, I think it's Jira's price is okay."
  • "The license we use is on a yearly basis. As a Solution Partner, we were using the free one and were using the free plugins. We were also giving our own plugins to the Atlassian Solution Partners for free. We don't pay anything to Atlassian."
  • "Licensing can become quite expensive."
  • "I price of JIRA Service Management is reasonable."
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  • "For 90 service agents and our need for a cloud solution with incident management and service request management, it annually costs around 12,000. If you need additional development or deployment support from the vendor, there might be an additional cost."
  • "We use the cloud model, which is subscription-based, and each year, the subscription fees seem to go up, making it a more expensive solution."
  • "It is cheaper than the competitors."
  • "As compared to a lot of systems out there, it is more affordable."
  • "Cost-wise, we're quite happy."
  • "ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus' price is very reasonable."
  • "The price of the solution is low. However, it still could be less expensive."
  • "ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus is much cheaper than many of its competitors. We pay about nine dollars per agent and one dollar per device. There are no hidden costs."
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    655,113 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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    Top Answer:Right now, there are only two of us who are both agents on the help desk and developers. We might be on the free version because we're less than three agents or users. I'm looking at Zephyr tests… more »
    Top Answer:The solution is free for up to five users, making it a good starting point for many organizations, especially now that people are cash-strapped. The licensing costs for over 500 users start from $500… more »
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    Also Known As
    JIRA Service Desk
    Learn More

    JIRA Service Management is Atlassian’s IT service management (ITSM) solution. It unlocks all teams at high velocity by:

    1. Accelerating the flow of work between IT teams, development teams, and business teams

    2. Empowering teams to deliver their service more quickly

    3. Bringing visibility to their work

    Built on JIRA, JIRA Service Management enables best practices across request, incident, problem, change, knowledge, asset, and configuration management so that teams can streamline collaboration between themselves. More than 30,000 customers of all sizes rely on JIRA Service Management to deliver service.

    JIRA Service Management Features

    JIRA Service Management has many valuable key features. Some of the most useful ones include:

    • Request management: Allows businesses to manage work across teams with one platform so employees and customers get the help they need quickly.
    • Problem management: To minimize the impact of incidents, this feature groups incidents, fast-tracks root cause analysis, and records workarounds.
    • Change management: IT teams are empowered by richer contextual information around changes from software development tools. This helps them minimize risk and make better decisions.
    • Asset management: Manage inventory efficiently, track lifecycles and ownership, and reduce costs.
    • Configuration management: Attain visibility into the infrastructure that supports critical services and applications. Understand service dependencies to minimize risk.
    • Incident management: The solution brings development and IT teams together to rapidly respond to, resolve, and learn from incidents.
    • Knowledge management: While fostering team collaboration, the solution enables self-service, deflection of more requests, and management of knowledge articles.

    JIRA Service Management Benefits

    There are many benefits to implementing JIRA Service Management. Some of the biggest advantages the solution offers include:

    • The solution empowers all teams across IT, development, and business with intuitive, flexible workflows.
    • Work is made visible through the open and collaborative JIRA platform.
    • Connect IT and development on a single platform to accelerate workflow.
    • Gain significant ROI with competitive pricing on useful features.
    • Benefit from faster time to value by implementing a full ITSM solution in just a few months.
    • Lower total cost of ownership without expensive ongoing maintenance and upgrades.
    • Enjoy a broad ecosystem of more than 4,000 best-in-class apps and integrations.

    Reviews from Real Users

    JIRA Service Management stands out among its competitors for a number of reasons. Some of these include its stability, its easy customization, and its seamless integration with other solutions. PeerSpot users take note of the advantages of these features in their reviews:

    Abhishek S., a Program Lead at PureSoftware, writes of the solution, “You can scale the solution whether it is deployed to the cloud or the data center. While we might have up to 5,200 people using the solution, we do not require that many licenses, as only those dealing with the tickets are required to be licensed.”

    Andrew B., a Technical Engineer at a consultancy firm, notes, “One of the valuable features is that an automatic response or action can be taken on tickets. We can have certain responses for tickets that contain keywords or are logged and tagged with certain labels.”

    ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus (MSP) is a comprehensive help desk tool that has built-in asset and project management. MSP can be deployed in the cloud or on premises. The solution enables its users to track configuration changes, map relationships, and view graphical displays of data for more informed decision making. 

    The two main focus points of MSP are IT request tracking and asset management. MSP’s integrated centralized management console enables technicians and system administrators to efficiently resolve complex issues and keep track of their organization’s needs and ensure constant availability.

    With MSP's automation of multiple service desk processes, you can easily save time by automating repetitive and simple tasks such as task assignment, notifications, and categorizations. The automation of multiple processes helps reduce errors and lower costs while ensuring a fast turnaround of ticket handling processes.

    ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus Features and Benefits

    MSP has a wide variety of features to help you optimize your help desk management:

    • Dynamically update workflows: Create visual change workflows on a drag-and-drop canvas and customize these workflows on demand according to your organization’s needs.
    • Implement your workflow’s actions: Define actions such as notifications, switches, and automatic updates and approvals throughout the lifecycle of your workflow.
    • Flexible role administration: Provide custom viewing, editing, and approval access levels to various stakeholders and users.
    • Perform seamless integrations: Integrate with popular third-party products and access them from your IT help desk console.
    • Rapid troubleshooting: Improve your customer service by communicating with users by launching remote sessions directly from their tickets to quickly resolve their issues.

    • Control end-user workstations: Trigger software installation and removal on remote  workstations from within the management console.
    • Automatic anomaly notification: Resolve issues before they affect your enterprise. Automatically receive notification when a performance anomaly is detected in your servers or applications.
    • Auto-assign tickets: The technician auto-assign tool, which can be set up using a load balancing algorithm, eliminates the need to assign tickets to technicians manually. This helps ensure that tickets are distributed to technicians fairly and on time.
    • Automatic notifications and reports: Set up a notification system to guarantee that the necessary notifications reach stakeholders on time, and that customers are kept updated regarding the status of their tickets. In addition, schedule reports to be sent to users periodically. 
    • Implement your custom code: Program flexible automation enhancements with your own custom scripts and run them directly from the main dashboard.
    • Customize templates: Create custom and user-friendly templates using the solution’s simple drag-and-drop canvas. 

    Reviews from Real Users

    MSP stands out among its competitors for a number of reasons. Two major ones are its comprehensive workflow management toolset and the flexibility it offers its users.

    Mykola S., head of global IT delivery at Acino Pharma AG, writes, “CMDB as a baseline, incident management, service request management, and license management are valuable features. It offers really interesting features for complete use in an enterprise. You have one platform, and you could set up different service functions for HR, engineering, or another team in the same platform.

    Learn more about JIRA Service Management
    Learn more about ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus
    Sample Customers
    mgm technology partners, Telestream, Build.com, Zend Technologies, OfficeDrop, PGS Software, American Diabetes Association, NEPTUNE Canada
    Tranter IT Infrastructure Services Limited, Sterlite Technologies, averda, Radiology Associates
    Top Industries
    Computer Software Company35%
    Comms Service Provider15%
    Transportation Company8%
    Computer Software Company20%
    Comms Service Provider14%
    Financial Services Firm8%
    Computer Software Company10%
    Comms Service Provider6%
    Computer Software Company18%
    Comms Service Provider13%
    Financial Services Firm7%
    Company Size
    Small Business38%
    Midsize Enterprise30%
    Large Enterprise33%
    Small Business22%
    Midsize Enterprise18%
    Large Enterprise60%
    Small Business38%
    Midsize Enterprise28%
    Large Enterprise34%
    Small Business30%
    Midsize Enterprise16%
    Large Enterprise55%
    Buyer's Guide
    JIRA Service Management vs. ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus
    November 2022
    Find out what your peers are saying about JIRA Service Management vs. ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus and other solutions. Updated: November 2022.
    655,113 professionals have used our research since 2012.

    JIRA Service Management is ranked 2nd in Help Desk Software with 42 reviews while ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus is ranked 6th in Help Desk Software with 23 reviews. JIRA Service Management is rated 8.2, while ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus is rated 7.8. The top reviewer of JIRA Service Management writes "Customizable, stable, and integrates well". On the other hand, the top reviewer of ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus writes "Easier to configure than the competitors and much cheaper". JIRA Service Management is most compared with ServiceNow, Freshdesk, Zendesk Guide, BMC Helix ITSM and PagerDuty, whereas ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus is most compared with ServiceNow, Zoho Desk, Freshdesk, SCSM and SolarWinds Web Help Desk. See our JIRA Service Management vs. ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus report.

    See our list of best Help Desk Software vendors and best IT Service Management (ITSM) vendors.

    We monitor all Help Desk Software reviews to prevent fraudulent reviews and keep review quality high. We do not post reviews by company employees or direct competitors. We validate each review for authenticity via cross-reference with LinkedIn, and personal follow-up with the reviewer when necessary.